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Not to be confused with Platinum the Lemur, Platinum Zilla, or Platinum The Echidna.

Platinum is the deadly genetic mutation of Silver the hedgehog. He is known for ruthlessly killing any who get in his way to Silver.


Platinum the Hedgehog is a Platinum colored hedgehog clone. In his strange mutated cloe form, Platinum has kept the form of Silver, but with an entirely different personality. His shoes are red, and his skin a mutated blue. His fur first appears soft, but is actually sharp and pointy like needles. In order to make Platinum stronger, his creator gave him a metallic skin that was hard like iron. He doesn't have a need for any armor since his skin is like metal, and he can't wear clothes because of his sharp fur. It is rumored that his metallic eyes are actually useless, and he see's with his mind's eye.


Platinum is very void of personality in most definitions of the word. Many say he knows no other emotions than anger, though in battle he appears less so, likely due to his love to fight. He is always displeased with his current status, and is in a consistent state of rage, which generally varies in intensity. He doesn't talk very often, and the only person he will speak to is his rival Silver. He believes that Silver is weaker than him, and wants to battle him to the death. His sole purpose in life is to defeat Silver and assume his identity. 


In the future, sometime after Iblis is stopped, Silver returned to his normal time. When he got back, an unnamed scientist said he could make SIlver stronger. Somehow convinced of the scientist's claim, he went with him to his lab. The doctor conducted many tests on him, and eventually got to powering him up. What Silver didn't know was that this doctor planned to clone Silver and use his clone to take over the world. After the Platinum was created, he attacked Silver and the scientist. They destroyed the entire lab, and Silver escaped. After the scientist had died from being near the battle (Platinum blew up the entire lab on accident), Platinum left to pursue Silver. He's since spent his entire life training and planning to fight silver to the death.


"Do not toy with me!" - When taunted

"I suppose I'll let you go this time." - When defeated

"Silver... I will find you..." - Muttering to himself when searching for Silver

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