Phoenix the Fox is a character appearing in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a red fox descended from Redstone the Fox, with the strange ability to see and speak with the Spirits in the Stars as easily as he can the living, making him a psychic. He currently resides in the Red Fox Pack as their Healer.


Phoenix is a sturdy red fox. He has thick russet fur, dark brownish-black paws and ears, a white tail-tip, white fur running from his chin to his underbelly, and white fur inside his ears. He has amber eyes and wears black-framed glasses.


Phoenix is a calm, cool, and collected individual. He is dutiful and smart, but if the Spirits he's speaking with don't give him a clear answer, he can get easily frustrated.


At an unknown point in time, Mona, Phoenix's mother, moved to Grand Metropolis after fleeing her Pack. After some time, she had a son named Phoenix with one of Redstone's lesser-known descendants, Jon. An unknown time later, Jon and Mona left to find the Red Fox Pack, and are now currently living with them.

Shadowed Future: 5 Years Later: Following the defeat of King Shadow, Phoenix joined the Storm Fighters and became their healer. It is shown that he can speak telepathically, and help others see things outside their own bodies(like when he took Braveheart's spirit outside of his body to see what Lien-Da had planned.


Phoenix could be considered a psychic medium, as he can speak to Spirits as easily as he can the living, even though the living cannot see them. In Shadowed Future: 5 Years Later, Phoenix is shown to have the ability to speak telepathically and take a living person's spirit out of their body elsewhere. It's possible that as he grew up, Phoenix learned to master his powers and to live with them.




Phoenix is the first character to see Spirits without them willingly visiting him. This essentially makes him a psychic medium.

  • This also makes him similar to Goosefeather from the Warriors book series, particularly Goosefeather's Curse.
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