The Pegasus-type Multirole Fighter is a multi-role aircraft produced by Tasfira Armaments primarily for House Pyria.

Pegasus-type Multirole Fighter

Production Information
ManufacturerTasfira Armaments
Product LineMythic-type Attack Vehicles
ModelS-7 Multi-role Attack Fighter
ClassJet Aircraft - Multi-role fighter
Technical Information
Maximum Speed2,128 kph
  • 8mm machine gun (1100 rounds)
  • Six underwing hardpoints for a variety of missiles and bombs
  • Two internal hardpoints for a variety of missiles and bombs
Elite UpgradesLaser Cannon replaces Machine Gun, capacitor-based for infinite rounds.
  • Stealth fighter
  • Multi-role
  • Superiority
  • Ground-attack
  • Tactical bombing
  • Anti-shipping
  • Close support
  • Convoy Guard
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Construction

An order for House Pyria, one of the Mobian Houses, the Pegasus Multirole fighter came to provide the house a method of fending off probes from their neighbours. As such, the aquatic residents of Tasfir began design work on a stealth fighter, in order to compete with the Ace-type Fighter developed by Hammerforge Industries. In order to challenge the established fighter, more versatility was required. The Hammerforge plane was famed for it's ballistic loadout and heavy armor, but the cannon focus and thick armor reduced it's effective use - while still capable of supersonic flight, it had to slow down to an effective combat speed, although most fighters with cannon or machine gun armament had that same issue.

This idea was in from the start. Stealth was a top priority, and as such the fighter was shaped to make the radar cross-section as small as possible, while stealth coatings were applied to the fighter to make it harder for visual sensors. A single machine gun was added as it's only inbuilt weapon, a tool proven to pierce light armor. However, in contrast to the two hardpoints on the Hammerforge design, the Pegasus carried eight, allowing for role flexibility to a much greater degree. Plus, their design was faster, capable of speeds competing with Hammerforge starfighters. In the trials, the two fighters were deployed for four tasks against drone units - air to air combat against Egg Hawks, ground attack against a false tank column, anti-shipping attacks towards a pair of derelict cruisers and, to cap it off, a hybrid trial which combined a new set of Egg Hawks while attacking the land-based targets. Of the two fighters, the Ace-type excelled in the ground-attack missions, while the Pegasus easily dominated the skies. But, in the combined run, the Pegasus truly shone, with it's mixed hardpoints and high speed easily outshining the slower Ace-type, although the kinetic cannons carried on the Hammerforge fighter proved devastating, and from that point, the specially-designed Pegasus-type Multirole fighter has been the primary fighter in use by House Pyria.


The Pegasus-type is armored with standard aluminium armor, coated with reflective polymers that lower the visual sight-range for enemies against the fighter. This, coupled with the radar-minimal construction of the body, makes the fighter superb as a stealth unit.

The unit is powered by two turbojet engines, which provide tremendous thrust and lift for the unit, which can exceed two thousand kilometers per hour, a speed which it can use to pace and threaten starfighters with.

The standard armament for a Pegasus is simple - a single machine gun in the center fuselage, hidden behind a mechanically sliding panel over the muzzle. However, it also carries eight hardpoints for bombs and missiles. These give the fighter a versatility for missions that makes it a joy to fly and control, in the eyes of pilots at least.

The elite upgrade for a Pegasus is a vital one - despite the fact that the fighter has to return to base regularly for reloads of missiles and explosives, the machine gun is still a weapon frequently used. However, with capacitors powered by heat energy leeched from the excess in the engines, the machine gun of an elite fighter is replaced with a laser cannon sporting infinite ammunition. However, the cost of this upgrade is the only factor keeping it in the hands of ace pilots alone.


Stock Production Variants

Custom Ordered Variants

These units were modified to suit orders, and as such, multiple of each variant exists, although only with each group. Information pending

Custom Variants - Aftermarket

These units were either standard or custom ordered originally, and then modified further aftermarket. These fighters are unique, and perform in unusual ways. Information pending

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