You may be looking for her Prime Zone or Dark Mobius counterparts

This is an alternate version of Petunia the Fox that resides in the Light Mobius universe. She is the daughter of Braveheart the Fox and Isla and the sister of Scrap the Fox.


Like her brother Scrap, Petunia is actually older than her Dark Mobius counterpart. She is a young red fox vixen with sleek russet-red fur, white fur running from her chin to her underbelly and on her tail-tip and inside her ears, dark brownish-black paws and ears, and amber eyes.


Petunia is a shy, soft-spoken person who would rather avoid conflicts. She constantly argues with her brother Scrap yet loves him just the same.


In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

Shadowed Future(arc):

Shadowed Future(story): Petunia is first seen in the Storming Base when Braveheart returns with the young Arctic fox cub Flynn, whom she and Scrap quickly befriend. Later, after the final battle with King Shadow, Scrap, Petunia, and Flynn come running up to the castle, and watch in awe as Scrap and Petunia's grandfather Fox the Brave declares Sonic the true king of Mobius.

Shadowed Future: 5 Years Later: Petunia makes a brief cameo when a pair of Dark Presence Echidnas infiltrate the Storming Base and kidnap Scrap, as Petunia is seen in her bed in the room she shares with her brother.



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