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Cquote1 Welcome to my family's candy shop! Here, we sell all sorts of sweet treats that'll make you beam with joy. J-Just don't eat too much, or you'll get sick! We also sell fresh baked dumplings I made myself, but don't eat too many of those either...Ahaha, i'll just make your order to go. Cquote2
Petunia at work


Physical Appearance

Petunia is a female, lime green Chinese dragon. She is 3 feet 2 inches, and weighs 70 pounds. Her eyes are somewhat of an orange-peach color, and shine like a summer sun. Petunia's hair is sakura pink, tied up into a bun with two hair sticks crossed between, and two parts of separated hair that flow in the front. She has dark purple dragon wings, and a scaly dragon tail that is about 1 1/4 feet long. She also has two horns that extend out of the top of her head.


Petunia usually wears a blue, short kimono dress with a red velvet belt wrapped around her stomach, along with a sleeveless grey jacket. Under her dress, Petunia wears orange-peach bloomers that are obviously noticeable. She also wears red velvet lace up boots with small heels. Her grey gloves reach her elbow, and reach the bottom of her fingers. As an accessory, Petunia wears two spiked bracelets on her left wrist.


Pc nikki kaji 2 by cat rage-d974wnd

Soo cuute! Drawn by Cat-Rage

Petunia can be described as kind and loving towards almost anyone, especially her sister. She loves children, and usually plays with the village kids when she's not working. She also sometimes hands out free dango samples from her family's candy shop to them.

Petunia is also very peppy and positive. When she's working at her family's candy shop, she always stays positive when serving customers, and fulfills the orders in the best way possible. She's very good at suggestions and advice, whether it's choosing the best candy or making a choice between right or wrong.

However, Petunia can sometimes be socially awkward when trying to make sales. She sometimes stutters, or rambles on and on with the customer, which sometimes delays the order. This is due to her wanting to satisfy her customers, but pushing herself a bit to hard to please them.

General Info

Petunia is a 18-year old girl that lives as a resident of Chun-nan. Her family owns a candy shop, where she works part time Monday-Friday as the cashier. She also cooks dumplings as her specialty, which she has practiced making for a very long time. When Petunia is not at work, she practices her battle techniques both on land and in the air. All this training is actually leading up to an important part of her life.

For the longest time, Petunia has dreamed of discovering the true power of Chun-nan's treasure, The Dragon Orb. Legend says that only true Chinese dragons are able to possess the treasure's power, and unveil a new form that their ancestors discovered and used to fight off against their enemies in times of trouble. Petunia's great grandfather was a Chun-nan Warrior that fought of enemies from the city, and used the transformation many times.

Items in Possession

Dragon Orb Shard: A chipped, circular piece of the Dragon Orb. It is about the size of a penny, and still contains the same powers from the original Dragon Orb. Petunia wears it as a necklace, which gives her power when she needs to use it. If it is used, the shard must be given time to recharge since it is so small. The more power that is used, the longer it takes to recharge. If Petunia chooses to go into her robust mode, the shard must be fully charged and she is required to use some of her own energy as well. This completely drains it's power.



Roleplay:Life is Strange - In this roleplay, Petunia has traveled to Central City to take over her cousin's cafe there while she's away. There, Petunia has learned how to take more responsibility in herself, like running the place herself (With the help of a few workers, of coarse!). However, this visit to the city has taking a complete turn when she and her new friends come across a time traveler, warning them about the end of the world! Petunia, showing signs of eagerness, volunteers to help this troubled phoenix and potentially save all of Mobius! What would her sensei think of that?!


Petunia has not appeared in any games (yet).


Her Ancestors

Senbonzakura (English)

Senbonzakura (English)

Long ago, dragons used to serve as warriors of Chun-nan, protecting the Sacred Phoenix and it's treasure, the Dragon Orb. The dragons were a very valued species in the past, and were said to be the strongest. They were honored by the Chun-nan residents and treated like royalty.

When the village was attacked, the Phoenix would usually be able to handle protecting the Dragon Orb on it's own. However, when there were tons of enemies, it would get overrun. This is when the warriors would come into place and protect the Sacred Phoenix and the treasure. In emergencies, the dragons would use the power of the Dragon Orb to transform into their stronger beings.

As time went on, the Sacred Phoenix never appeared much in Chun-nan anymore, but is still their spiritual guardian. The Dragon Orb is now contained in the training area on a stone pillar, which is surrounded by a container. The defense system became much greater than it was in the past, so the warriors retired and lived normal lives. Petunia, being a dragon, is able to use the powers of the Dragon Orb and transform into her Robust Mode.


When Petunia was a little girl, she didn't have any horns, and her hair was pretty short. Her family had just started running their new candy shop in Chun-nan, which sold all sorts of sweets for people to enjoy that were made right in the shop. Back then, Petunia and her sister, Zinnia, lived in the back of the shop. There were many different storage rooms, so they each got their own place to sleep. Zinnia usually decorated her room with posters and merchandise of her favorite heroes and things she liked.

The Present

Once Petunia turned 15, she started to work in the family business. That's when she started to learn how to bake, and was honestly a natural at it. So, instead of going to school, she was taught at home by her mother so she could also work at home. After work, Petunia would go and train in the courtyard along with others and the village Sensei. Her and her sister, Zinnia, were the only dragons in the class, and always stood out from the others.

This had become Petunia's daily routine, working and training. Her baking skills had greatly increased, and everyone loved her family's shop.

Notable Life Events

The Secrets of the Dragon Orb

Kira the Dragon

When Petunia was 16, she was called to the training area by her Sensai. Once she arrived, Petunia noticed that the Dragon Orb no longer had it's protective cover. The girl questioned what was going on, and it was then that Petunia would be allowed to test her Robust Mode. She walked up to the orb, nervousness consuming her. She didn't know how exactly to activate her powers, but by simply coming in contact with orb made her feel stronger. Petunia closed her eyes, her scales burning as she suddenly changed into a much stronger form.

Her scales turned red, her hair hot pink and eyes gold as she floated above the ground. Her wings were much longer, her tail stronger as she felt like an entirely new person. It was as if she was finally free, shooting into the air like a bullet and soaring over Chun-nan, looking at the beautiful scenery below her. She decided to test how fast these upgraded dragon wings could take her, boosting north quickly and discovering another country: Apotos.

She's never been outside of Chun-nan before, and curiosity got the best of her as she landed in the quaint port town, the sun setting behind her. But as she landed, her robust mode suddenly went away. The people there were actually scared of her, because they'd never seen a dragon before. Petunia quickly introduced herself, and spent a night in the lovely city of Apotos.

The next morning, she flew back home and arrived in exhaustion. When she got to her family's shop, they questioned her about where she'd been. After eating a few dumplings and taking a long nap, Petunia explained her experience in Robust Mode, and the beautiful city she discovered called Apotos. Even though her parents were worried sick, she made it up to them by cooking them dinner and dessert, and would never forget the secret of the dragon orb.

The Dragon Boat Festival

Petunia's birthday, May 5th, is on the same day as the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. Every year on her birthday, the streets of Chun-nan would be filled with bright, colorful dragon floats and decorative lanterns customized by the citizens. On Petunia's 18th birthday, she was allowed to have her own float in the festival, where she would be wearing a special dress made by her great grandmother, which had been passed down over the years. After a little personal touch, the night was a huge success. For one whole night, Petunia was treated like a princess, and had no cares or worries as the festival carried on.

As the night carried on, Petunia snuck off to the training arena to activate her Robust mode once more, and put on a show for everyone. But as she was about to come in contact with the treasure, the Sacred Phoenix appeared right before her, scaring the dragon as it let out a loud cry. But when Petunia reopened her eyes, the Sacred Phoenix was nowhere to be found. Her parents and Sensei had found her in the training arena, worried because they heard her scream. Petunia wanted to tell them about her seeing the Sacred Phoenix, but instead kept the secret to herself and lied about what had happened; saying that her transformation just failed and shocked her. They seemed to buy it, but somehow Petunia knew that the image would never leave her mind.

Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities

While Petunia does not have any special kinetic powers, she is quite skilled in physical combat. She is one of the most well known students of the village Sensei, the other being her sister, Zinnia.

When she is fighting, Petunia can protract her claws which are rather sharp. But her claws are not only used for fighting, but also grabbing onto things and climbing. They are able to pierce through metal and stone, which can be useful if her wings are damaged and she cannot fly. Petunia can hang onto the side of a cliff and have enough arm strength to hold and climb herself up. She can also slide down rough earth without hurting her or her claws too much.

Her tail can also be used as a weapon, which carries a good amount of weight that can throw someone back when she spins and swings her tail. Her tail is also able to slice through wood and sometimes even metal in a fast pace, almost like a sword.

Petunia also has a great mastery in martial arts, where she is able to show off her supernatural reflexes and agility while fighting. She has demonstrated this strength several times while training, and shows lots of confidence in her ability to fight overall.



PC Dragon and Cupcakes

Who wants cupcakes?!

In terms on non-battle abilities, Petunia is a very skilled baker. Although she can make almost anything sweet, including things like cakes and candy, her favorite thing to make is dumplings. This also includes dango, which is her favorite food. On special occasions, like the village elder's birthday, Petunia will bake cakes up to two feet high, made with whatever the person's favorite flavor it.

When making things like candy, she can bake it with about any flavor. Most of the times they're request from the village children which Petunia can use for experiments. However, the first attempts might not turn out as well as she wanted it to. For example, once a child asked for a popcorn flavored lollipop, and instead it ended up tasting more like butter than actual popcorn.


This is more of a side hobby for Petunia, and is no where near a master at this. However, when she's taking a day off from both work and training, Petunia paints things. They're usually based on her fantasies or non-realistic things at all that she wishes was true. They're usually colorful and creative, and if they're decent enough, Petunia will hang them up on their wall.

Super Forms

Robust Mode

Gained Abilities:

  • Superflight
  • Superhuman strength
  • Pyrokinesis

Using the power of the Dragon Orb, Petunia is able to evolve into a new super form. Petunia's scales change to red, her hair changing to hot pink, and eyes turning gold. Her wings also grow longer, but stay the same color. In this state, she becomes much stronger physically. The power of her wings also increase drastically, making her able to fly extremely fast to the points where she could break through the atmosphere and enter space if going at top speed. On top of her new superflight and superhuman strengths, she now gains the power to control fire. These flames are usually dispersed from her mouth and can last for however much breath she has. Her pyrokinesis are about as strong as any other pyrokinetic's, but go away once she re-enters her normal state.

Petunia does not enter this form often, due to the fact that the power of the Dragon Orb is only used in emergencies. She has got to test the form once while training, but since then has not got to practice using her increased strengths.


With dragons being part reptilian, Petunia is cold blooded. Due to this, she has a hard time surviving in very cold climates. When it is winter and Chun-nan becomes very cold and snowy, she usually has to stay inside her house to keep warm, or wear lots of garments if she absolutely has to go outside. When Petunia is exposed to sudden cold climates, her body cannot adapt and therefor her system dies down, making her sick.

However, the cold environment doesn't only affect her. She also has a weakness (and possible fear) of ice. When exposed to things as cold as ice, she usually flinches and has a hard time fighting against it. So, when facing against someone like a cryokinetic, she is put at a major disadvantage.


Zinnia Snapdragon

Zinnia is Petunia's little sister, and her best friend. They are only two years apart in age, so the two get along pretty well. When they were younger, Petunia and Zinnia always used to do everything together: play, train, bake, you name it. As they got older and obtained more responsibilities, they haven't had as much time to spend together, but still are very close.

Owen the Tiger

Owen is Sensei Yen's main assistant, and a good friend of Petunia. He's only a year older than her, so they have been hanging out a lot since they were kids. When Owen was adopted into Yen's family when he was a small cub and started his training, Petunia befriended him. She's always thought he was kinda cute, and a really good fighter. However, she always denies that she has a crush on him, despite always looking at him. She sometimes even acts shy around the male when he compliments her fighting skills, or comments that she's improved.


  • Petunia's name was determined by her pink hair and love of flowers
  • Petunia's original name was Kira
  • Her favorite type of music is future bass
  • Even though she does not seem like the fighting type, nor shows it, Petunia actually LOVES being in the middle of action when it's provided.


  • "Whooo waaants....DANGO!!!!" -Bringing treats out to the village kids.
  • "W-What?! I-I wasn't staring at Sensei's assistant! I was Yeah! And it just so happened my eyes were in his direction..."
  • "Not buying it, huh? Well, you know what you should buy? These delicious dumplings I made. Freshly out the oven. I'll even give you half off if you don't tell anyone I was staring, okay?! B-But you have to admit, he's kinda cute."
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