"D'you remember the warriors we heard about? The big tough good guys?[...]Well, you think you can be like them? Can you be a big tough girl?"
—Digger to Pixie, A Loner's Tale(Prologue)

Pixie the Dog is a young female Dog currently living in Hedgehog Village under the care of Amy Rose (Sonic Boom) while her older brother Digger the Dog looks for their parents, Ace and Sara. She is based off of series creator Burpy's Dream's real-life dog Pixie.


Pixie is a small, young female Dog with white fur and bright green eyes. She wears pink-and-white striped gloves(not pictured), a pink Chao backpack, and pink, white, and yellow sneakers.


Being a young child, Pixie is girlish, childish, friendly, sweet, and kind. She affectionately calls her older brother "Diggy", though this may be because she cannot say his full name of Digger. She loves her family dearly, and views any who hurt them as "mean bullies" (particularly Infinite).


Before the Series: Pixie was born in Ocean Point Village to Ace and his wife Sara as their younger child and the sister of Digger. She was close to her older brother, and would often play with him and his friend Markus. However, when the Village was attacked, her life turned upside down...

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The Phantom Storm:

A Loner's Tale: Pixie is first seen when the Village is under attack from Infinite, barely a day after Sonic's capture. Digger finds Pixie after witnessing his childhood friend Markus get shot down. He hurries to her side, encouraging her, but they are captured. During the main story, Pixie is seen living in Red Gate City with her brother and some other refugees from Ocean Point. Digger regularly leaves Pixie in the care of a neighbor to visit his new friend Alex, but soon finds out the Storm Fighters are leaving for Mystic Jungle. As the warriors pass through the city, it is attacked by Infinite, who murders Rex's Resistance patrol and kidnaps Pebble. After the attack, Digger finds Pixie hiding in the ruins of their home, frightened, and they hide together. Infinite finds them and prepares to kill them both, but is stopped by a dark gray wolf with gray eyes, who argues in their defense. Afterward, Digger and Pixie remain in Red Gate until the Wolf, who introduces himself as Stan, warns them of Infinite's impending scope through the city, telling them to leave. Though reluctant, Digger takes Pixie to Hedgehog Village and leaves her in the care of Team Sonic while he searches for their missing parents.


Pixie is young and easily frightened, which means she is more likely to get in trouble in a fight.


Digger the Dog

Pixie adores and loves her older brother, who she calls "Diggy". He calls her "Pix" in return, and loves her just as much.

Ace and Sara

Pixie loves her parents dearly, and was very upset to learn they vanished in the attack on Ocean Point Village.


Pixie's name and demeanor are based off of Burpy's Dream's real-life dog Pixie, who is a Cavachon.

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