Cquote1 Hey, no fair! I'm not the Littler Bit! Cquote2
Petunia protesting Fang's nickname, Shadow of Time

Petunia the Fox is a young red fox cub set to appear in the upcoming story Shadow of Time. She is the daughter of Braveheart and Isla, and the sister of Scrap the Fox.


Petunia is a small red fox cub. She has thick russet fur, dark brownish-black paws and ears, and white fur running from her chin to her underbelly, as well as on her tail-tip and inside her ears. She has deep brown eyes and a long, thick tail.


Petunia is a spunky tomboy constantly arguing with her brother because of his big attitude. Despite this, she still loves him and loves hearing the softer side of the warriors' tales.


So far, Petunia only appears in the beginning of the story Shadow of Time, when she is playing with Scrap while King Shadow and Lien-Da are spying on the warriors. They are running around the Base, and pause by Fang the Saber, who calls them "Little Bit" and "Littler Bit" respectively. Petunia protests being called "Littler Bit", but runs off with her brother to the Warrior Cat Redwhisker when Fang gives Scrap a fierce lick. Shadow decided to use the cubs against the warriors, and does so when he captures the children.




  • Redstone the Fox: 7x great grandfather
  • Garrett the Fox: 6x great grandfather
  • Ferrell the Fox: 5x great grandfather
  • Unnamed Fox: 4x great grandparent (gender unknown)
  • Andrew the Fox: Great-great-great grandfather
  • Dahlia the Fox: Great-great-great grandmother
  • Rocket the Fox: Great-great grandfather
  • Mahna the Fox: Great-great grandmother
  • Torch the Fox: Great grandfather
  • Ember the Fox: Great uncle
  • Snow the Fox: Great grandmother
  • Grizzly the Fox: Great grandfather
  • Heather the Fox(RotW): Great grandmother
  • Fox the Brave: Grandfather
  • ​​​​​​Karra the Fox: Grandmother
  • Maako the Fox: Granduncle
  • Mari the Fox: Grandaunt
  • Braveheart the Fox: Father
  • Isla the Fox: Mother
  • Wilder the Fox: First cousin
  • Barry the Fox: First cousin
  • Scrap the Fox: Brother
  • Jon the Fox: Distant cousin
  • Phoenix the Fox: Distant cousin


Braveheart and Isla

Petunia loves her family, and takes after her mother in terms of personality

Scrap the Fox

Petunia loves her brother, but hides this under her constant sibling rivalry.

King Shadow and Lien-Da

Petunia doesn't like villains, and as such, doesn't like Shadow or Lien-Da. When she was captured with the other children, she bravely states that her grandfather is the leader of the Storm Fighters.

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