Pity is a white and tan furred Mobian Jackalope with brunette hair.She wears orange goggles over her eyes,a blue scarf around her neck,a teal t-shirt,two purple bands on her arms,and brown pants.


Pity acts like a rebellious teenager,despite being 19 years old.She cares deeply for those whom she considers friends and will be really upset when they leave.She'll act animalistic,like Fawks,but not as much.Though knows how to fight she hates to do it and hates how she knows how to fight with weapons.She'll only fight if her friends are in danger.Pity's kind,but obnoxious,speaks loudly,and gives bad advice.


Pity,before acquiring her nickname,was called Roina and was born to a Rabbit and Antelope in the destroyed country of Inthrance.She was born in the beginning of the war.Roina and her parents lived their lives in a bunker until Roina's parents were drafted in the war.While her parents were at war,she was left at a training camp to learn how to fight at a young age.While at the training camp she met a young dog named Hannibal.The two became friends during their training and eventually Roina developed flushed feelings for the dog,Years went by and she learned her parents died at war.Roina at the time was old enough to go to war,she choose to partner herself with Hannibal.The war at the time was slowing stopping because boths sides had little to no people left.Roina fought in two battles in the war before it ended and in the last battle Hannibal died.Roina was devastated,not only by the death of her friend,but how so many people in the war,leaving the two kingdoms that were fighting to be completely destroyed.Like any survivor after the war,Roina fled the country and ended up in a city named Exitium.That's where she form a group of wanderers called Team Fury...


Hannibal the Dog(Deceased Friend/Crush)

Fawks the Kitty(Best Friend)

Gustin the Snow Leopard(Close Friend)

Whirlwind the Dragonfly(Close Friend)

Lex the Kodkod(Friend)


Fox the Cat(Friendly Rival)


(None as of yet)


Pity is somewhat of a pacifist and will not fight another person unless they hurt one of her friends


Pity's birthday is November 17th

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