This is an article about Pixel Ollydia, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 12/14/2014.


Pixel resembles a tall, froglike humanoid with lightish-tan skin, long limbs and generally small gender-specific "details." She wears generally casual clothes consisting of a light-gray t-shirt with a scratched disc decal on it (that having a white line cutting through it and ending, fuschia shorts, long striped stockings, a large pair of crimson headphones and a pair of sandals with her feet exposed. She has a lot of hair, so much so that ir pretty much covers her large head, and also has a small ponytail in the back.


Pixel, for the most part, is very calm and collective around others. She's good at communicating with people, is very tame when alone, and usually vents out any frustrations by writing and singing. It's best not to come around her when she's practicing though, as she gets shy around people when performing an incomplete piece, making her somewhat of a completionist. She also suffers from minor acrophobia, or a fear of extremely-high places, which prevents her from going any higher up the EQuartz building than the 50th floor.


In her youth, Pixel was always captivated by sounds moreso than sights. She settled on a seaside cliff near where many sub-Sky and sub-Sea Crucites would rest and sing, which she listened to all the time and tried to replicate while swimming. She was strictly forbidden from getting near them, due to a local prejudice against sky Crucites that essentially segregated the groups. Pixel hoped to one day travel with these Crucites, singing a merry tune along the way for the world to hear.

She mostly hung out with the other Crucite children, specifically a young squid girl named Tomoe Pintura. They often competed to see how many others they could impress with their talents, with Tomoe's paintings proving to be an equal match for Pixel's singing. The two eventually became friendly rivals, mainly over both of them being more tuned to arts than combat unlike most Crucites. The two also shared the same dream of eventually going to the far-off island that Pixel would often stare into, which Tomoe stated was supposedly a lush, beautiful land with many things Crucites never see in their life.

Upon completing her metamorphosis, Pixel had gained the standard small Crucite body for those at her age, but she had gained small wings on her head and a land-sea combination body that was sleek and somewhat tan from constant exposure to the sun. She and Tomoe eventually moved away from their older homes and settled where they would always stare off to and listen, the same island they dreamed of going to in their past days. From there she would only improve her singing, now being able to hear the songs much more clearly and even made friends with many of the islands residents.

Many years later, a Crucite from another planet had shown up and began it's studies of this planet, which were completed with ease from years of experience. When preparing to leave for his final planet to explore, he had chosen a small handful of Crucites to come along to the new world with him. Among these, both Tomoe and Pixel were picked to go with him. After boarding and successfully launching, all passengers, Ishigii included, were put into a sort of suspended animation to make the 2-year travel seem like only a few short moments.

Upon landing, both Tomoe and Pixel bid farewell to the otherworlder and the others, then ran off into this new world together. They would quickly find that their performing abiities were responded to with only average results, obtaining enough money to live, but not much else. One day, the two of them were approached by a violet-skinned Crucite of unknown (at least to them) origin, offering a contracting deal to both of them if they could successfully outperform all other participants. For months on end, the two practiced their works with admirable gusto, even through hard times when not much money was coming in.

Eventually the big day arrived, and the two had then stuck to what they had learned and competed in their respective competitions. After a fierce and otherwise competitive set of challenges, Pixel had won her admittance into EQuartz, but Tomoe had not, she unfortunately placed 7th out of 94 contestants. Pixel, upset that her friend could not make it with her, almost decided to give up on her future just to stay with her rival, but Tomoe convinced her otherwise, stating that they must have been destined to eventually part. After a tearful farewell, Tomoe eventually left the path that the two were traveling together to pursue her goals elsewhere, and the two promised eachother to meet up once more as more than just friends.

Pixel, heartbroken from these events, lived in depressed solidarity for several weeks, only coming out for food or paying bills. She almost began to question the point of it all, until one day, an anonymous source had reported her issues to the company therapist Willow Infiern, who then decided to go to Pixel and help her sort things out. Through many therapy sessions and re-entry into society, Pixel finally found happiness once more, and continued work on her wondrous songs once more.

As time passed even further, Pixel had taken on her final form, now being a tall humanoid frog woman with long flowing hair and a thin, if overall proportionate, physique. Her singing would further improve from this, now being able to sing in very high and low pitches. She also met up with Tomoe once more, who had become a career artist for a rival company to EQuartz, ManoCorp, which re-established their friendship once more after all these years. The two now constantly visit eachother wherever they possibly can, and Pixel could not be happier.


Pixel's greatest ability/gimmick is her outstanding singing capabilities. From Crucite evolution, Pixel has gained the ability to copy the pitch and tone of any voice she hears perfectly, which she can use to mimic other peoples voices as well as creat ear-gratingly high-pitched noises to temporarily stun enemies. She can also use this ability to release extremely loud soundwaves from her mouth to deal more sound-based and even wind-based damage.

Though ranged-sound moves are her forte, she does have quite notable physical strengths, mostly lying in her legs. She can jump quite an amazing height with a little charge-up, shooting off like a bullet and even shaking the ground a bit. This strength is not just for jumping however, as she can also deliver well-aimed kicks strong enough to shatter bones, though most of that is from gravity, as she usually performs these after jumping, letting gravity create most of the force, though she can easily bounce back if she misses, quickly being able to squirm out of whatever bind she gets stuck in. She can then use the area she landed (regardless of whether it's a wall, floor, or even another person) as a launch-point to start over. Her strong legs also aid in her ability to swim, able to dart through the water with the grace of an arrow in a windless plain, though not when there is too strong of a current or other kind of force.


As most of her abilities involve sound, Pixel's attacks do not affect anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing. She's also somewhat of a glass cannon in combat, with great potential for ranged attacks but otherwise somewhat frail in terms of defenses above her legs. Her acrophobia prevents her from going up really high places such as mountains and passenger planes, which can often lead her to miss when dive-kicking from a high area. Due to being quite a lightweight, she can be easily knocked around large distances with less force needed than most others. This is more evident in her swimming abilities, as so much as natural waves can topple her underwater and send her reeling back.


  • Pixel was a character idea that creator had played around with for a great amount of time, eventually developing from a sky-gekko with similar abilities to what she is now.
  • Pixel's design is based on a mixture of Vocaloid characters Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin, as well as the Megaman Battle Network character Ribitta and her netnavi ToadMan.EXE
  • Pixel's favorite food is microwavable hot-dogs. She mostly just cooks her food using a microwave, as it's faster for her to just heat up and eat up rather than making it herself. In truth, Pixel is a terrible cook, as she always ends up burning what she's making.
  • Pixel absolutely despises spicy foods, as they always burn her tounge and cause it to swell, getting in the way of her sound-abilities.

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