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Phantom the Mink

Phantom is a nineteen year old, melanistic female mink with the ability to see the dead.


Standing at 3 feet and seven inches, Phantom is a nineteen year old European mink. She is completely black as the result of melanism, with the exception of the markings around her face.

Phantom wears a black peabody overcoat with a gold trim. The inside of the coat is green, as well as having gold buttons. Two green belts hang around her waist, and she also wears black fingerless gloves with gold and green bracelets that appear like cuffs. Her white pants cover up the majority of her shoes, which in terms appear similar to skate shoes. The most noticeable part of her attire is her white cowl with a gold trim, which she can wear like a hood when wanted.


Cynical and bearer of an extremely dry wit, Phantom has a sharp tongue and is more than happy to criticize others, despite typically only looking out for herself. Her point of view takes a far more practical approach to things and pays no mind to morals. This makes her unlikable and difficult to trust in other's eyes, though she doesn't seem to mind, having trust issues herself. She is an ambitious treasure hunter and won't back down from any potential artifacts, but refrains from stealing from others, sticking to tombs, catacombs, temples, and more instead.

She tends to avoid battle, as she prefers to not be slowed down in her expeditions. Additionally, as someone with such a strong connection with the dead, Phantom does fear death itself. Though many of the trips she makes forces her to push that fear towards the back of her mind, it's always there.




The Island of Kardon

Being forced to work with a team of other "heroes," Phantom begrudgingly assisted in saving Azima from destruction, survival being her largest priority.

  • Hiero the Hawk: Phantom never took too well to Hiero - finding him both demanding and aggressive for a stranger. Though she fully knows that she couldn't possibly lead, she wishes that they could've gotten someone else to take care of the job.
  • Taura the Squirrel: Taura was the only person the mink took a liking to within the events on the island. With their similar outlooks and ideas, she made things far more tolerable.


  • Borealis the Malamute: They maintain some sort of understanding towards each other. She had taken interest in a silver ring while treasure hunting, and ended up engaging in combat with him over it until they reached a standstill. After explaining the meaning of his rings to her, she allows him to take the one they were fighting over. They're not friends, but they consider each other to be potential allies. They have similar fighting and life styles, and somewhat similar goals. She appreciates the level of respect the canine gives her as well.
  • Cheshire the Dhole: Phantom had once bested him and his ghostly partner in combat at one point and haven't seen them since, though she does occassionally think about them, given how they're complete opposites of each other yet share similarities. Both have some sort of ability to see the dead (though Phantom, for some reason she isn't sure of, is unable to see his companion) and search around ruins and the like for a living. And yet Cheshire is an extremely crass and outspoken individual with a habit of speaking in riddles, whereas the mink prefers to keep to herself and get straight to the point.


Air Manipulation

Or aerokinesis. She can breathe underwater, create force fields (or 'invisible walls' by compacting air molecules), fog up her surroundings which allows for escape, and more. Her abilities work best as a passive power rather than offensively.

This can be considered as her own type of telekinesis, as she can manipulate the air around objects and lift them off the ground.

Skills and Abilities

Ability to see the dead

It's implied that Phantom can summon ghosts, though she says it's more of a form of "calling out," a spirit is more than free to deny speaking with her if they choose. She can only see and talk with them if they choose to leave the underworld, and can also block them out if they become hostile or increasingly annoying. She's uncomfortable with communicating with the dead for another person. The mink isn't accustomed to dealing with others and their (usually extreme at the time) emotions, and so will deny having any sort of connection to the underworld in any situation unless dire.

Weaponry and Objects in Possession


Around the age of 16, Phantom quit using a spear, wanting to use a weapon for slashing instead of piercing, as she used the blades on her spear most of the time instead. Taking note of how she's used to fighting with a polearm, she chose a double bladed glaive, which was a long shaft with a blade at both ends.

Twin Tessen

Made of an odd material that she's never seen before (one may claim it's not even from the planet), these bladed fans are extremely thin and sharp, yet at the same time are foldable and durable. She was given these recently, and seeing how its an extremely different combat style from what she's used to, she's rather inexperienced with them. However, she's certainly looking forward to using them hand in hand with her aerokinetic abilities.

Winged Spear

Previously, Phantom used a spear for combat. It was a silver colored rod with a golden spearhead. The spear had golden "wings", which are blades located below the spearhead. She wasn't often seen using it unless if she was actually in a good range, meaning not too far, and yet not too close.


Phantom sometimes gets to keep a few of her findings in reward for others. Some she doesn't bother using, others she happens to find great use of. In fact, her spear was one of her payments in return of retrieving an orb.


  • Stats are based on a 1-10 level. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 6 - The mink has less experience in using her weapon, despite how much she enjoys using it.

Defense: 7 - She focuses more on defense than offence.

Speed: 7/8 - Average (7). Being able to reduce wind resistance, she can run even faster (8).

Magic: 8 - Confident in her abilities, Phantom knows what she's doing when manipulating air.

Evasion: 6 - Phantom prefers taking hits over dodging them.

Skill: 7 - While she may be extremely experienced, she doesn't have that quick of reflexes.

Intelligence: 8 - For a child that didn't attend school, the mink is surprisingly intelligent, learning from books.

Accuracy: 6 - Phantom specializes in close ranged attacks, so she doesn't practice anything long ranged.

Stamina: 8 - After running away various times from traps, Phantom has built up her stamina quite a bit.

Tolerance: 9 - Similar to evasion, Phantom isn't easy to take down.

Total: 72/100 (73/100)


Gallery & More


  • Phantom's birthday is September 21, making her a Virgo-Libra CUSP.
  • Her name was going to be Flair at first. This was later changed to Phantom.
  • Phantom's original real name was Azuria Frame; this was later changed in favor of a name that better reflects her appearance and intended race.
  • Thanks to big bro for huge help with Phantom's new design!!

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