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Phantom is a hedgehog with black fur and diamond blue strips he also has large vampire fangs , Phantom likes to wear a black jacket and blue jeans,His eyes are dull white and have no eye color, He has no gloves and has hands have sharp claws,His shoes main color is purple by he has black strips on them.


Phantom is a very manipulative and likes to be nice to his victims before killing them or infecting them with a vampire virus, Phantom gets angry when he doesn't have that much blood, Phantom loves and enjoys spreading his vampire virus, Phantom also has a giant ego and looks down on everyone even his friends and alias.


Phantom original name actually isn't phantom it is .Carson but he calls himself phantom cause he thinks he is a phantom, He about 320 years old because he is a vampire, He was mutated by a dark pathogen which corrupted his mind, He believes that everyone should feel the same way he feels and "become him", Before his his life has a vampire he has just a regular young hedgehog form a village in moebius but has kidnapped and brain washed by a cult that infected him with a dark pathogen , After that day phantom was apart of the cult for years but he grown to powerful so the cult tried to kill him because of this he easily killed everyone in the cult with his vampire abilities, And escaped captivity of the cult, Phantom over the years he became more corrupted , To this day he goes around moebius infecting people with his vampire virus.


  • Phantom's main power is to bite a victim and suck there blood (Like any other vampire)
  • When phantom bites a victim he infects them with the vampire virus corrupting there mind turning them into a vampire has well
  • When phantom bites a victim he can see there thoughts memories and things only they would know
  • Phantom has the power to shot a dark wave of energy poisoning his victim
  • Because he is corrupted by dark energy he is way faster than the standard hedgehog (Not faster than sonic though)
  • His claws can cut through metal and are very deadly
  • He can teleport using his vampire powers
  • Can turn into a bat (Like any other vampire)


  • He can climb up walls using his super sharp claws
  • He can survive falls form high buildings
  • Can take more pain than the average hedgehog
  • Can learn very fast and has a super high IQ


  • His main weakness is garlic (Like any other vampire)
  • Hates sunlight and if he stays out in day for to long he well die
  • He can be killed if he beat him up hard enough
  • Hates holy water
  • He can be killed very easily if he is in his bat form
  • If someone makes a cure for the vampire virus this can be away to put him down permanently without killing him


  • Hehehe your blood is tasty
  • Join me as a slave or die
  • What do you need form Phantom the night walker
  • You are pathetic if you think you can defeat a immortal