You may be looking for her Prime Zone or Light Mobius counterparts

This is the alternate version of Petunia the Fox who resides in Dark Mobius. She is the daughter of Braveheart the Fox and Isla and the sister of Scrap.


Petunia is a young red fox cub with sleek fur. Like all red foxes, she has thick, russet-red fur with white fur running from her chin to her underbelly as well as on her tail-tip and inside her ears, and dark brownish-black paws and ears with amber eyes.


Petunia is a shy, soft-spoken cub who prefers to avoid conflicts, and will run and hide if an argument breaks out. Like Scrap, she loves her family dearly, and hides her love for his brother with their constant sibling rivalry.


In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

Secrets of the Dark World:

Conquest: Petunia makes a brief appearance when Knuckles, prior to becoming Dark Enerjak, attacks the Storming Base to keep them from interfering with his "order". Braveheart rushes back to protect his family, and is nearly strangled as a result. Petunia disappears during the attack.

Part 3: Isla, Scrap, and Petunia are first seen when Enerjak attacks them and Liam, the Chesnaught protecting them. Braveheart saves them, and while Petunia is initially shocked at her father's horribly maimed face, she overcomes this and embraces him. She later remains at the Base with her family while Braveheart goes to the Prime Zone to oversee the warriors defeat Enerjak.

Aftermath: Petunia doesn't appear very much, but is shown among those that are horrified at Enerjak successfully stealing Braveheart's Core, and embraces him when he is restored.



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