"If 7.6 Billions animals could forget the difference about their race, borders, and relligion, we could make this world a better place" - Phillips W. Sherman

Phillips Walter Sherman better known as Phillips the Cat is a simple, plain, cat character made by IndogamersPro back in 2007.


Phillips is a grey tabby cat whose a worker at OSOS Technologies division of America, San Francisco.

He usually appears wearing greyish-black formal suit with red tie when he is on-duty.

When he is off-duty, he wears various T-shirts from things he love, Atari, Sega, et cetera...


Phillips is an optimistic, and confident character. He sacrifice his own sweat and energy to work for his family, friends, and animals in general.



In 1984, Phillips was born to both poor parents, Peter Sherman and Barbara Sherman, both of whom are now dead.

Peter Sherman died on February 1, 1996 at the age of 48 and was buried in the New York Marble Cemetery where Phillips was only aged 12.

While Barbara died on May 19, 2009 at the age of 72 and was buried in the same grave. Where at that time Phillips has grown up and already have self-employment in a company.


On his childhood Little Phillips spent his free time playing Nintendo Entertainment System games, He often uses Genie Games when playing difficult games like Megaman or Contra, as he is very bad at those games. Sometimes he plays kites with other boys who live in his neighborhood, he does not like to play far away from his house because he is afraid of the armed gangs that at that time controlled Harlem streets.


He was very stupid in mathematics, and that is also the reason why he hates statistics, trigonometry, and Phythagoras. He is very stupid in mathematics, and that is also the reason why he hated statistics, trigonometry, and Phythagoras. Often he gets a score below B and that value is often the main reason why Phillips's parents are angry with him for his stupidity.

He prefers computer and he can understand BASIC programming language even though he was stupid in math.

As he grew older, Phillips became more aware of mathematical formulas, and his folly in math declined.

He also enjoys saving the money he received after helping his father take care of the farm that his father had.

Before he knew Atari or Sega, he loved Nintendo very much, he even often praised the Nintendo Entertainment System for providing unparalleled pleasure and entertainment. Until finally, in 1993, Nintendo won in a court, ended Lewis Galoob Toys' journey and banned the release of Genie Games in their console, SNES.

This news hurt Phillips's little heart, and it was at this point that Phillips began his hatred of Nintendo. After all these nauseating events, Phillips decided not to spent his savings to buy SNES but instead bought a Sega Genesis. At this time, Phillips beginning to recognize Sega and loved it. The same year, Phillips expanded his knowledge in video games by recognizing Atari, which his friend told him about it, and he began to love it too.

In his junior years, Phillips had experienced an incident that he would never forget. The incident was that he was summoned and punished by detention and suspended for 4 more weeks for stealing girl's underwear from a girl dress rack during a swimming class. This incident is actually not the intention of his inner but this incident is the orders of the naughty students that he can not reject for fear of being bullied. After this incident, he becomes a better teenage cat, more mature, and can refuse orders from unruly children, without compromise.

At the age of 12 years, Phillips was saddled with a very surprising event that is the death of his father, Peter Sherman the Tabby Cat at the age of 48. Barbara, the mother of Phillips is very sad to see her husband died, she is very regretful for not bringing her husband to seek treatment to the hospital to treat her husband tuberculosis disease. And at that moment, all the cats in Harlem were sad and asked that Barbara stay steadfast and accept what she was.

College Years

Phillips then studied at a university in New Jersey, and majored in Computer Engineering and Networking where at the university he learned many things about technology, LAN and internet networks (the Internet was a rare thing at the time), and programming.

There he was very fond of technological and networking developments, he usually came home later than usual to peek at senior students working on a computer chip in a special lab room.

At the University he also met Dylan Mugabe the Bulldog, an African-American bulldog who had ancestors from Uganda and Zimbabwe. Mugabe is friendly, and he does not look at the color of the skin because all human beings are born with the same purpose and direction that is, to live. Dylan was pretty good at math and was able to solve the puzzled solutions of the students who had just joined the university.

In addition to Dylan, Phillips also has other new acquaintances such as Steven the Cat, Louis the Lynx, and Kate the Cat. Though he befriended Kate, a girl, Phillips was never interested in dating because he thought it was an useless activity.

After peering at many of the things his seniors did, he became aware of what he could do, then he worked on a computer chip in an abandoned garage in New Jersey and the result was a computer processor that was ... not so good. His processor chip is only able to clocked up to 1 MHz while the computer at that time could reach 200 MHz and more.

Because he believes the chip is not good enough to impress and embarrassed if shown to his seniors, he threw the chip onto a pond for good.

He began to understand his mistakes and he stopped making processor chips to learn more about electronics. He then attended several seminars and field trips with his expert electronics seniors to broaden his knowledge and his imagination in the development of an electronic component.

After all the Phillips seminars he was living, he was now a more independent person and knew more about computing.

First entry to world of technology

Then he graduated from the campus at the same time as Mugabe.

Before he entered the world of technology and informatics, Phillips worked at a local grocery store in Harlem, his hometown, until one day he was offered a job by a visitor of his grocery store, a Chinese cat working for a company called OSOS Technologies. The cat explained that OSOS is a technology company that makes computer components, diskettes, laptops, and monitors. The cat offers Phillips as a cadet, whose job is to prove that it is not technologically blind and can assemble electronics components independently. Phillips accepted the offer, and then he asked permission from the grocery store owner to resign as a cashier to head for OSOS Technologies headquarter in San Francisco. The shopkeeper accepts the permit's request and then Phillips and the Chinese cat leave by regional train from Grand Central Station, New York to San Francisco.

At OSOS Technologies, Phillips learns a lot from employees with higher positions. In that place Phillips evolved from a cadet to a network intrusion technician in one of the OSOS branches in San Francisco. Phillips then grew and developed as a technologist, and later in 2008, he was appointed a member of the OSOS Research and Development team 2.

Despite being a successful person, Phillips still remember and worships his mother, who was the only remaining Phillips parent in his family. He often visits his Harlem homes every month when his work schedule in OSOS is empty.

Another Sad News

On May 19, 2009, Barba Sherman the Tabby cat died at the age of 72.

This is a very, very, heartrending incident of a Phillips where he now becomes an orphan. No more parents, no more uncles, only cousins and younger brothers who have now immigrated to England. Phillips was given time off and time to forget all the sadness he experienced.

Recent Activities

After the holidays to forget all the grief he experienced, Phillips went back to work as usual, as a member of the OSOS Research and Development team.

As a member of the Team, the Team generated many of the essential electronic components of their work together. The most contributing to the development of these components is Phillips itself, so in the end of 2011, Phillips became chairman of the OSOS Research and Development Team. 2.

The real leadership spirit of Phillips was evident after he was appointed as the head of the team, as he found a great many important electronics and he also set OSOS to join the smart phone business.

He got a lot of salary from his job, and in 2016, he was nominated as the best microchip innovator in the last decade.He spent the money on his salary for further innovation, and he also put his money to the children in Uganda as a sign of repayment to Mugabe, his old friend for teaching him so much about technology and helping him to keep him always steadfast.

Health Issues


Due to his interaction with many old computers and electronic carcasses, he often smells the smoke produced from these objects and then develops into his current illness, Asthma. Phillips realized that he suffered from Asthma in 2005 where he was later temporarily dismissed by the owner of a grocery store and was admitted to a hospital in Harlem.


Phillips is very scared of heights, he does not like doing work on the floor above the 1st floor of a building and he often does what he should do on the higher floors on the 1st floor.

Theme Song

"Daisy Bell' - Original 1894 Phonograph Recording - LYRICS

"Daisy Bell' - Original 1894 Phonograph Recording - LYRICS

The Entertainer by Scott Joplin(Aka the Ice Cream man music)

Ice Cream Man Song (Scott Joplin - The Entertainer)

Ice Cream Man Song (Scott Joplin - The Entertainer)

The Entertainer - Scott Joplin (1911)

He is obsessed with songs that are often tuned by ice cream man who often surround his neighborhood in Harlem.

Daisy Bell by Harry Dacre

Due to his strong connection with technology, he often listens to his ancestors creations like Daisy Bell which he way fell in love with the speech synthesis technology.


  • His story is based on creator real-life story except the OSOS and microchip part.


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