Pebble the Lycanroc is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a male Midday Lycanroc noted to be rather small for his species. He currently lives as a warrior of the Storm Fighters, is the mate of Aria, and the adopted father of Hope, Flame, and Shade

Pebble was born during the final battle of the War of Darkness, and lived through the Phantom War as a Rockruff


As Rockruff: Pebble resembles a short, non-anthropomorphic brown puppy with a pale, bushy tail curled inward toward his back, and bright blue eyes.

As Lycanroc: Pebble is a Midday Forme Lycanroc

He resembles a non-anthropomorphic wolf with tan fur, a white face, tail, chest, belly, and paws with sky-blue eyes, brown claws, and four long brown rock-spikes in his bushy white mane

Pebble is noticeably smaller than an average Midday, and very skinny


As Rockruff: Pebble was very timid and fearful, but still a very friendly person. He was very loyal to the Storm Fighters and his friends and family.

As Lycanroc: Initially, Pebble remained very timid and fearful, often shrinking back form a fight, similar to Maxwell Veschell later on in the series

However, Pebble overcame this, becoming a kind, fiery, and fiercely loyal warrior. He has occasional moments where he completely shuts down, but still has a fiery temper when provoked


Pebble was born to Boulder and Dawn during the final battle of the War of Darkness(Pokemon hatch from eggs, and Pebble's hatched during the battle)

After the battle, Pebble grew up rapidly, forming a close bond with his father and older cousin Nick

When the Base was destroyed, Pebble was rescued by Boulder, though because the warriors scattered, it left the two alone

Boulder took his son to find more warriors, which they did, eventually finding a small splinter group that was formed by Austin

Later on, just before the final battle of the Phantom War, Pebble finally evolved into Midday Lycanroc, revealing this when he pulls a Shadow clone off his father Boulder. But it was noted that he was rather small for his species

Following the war, Pebble became a full warrior, formed a friendship with Rex, and later formed a family with Aria through adopting a Rockruff(later Midday Lycanroc) named Hope, a Litten(later Torracat) named Flame, and a Zorua named Shade)

Despite this, Pebble quickly displayed signs of trauma, often having moments of completely shutting down, though he eventually overcame this(mostly)

The Metal Virus War

Pebble, now an experienced warrior, has mostly overcome his past trauma, though he still has the occasional "shut down" moment now and again

During the Great Eggman War, Pebble did his best to help out, though he was extremely limited because he lacks the immunity to the Metal Virus that his parents have

When his sister Sunny(whom Pebble was close to) fell victim to the Metal Virus, Pebble made it his mission to take Eggman down, to avenge his sister and make sure nothing happened to his children


Pebble's moveset is Stone Edge, Crunch(attack), Protect, and Accelerock


Pebble's Ability was confirmed to be Keen Eye, which prevents his Accuracy from being lowered. He retains this as Midday Lycanroc.


Being a Rock-Type, Pebble is weak to Ground, Steel, Fighting, Water, and Grass-Type Pokemon.


Pebble was given the name his uncle Crunch used to have

Pebble was born during the final battle of the War of Darkness

Pebble is the second character in the series to be seen suffering from lasting trauma on-page

  • The first is Silver; Like Pebble, Silver briefly shuts down
  • The third is Max; Unlike Pebble, who simply shuts down for a few seconds, Max has a full-on panic attack and hyperventilates to the point of passing out

Pebble is the second character in the series to have a cross-species relationship, being the mate of Aria, who is a Zoroark

  • The first is Tai, who was officially mates with Nya, a Frogadier
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