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Peppermint is a 19 year old wolf with Olfactokinesis.


Physical Appearance

Penny is a white wolf with long fur. She is of average height, but below-average weight and muscle build. She has shorter fur on her muzzle and belly. Her tail seems more lean than the bushy tails of normal foxes and wolves. Her most notable features are the pale blue and pink stripes on her cheeks, ears and arms. On each cheek, she has a light pink stripe next to the tufts on the side of her muzzle. Next to those are the light blue stripes. Both stripes run vertically along her cheeks. Above those are the stripes on her ears, which are more like rings going around the tops of them. On her arms, the stripes start a little above her wrists and both spiral around her arms, making her arms appear similar to white-pink-and-blue candy canes.


Peppermint commonly wears a maroon sleeveless sweatshirt/hoodie. Under that, she wears  a sleeveless white tee shirt. On her legs, she wears dark blue sweatpants and white tennis shoes. She does not seem to wear gloves very often, nor does she often wear other accessories.


Peppermint is a rather innocent and bubbly wolf. She seems to have near-limitless energy, so long as she has (something that at least tastes like) candy to munch on. While she's on her hyper high, she is very jittery, social and talkative. Always wanting to play 

While she might not seem very bright, due to her hyeractivity, she actually has a rather good head on her shoulders, and knows a lot about her sense of moraility. 

Inwardly, she suffers from depression. She's been rejected and hurt by people, and is paranoid about it happening over and over. It is important to note that this only really shows in between her sugar highs and regressions, so in order to see her more depressed side, her sugar high would need to end, and her not eat any more until the slumps wore off. However, she is rather good at masking it and putting on a smile. While in her "normal" state like this, she tends to keep very quiet around people she doesn't know.


Will write later. For now, all you need to know is she was an orphan who survived off of eating whatever she could find.


Peppermint has a peculiar set of powers at her disposal. All of them revolve around her mouth, nose, and their senses and abilities.

The main bulk of her power is olfactokinesis; the manipulation of tastes and scents. With this, she can freely change how virtually any object smells or tastes. This can do very odd things, such as making rocks taste like candy or making  pizza smell like oranges. She can also just manipulate the senses of those around her to create olfactory illusions. In the lightest cases, this can make others taste foods or smell things that aren't there. In more extreme cases, these illusions can cause unbearable stenches and tastes that can possibly even cause pain or make the target fall unconscious. This is mostly used for simle distractions, though more determined targets will require more concentrated doses. Using and manipulating tastes and smells as much as she does, she has become virtually immune to the same powers being used on her.

A secondary attribute of her sensory powers is her being able to pick up scents that virtually no others would be able to. She can track for hundreds of miles (not all at once, as she's need to either eat or rest), on trails that are potentially years old. On the flipside, she can completely erase any scents she leaves behind if need be.

Her secondary ability is even more peculiar. Peppermint is able to eat and ingest virtually anything. Fire, water, earth, electricity... almost any conventional power or magic. As well any rubble, dirt, trash or such she finds while hungry. Helping this is that she can mask its flavor and make it taste like candy or some other appetizing meal. While this has a somewhat constrained number of uses, she virtually never uses it as an attack. though if she were, it would appear as though she bit cleanly through most any armor and flesh beneath it. She doesn't, because one of the very last things she would do is bite people, as she doesn't want to eat any part of them. Though she would, without hesitation, use it for defense and nullifying attacks. With powers, they can be funneled into her mouth. But with normal materials unless, she would need to move her mouth into the way, leaving it far roo impractical for things like swords and bullets.


Peppermint, thanks to her senses, is an excellent tracker and navigator. Her natural senses of smell and taste are virtually unparalleled, so even if her powers were jammed, she could still track things with much ease. With her ability to ingest virtually any physical object, Peppermint has no need to normal food. Though this is hampered by her greatly increased metabolism. She needs to eat food more often in order to survive as her body burns through it much faster. 

Her other main senses are also very amplified naturally, so she has very very good eyesight, hearing and sense of touch. She can tell of much more going on if she keeps her senses all open, or concentrate on something happening far away if she focuses hard. Her senses of balance outrank even those of most acrobatic cats, though she isn't able to do anything like flips or long jumps.


Will add later.


Peppermint's weaknesses are mostly due to her body. While in a fight, almost nothing would be able to get near enough to get a concentrated hit on her, she simply cannot take hits without losing herself to the pain. While she is resistant to damage, her body's sensitivity is much higher than a normal person's, so she would feel much more pain. Especially if the other person has training to reduce pain. Another thing crippling her fighting potential is her lack of a strong drive, leaving the wolf very likely to abandon what she was doing to stop the pain.

A mental weakness is that she is very scatterbrained. It wouldn't take too much to throw off her concentration if it wasn't something she were giving her all toward.


  • Peppermint's nickname came about from her arms. They were always striped like candy canes, and had a pepperminted flavor to match.
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