"I eat fear, breathe fear, and cause fear. I am fear! Now bow before Phobos!" '-Phobos awakening from his eternal slumber.'


Phobos is a powerful deity in the form of a wolf. He is seemingly 24 years old but is actually ageless. He can strike fear into his enemies and distort the area around him. He usually uses a staff as a weapon before Aden set it on fire.


Phobos is a purple wolf. He usually takes this form because he is not dangerous in his celestial form. He usually floats with a dark, shadowy aura around him. He wears a black cape, dark grey boots, and dark grey gloves. None of his skin is ever visible. His eyes are black and he has no visible pupils. He can distort his appearence at will so it is unknown what he truly looks like.


He can distort the area around him and his appearence to confuse his enemies. He can sense fear in his enemies and feed off of it to gain more strength, or to heal wounds. He can use his powers to force enemies to fear him if needed. He can also force enemies to hallucinate, or blind them temporarily. He has flight powers. He can teleport from place to place in almost an instant. He can also turn invisible although he cannot damage anything in this form.


Before the Chaos Emeralds were created, Phobos was thought to be mythical. He lived among the Echidnas in his invisible, spiritual form. He became enraged when one of the Echidna tribes stopped worshipping him. He believed that they were uprising against him, and he possessed the body of a powerful Echidna warrior. He destroyed this tribe and attacked another one. Eventually, after the Chaos Emeralds were created, Phobos was sealed inside the Purple Emerald. In order to survive, he needs to choose a new body every 100 years.


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