Plasma is an advanced element, derived from the combination of Fire and Electricity.


Deriving its power and energy-based effects from its original elements, Plasma is a very powerful element, used almost entirely for offensive fighting, with little in the way of defensive power. Plasma is typically released in a form remeniscent of highly-charged, explosive, semi-solid liquid, but it is possible to concentrate and compact the energy into a more solid form, paving the way for using Plasma in weapon-based attacks or as an explosive. Taking the destructive power from both elements, Plasma is capable of causing great damage to the surrounding area and to opponents. Plasma, due to its heat-based power and explosive nature, works extremely well with Napalm attacks, while its electric and fire-based nature gives it a dangerous and volatile relationship with water. Strangely, for all its power Plasma is largely ineffective against Earth. It is also ineffective against Magnetism, due to the plasmas involving a magnetic field to keep themselves shaped without exploding. This also means it has a partial weakness to Electricity.

Strong Against (Offensive)

Strong Against (Defensive)

Weak Against (Offensive)

Weak Against (Defensive)


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