Perseus The Keplerite is a fan character made by Alphonse Uprising. He is an omnilingual alien from the planet Kepler, and was sent to Earth as a refugee from an Odyvian invasion that occurred on his home world. Because that Perseus is one of the last surviving Keplerites, the Odyvian Empire placed a bounty on him, causing their leader, Lord Odyvius, and his army to invade Earth in search for him.


Perseus has purple, snake-like skin that is high reflective. He has 3 short, round "quills" at the back of his head that fade red. His ears are located around the side of his head, and are shaped like fish gills. He has two Blaze-shaped eyes with blue dialated pupils. 


Perseus used to be fun and relaxed. He would love making friends and talking to people, but ever since the Odyvian invasion, he's been serious many of the time.

Perseus, although he's amphibious, prefers to live underwater than on land. This is most due to his planet being an Atlantean plant with only a few islands (that are about the size of most European states) scattered across the surface.


Perseus was born on the planet Keplery, an Atlantean planet. He lived a mostly normal life, and had many friends who had a mutual liking for him. However, a hostile race called the Odyvians invaded his planet, killing off most of his kind. He and his family were able to escape from the planet through a spaceship, but the Odyvians were able to shoot it down. Perseus was separated after taking an escape pod. The current whereabouts of his family remain unknown.

Perseus crashes somewhere in the United Kingdom of Invid, a fictional nation on Earth; the force of impact rendered him unconscious. Tesla, Izzy, Curtis, and Mario found him were able to rescue and rehabilitate him later on.


  • Perseus has Fragokinesis and Pyrokinesis.
  • Perseus can create explosions from thin air through a powerful impact.
  • Thanks to these powers, Perseus is also a speed-type, and can run at near-Sonic speeds due to these powers.
  • These powers are unlockable.




Perseus is omnilingual, meaning he is able to speak any language. However, the only two languages that he speaks the most are Italian and English. This is a very useful skill since he is able to understand Mario, who can only speak Italian.


  • Although Perseus is invulnerable to his own explosions, he can still be harmed by naturally produced explosions due to stronger particles.


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