"What am I? I am Phaaaaaaze."~ Phaze introducing itself 
Phaze picture

A portrait of Phaze.


Phaze the plasma is an energy being created by the Void. Its primary purpose is to serve Dark Void's queen, Storm the fox.  .Phaze is Storm's second in command of all Dark Void forces, as well as her servant and advisor. Phaze is known to be a sadist in battle, (quite possibly became this due to spending too much time with Storm while on her galactic crusade across the galaxy.) Phaze often will taunt it's opponents and seems to take pleasure in their demise. To that in Phaze is still a loyal minion of Storm and perhaps shares a mother son like relationship with her, if not purely formal.


Phaze has a gelatinous like form that often shapshifts around to make the situation. It can go from a Mobian shaped like jelly like monster to a puddle of goo in seconds. This is beneficial to Phaze as he is able to move through tight corners and even into small openings. Phaze in its Mobian like form looks like the base of an unspecified Mobian like creature. His color scheme is that of a bright jelly like red and purple.


Much of Phaze's personality has evolved over the course of its time spent around Storm. It is believed from the start it had a childlike demeanor and was very curious. This was so it could learn from its master and be of further use to her. However the longer it was around Storm the more it took on her negative persona, mainly her cold and sadistic nature. It then become more and more sadistic to the point of enjoying the death of its foes.


Phaze was created shortly after Storm's assimilation into Dark Void. The Void assigned him the task of studying Storm and becoming her servant as well as her second in command within Dark Void. Phaze did so and started to study its teacher. Throughout Storm's campaign of terror across the galaxy Phaze has been studying her, not just her tactics but also her persona. With each conquest Phaze became more and more like her. Unfortunately, Phaze also became stronger with each successful victory making him a formidable leader within Dark Void in its own right. Now that Dark Void has invaded Mobius one can only fear the worst to come for Phaze's adversary’s.
Phaze concept picture

The original concept picture of Phaze made in 2009,(note: Originally Phaze could alter his form of his appendages as well, that is why his right arm appears longer then his left. This ability was phazed out later on, pun intended.)


Due to Phaze being a being made by the Void Phaze's powers obviously revolve around the fourth state of matter, plasma. Phaze is known to be able to conjure up electrical plasma arcs and flames just like Storm, but it lacks the creativity and ingenuity to use other attacks like Storm's plasma whip or her EMP attack. Phaze is however to "feed" off nearby sources of ionized gas and electricity to make itself stronger. In one instance Phaze attacked a power-plant and became a giant plasma monster, yet he lost the battle after Grief the fox was able to trick him into falling in the ocean. Phaze is also known to be able to regenerate, as long as its solid "core" remains intact.


Phaze has its own unique abilities as well. The most obvious one is its ability to shapeshift into a puddle of goo and slip through cracks, small openings, and being able to get away by going down into sewers. Another distinct ability is the fact that while it is pure plasma matter,(except for its core) it is not advised to touch it in melee combat at that can burn or electrocute you. That being said merely touching Phaze can often prove fatal. Also Phaze is easily transported on Dark Void vessels, beasts of burden, and transport vehicles.


While Phaze is indeed a formidable opponent, it is not without its weaknesses. For starters like all members of Dark Void, (even to a lesser extent Storm the fox,) Phaze is vulnerable to extreme cold temperatures. This was apparent in his first battle with Field Leader Trotsky during Dark Void's early incursion unto Mobius. Furthermore while Phaze can almost fully regenerate, if his "core" is destroyed Phaze will cease to exist. This core takes the form of a small spherical like object and would be considered its "heart" area. Finally if Phaze is surrounded by too much of the other states of matter, (such as being drowned in an ocean or buried in dirt,) Phaze will have to revert to its purest form that is the solid core. 
Phaze vs Iceheart

Phaze's first encounter with Field Leader Trotsky


"Yesssss my queeeen"~ Phaze following Storm's orders

"For the Voooooooid!" ~Phaze's battle cry before entering combat


  • Phaze's name is a reference to the alien substance Phazon from the Metroid Prime series.
  • Phaze's speech is similar to that of a Chaos cultist from the Dawn of War game and its expansions.
  • This is Phaze's battle theme:
Dark Samus Boss Theme - Metroid Prime 3 Corruption Music Extended

Dark Samus Boss Theme - Metroid Prime 3 Corruption Music Extended

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