Phyllis the Bat is a 17-year-old anthropomorphic female bat.


Early Life

Phyllis was born in a cave inside the lush forest somewhere in Mobius.

Meeting Agnes

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Phyllis has cobalt-blue eyes and chestnut-brown, shoulder-length hair with blue bangs. Her fur is gray and her skin is peach. She wears a brown vest with matching lace-up corset underneath, a pair of brown gloves, blue boot-cut jeans secured by a brown leather belt with silver buckle, and a pair of brown shoes. Her build is athletically attractive.


Phyllis is a trendy, quick-witted, mature, fearless, friendly young woman. Like her friends, she is loyal when she loves to go on adventures with or without them. She genuinely cares about them and will always stick to their side to make sure they will not be put in some dangerous situations.


Like most bats, Phyllis has excellent hearing and can fly using her wings at great speed. She is very proficient in basic combat, combined with her lightning-quick reflexes and agility. Other than that, she is a skilled typist who types 40-50 words per minute.




None yet.



"My name is Phyllis. Phyllis the Bat." -Introducing herself.

"It's showtime!"

"Well, whaddaya know? I am perfection!" -After getting an S rank.

"All style, no substance!" -After getting an A rank.

"Good enough for me." -After getting a B rank.

"I guess I've got to do better." -After getting a C rank.

"What just happened?!" -After getting a D rank.


  • Her favorite food is chocolate-covered cherries.
  • She is the oldest member and flight formation of Team Gorgeous.
  • Her favorite hobbies are: writing stories, shopping, and reading novels.


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