Cquote1 Hi...I’m Platinum...what’s your name? Cquote2
Platinum meeting Lilac

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First Appearance: TBA

Birthday: February 4th

Affiliation: Himself

Ability Type: Speed


Like his modern counterpart, Classic Platinum is shy and timid, and doesn’t like attention. Whenever someone compliments him, he blushes in embarrassment and runs away. It was around this stage in Plat’s life that he started to take an interest in writing, and still enjoys writing to this day. He seems to have a small crush on Rosebud, and as a result, he often blushes and studders when around her. He often denies the fact that he likes her, and often makes up excuses for being around her (as all his friends had a strange fear of girls).


“I’m least I think I am” When asked how he’s feeling.

“Why am I around Lilac? Well, you see, she’s actually my distant cousin, and we just met recently. I’m trying to get to know her as much as possible, so yeah. That’s why I’m around her!” Platinum lying to his friends.

“I believe I can fly!” Platinum attempting to fly.

Theme Songs



  • As we move forward, we see that Platinum’s insanity levels begin to rise. It goes as follows:
    • Classic: Sane
    • Dreamcast: Slightly Insane
    • Modern: Somewhat Insane
    • Yandere: Insane
    • Anti: Hysterical
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