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Penelope the Raccoon is a young raccoon who used to live on the streets, being an orphan. She now lives in an apartment in Station Square with her two best friends, a lion named Ralph and a long-eared jerboa named Felix Jr.

She is based on Vanellope Von Schweetz from the movie Wreck-It Ralph.

Physical Description

Penelope is a primarily light grey raccoon with darker stripes on her arms, legs, tail, and a darker facial mask, and a white muzzle and chest. Her hair is tied up in a ponytail and is black in color, and she has green eyes.

She wears a mint-green hoodie with a black skirt, mismatched white leggings with mint-green stripes, and black shoes.



Making Friends

Beast Legends


Base Stats
Spcl. AtkN/A
Spcl. DefAverage
Other Stats

As a child, Penelope isn't exactly combat-capable. While she is quite fast and able to hide herself easily if need be, she stands no chance against any seasoned fighter; therefore she needs to rely on her agility to survive. She also has her short-range teleportation ability, but it needs to be used sparingly.

Growing up on the streets of Station Square has given Penelope quite a bit of knowledge of the area, as she constantly roams and explores. She knows about secret areas and routes that not many others do, and this shows in how easily she's able to get around Station Square.


Short-Range Teleportation

Interestingly enough, she is able to teleport herself, but, given how young she is, this power is quite underdeveloped; oftentimes she ends up in the wrong place, and she can't really blink further than 7 feet. She also can't use this power excessively, only being able to blink about three times before this technique starts to put a dangerous amount of strain on her body; this strain shows in the form of physical exhaustion, headaches and sometimes nausea.


Penelope has no notable resistances.


Basically all the weaknesses that you would expect an average Mobian child to have. Excessive use of her short-range teleportation ability will leave her exhausted and vulnerable.

Forms and Fusions

Twisted Dimension Penelope

This is the version of Penelope that appears in the Twisted Dimension in the RP Hedgehog's Guide to the Multiverse. During an Overlord sweep of Station Square, Penelope, who was hiding out with Ralph and Felix, were found by Overlord mechas. Felix managed to stall them long enough for Penelope and Ralph to escape, although the jerboa ended up getting captured.

Penelope now wanders around with Ralph; the two of them are trying to find a safe place to stay.

Friends and Foes






A spunky and remarkably street-smart girl, Penelope can't seem to sit in one place for too long. She enjoys playing harmless pranks on people and likes taunting them as well; this is one of the reasons that her and Ralph got along quite poorly when they first met (even though the two are now nigh inseparable).



Biggest Fears



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