"A good warrior never gives up!"
—Pebble to Infinite before evolving into Midday Lycanroc, The Heart of a Warrior

Pebble the Lycanroc is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is the son of Boulder the Lycanroc and his mate Dawn, and the younger brother of Sunny the Lycanroc. Originally a timid and fearful individual, he overcame this during a journey he made with his friend Rex Storm. Despite his new courage, he is still rather thin.


As Rockruff: Pebble resembles a short, non-anthropomorphic brown puppy with a pale, bushy tail curled inward toward his back, and bright blue eyes.

As Lycanroc: Being a Midday form, Pebble resembles a non-anthropomorphic wolf with tan fur, a white face, tail, chest, belly, and paws with sky-blue eyes, sharp white fangs, brown claws, and four long brown rock-spikes in his bushy white mane. Pebble is noticeably smaller than an average Midday, and very skinny


As Rockruff: Pebble was very timid and fearful, but still a very friendly person. He was very loyal to the Storm Fighters and his friends and family.

As Lycanroc: Initially, Pebble remained very timid and fearful, often shrinking back form a fight, similar to Maxwell Veschell later on in the series. However, Pebble overcame this, becoming a kind, fiery, and fiercely loyal warrior


Before the Series: Pebble was born to Boulder and Dawn after the War of Darkness, and given his uncle's previous name.

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The Phantom Storm

The Heart of a Warrior:

Prologue: Pebble is seen among the panicking warriors when Infinite destroys the Storming Base; Pebble is trying not to be trampled by the much bigger warriors. He is rescued by Austin Smith and dropped at the edge of Lamarkie Forest, only to be scared into the forest when Infinite fires at Austin and misses. Pebble finds the badly injured Storm Fighter second-in-command Eli Junior, "E.J." the Hedgehog. When Infinite finds the two of them, E.J. urges Pebble to run and he does. Pebble stops at a river, and E.J. is blasted past him, falling into the river, much to Pebble's horror. After that, he runs, finding Austin-who is now leading a ragtag group of remaining warriors-and is brought back, traumatized.

Main Story: Pebble is relatively minor throughout. In the Chapter Kidnapped, Pebble is separated from the Storm Fighters in the City, and finds himself confronting Infinite. While a young Wolf named Rex flees in terror, Pebble is taken by Infinite. Austin leaps into the air in an effort to attack Infinite and force him to drop Pebble, but is knocked back, landing on Boulder(resulting in a black eye). As he's taken away by Infinite, Pebble frantically pleads for the warriors to help him and to not let Infinite take him. Later, in the Chapter Secret Plans, Pebble is brought before Eggman. While holding Pebble by his scruff and looking him over, Eggman is bitten by the scared Rockruff, who then flees. He is caught by Infinite and brought back to be locked in a cell. When questioned why he kidnapped the Puppy Pokemon, Infinite explains to Eggman that he could use the warriors to solidify his hold on the Four Worlds(with Eggman unaware that he was actually being manipulated). Pebble is soon rescued, and is reduced to a minor role until the Chapter Runaway Puppy. After fleeing the Storm Fighters' new camp in Mystic Jungle(after fleeing their first camp in the forest outside the City), in Captured Camp, Pebble runs through the jungle, driven by terror and the fact Infinite is following him. Pebble scrambles into hiding, and is cruelly taunted by Infinite. When the terrified Rockruff tries to flee, he snags his ruff on a branch and is caught. Infinite continues to taunt Pebble, who escapes with a Rock Throw and Sand Attack combo. Pebble runs into Rex, a young Wolf with the Resistance. The Wolf comforts a terrified and bawling Pebble, and is the one to convince the rest of the main squad to rescue the captured warriors after Pebble reveals the Fighters' capture. Determined to free his family and Team, Pebble goes with the Resistance to the Death Egg to rescue the warriors. When the Resistance are captured, Pebble escapes, and retrieves the keys to the cells. After returning, he is attacked and badly hurt by Infinite. When asked by Infinite why he fights, Pebble howls that a good warrior never gives up before evolving into Midday Lycanroc, much to the surprise of the imprisoned warriors. With a new boost in strength, Pebble drives off Infinite, and then hands the keys to Austin, who frees himself(and Dr. Finitevus, as the two had been stuck in a cell together since Eggman knew of their hatred of each other). When Knuckles' Resistance squad stays in the Storm Fighters' camp before the final battle, Pebble relays his fears to his new friend Rex, who explains his own fears for his older brother Stan, who vanished the day Pebble was kidnapped as Rockruff. The next day, Pebble takes part in the battle, hanging onto his father's words that their enemies were all fakes. During the fight, Austin is pinned by several copies and Pebble is forced over to the leader, where Infinite proceeds to taunt both of them. Fire Fox suddenly becomes Chaos Fox, easily destroying dozens of fakes with a single Flamethrower, and Pebble gains the confidence to use Rock Throw, distracting Infinite enough for Austin to surge upward and throw off the fakes clinging to him. Pebble rejoins the fight as Austin confronts Infinite, with the pair falling to a lower ledge. When Austin comes back up but is grabbed by Infinite, Pebble freezes up when the villain looks at him. After Austin kicks himself free, Pebble laments his cowardice, ashamed that he was so scared, but Austin silences him, relating his past fear of Finitevus. He says that it's alright to be afraid, as long as it doesn't control him. The warriors then return to the Storming Base, with Pebble a full-fledged Storm Fighter now.


As Rockruff, Pebble knew Bite, Rock Throw, and Sand Attack.

As Lycanroc, he currently knows Crunch, Accelerock, Stone Edge, and Protect.

Pebble also as foresight, the ability to have visions of the future and past, making him the only non-Dusk form to have it so far.


Pebble's Ability was confirmed to be Keen Eye, which prevents his Accuracy from being lowered. He retains this as Midday Lycanroc.


Being a Rock-Type, Pebble is weak to Ground, Steel, Fighting, Water, and Grass-Type Pokemon.


Boulder the Lycanroc

Pebble loves his father, and is very close to him.

Dawn the Lycanroc

Dawn is Pebble's mother. She cares deeply for him, and he appreciates her support.

Sunny the Lycanroc

Sunny is Pebble's older sister. She teases him, but it's all in good fun, and she and Pebble care deeply for each other.

Nick the Lycanroc

Despite the moons-old hatred of Midday and Midnight Lycanroc(as Nick is a Midnight form), Pebble is good friends with his cousin.

Rex Storm

Pebble is close friends with Rex, since they both have had a traumatic encounter with Infinite. Rex joined the Storm Fighters partly out of his close friendship with Pebble.

Aria the Zoroark

Aria's spunkiness was made to contrast with Pebble's more cautious nature, though the two hit it off almost immediately. As of The Rising Storm, they are officially mates.

Hope the Lycanroc

Pebble and Aria adopted Hope and gave her the name she has now after finding her in the ruins of her home in Rockhead Village. Pebble views Hope as his daughter and deeply cares for her.

Shade the Zorua

Shade is another orphaned Pokemon adopted by Pebble and Aria. Rescued by Pebble and Nick while the pair were out traveling, he was taken in by Pebble and Aria.

Flame the Litten

Despite being younger than him, Pebble has adopted Flame as his son like he has Hope and Shade.


Initially terrified of the mysterious villain, Pebble often froze up with fear in a confrontation with him. Thanks to help from Aria, Pebble has overcome this, and now greatly dislikes him.


Pebble was given the name his uncle Crunch used to have.

Pebble is the only Midday Form, and the only non-Dusk Form overall to have the power of foresight.

Infinite's interest in using Pebble to weaken the Storm Fighters is reminiscent of Dr. Finitevus' interest in using Sunny to weaken Boulder into revealing the secrets of his Z-Moves.

  • Additionally, they are both villains who have deeply terrified a main character(Austin and Pebble), have caused several deaths(both directly and indirectly), and are very manipulative-both have found ways to use a larger threat to their advantage.
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