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Perish's robot factory fortress is a castle owned by Perish the Skeleton, which products robots for yukon the Robot emperor.


The castle itself uses concrete. The other buildings are made of titanium and are made to stand a possible pollution came from the mutation section. There are also used metal for the carbage grabber and plastic for a pipe, where the used material is carried to the finalizer called section. It's made of diamonds.


The factory products robots, but there lives also mutation called Hazmat the Toxic master. Yukon accidentally created him, when he was creating a acid rain, which could melt anything except metal. He then put Hazmat to mutation-section to guard and keep an eye on the progress of mutating the robots made from the junk stolen from junkyards around the world.

At the junkyard, there is a big three-handed robot called Handipanky. The robot has three-hand, and the third is at the same time both hand and body. it also has faces. handiPanky is made to put junk from the junkyard next to it to the tube, which leads to mutation section.

At the finalizer-section, there is a big robot called powerhouse Joe. He got created by Yukon, since he has a big obsession to Sniper Joe-called robots. He was creating his own Joe and ended up to make a big robot with a powerful strength. Yukon ordered Powerhouse Joe to guard the finalizer-section and make sure, that the robots are send to right locations.

The last section, the heart of the fortress, is Perish's office. Perish is the boss of his own fortress, which is disguised as a corporation. Not many knows, that the top hat in fortress is actually a spaceship, which Perish uses only in emergency cases, or when he will go meet his boss.


During the events of Hero of Mobius, Yukon was in need of someone, who could make as great robots as DR Wily himself. His bootlicker, Egg Man, did made some robots for Yukon, but he wasn't satisfied. He did ordered Egg Man to create Handipanky as a first guard-robot. Perish then had an idea, that Yukon and he should do a factory and make it product their own robots. Yukon like this idea much and gave the factory for Perish. But one day, Sonic and Blaze discovered Perish's fortress and paid a visit at factory. But although the factory got destroyed, Perish built new one. Stilton the Skeleton however, took the factory to his use against Mega Man (See Mega Man Futura for further description).

Notable Areas

In the middle of the fortress, there is a castle, which looks like Perish's head. Perish keeps it as his office and a heart of the factory. The top hat is actually Perish's Top hat saucer, which he uses to visit at Yukon's sentinel at space.

Theme song

NHL 98 Menu Music 2

NHL 98 Menu Music 2

Perish's factory theme


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