Plunder is an effective "technique", that serves as a line of honor for thieves and pirates.


Described as a 'honorable thieving technique', Plunder is more of a rule, or a challenge, dictating only to a one-on-one fight. At the start of a fight, both parties announce what they want to claim from the fight, typically in the form of material goods, but on occasion, other people, techniques, etc. The fight is then no-holds barred, with the "technique" side of Plunder kicking in. This essentially is identical to Thief, and normally both participants use it as their opening technique, in attempt to steal the opponent's most powerful weapon, IF they haven't already set that as their desire. At the end of the fight, the loser has two options - honor the rule, or sacrifice. Most choose to honor the rule, with sacrifice normally ending in their own death. However, if the challenge involves someone they care about, the option of sacrifice is more likely.

If the opponent refuses to follow the rule of Plunder from the start, then the fighter can simply claim whatever they want from the body should they win, but nothing further.



  • Thief - traditional combat variant

Technique Rank

As the opening technique, Plunder bears a D-rank, with limited use. However, as a rule, it appears in most criminal organization guidelines, showing the importance of this rule for their 'honor'.

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