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Cquote1 If Mom and Dad could see us now, I'm sure they'd be proud...and also concerned about the city we're living in. Cquote2
Pearl The Echidna

Pearl is a 26 year old echidna and the little and only sister of Smash The Echidna. She currently lives with Smash, and also stays at thier old house in Greenflower Zone to look after it. She plans to stay there after she gets married, however, she has no idea when she will. Her brother had gotten married and had four children, making her an aunt as well as a mother. She has an adoptive daughter named Sandy, whom she's raised since she was a teenager. Her family is surprisingly large for a family of echidna's, a race that suffered a huge blow to it's population after the incident with Chaos. Although her parents died when she was young, she still has her grandmother, her uncle and cousins.

Character © to Yusef1992/Smash The Echidna/Frost1992. In order of the usernames on Youtube, Myspace, and Deviantart, respectively. Smash The Echidna is also a member at


Pearl Mugshot Icon Large
Pearl - Neutral

Art by Flame-Eliwood

Pearl's fur is pink, but her hair is purple. She has blue eyes, like her brother. Her long hair reaches down just below her tail. Her outfits may vary, but her main one is a lightblue shirt with a deep blue skirt. She wears deep blue boots with a cyan stripe going across them. She also wears blue bracelets around each wrist. She sometimes wears lime green ones, too. They look like they could be Elemental Rings, however, they are just regular bracelets.

An alternate outfit she often wears while training is a green and white tracksuit with the sleeves rolled up, black and white sneakers, gold bracelets and a red martial arts headband that ties around her forehead and keeps her hair up in a ponytail.


Pearl Commission for Smash

Art by Ryushusupercat

Pearl is a kind and caring young woman. She's gentle and polite, and a little bit motherly towards friends and family alike. She can be shy and bashful around those she particularly likes, (though she hasn't found anyone yet.) Like Smash though, she's known for her sarcastic and witty comments. She'll harmlessly poke fun at her friends or quietly make snide remarks at dumb things, usually getting a chuckle out of someone in the process.

There is a bit of a running gag where she occassionally gets hit on by people with lame pick-up lines. She's normally very dismissive of such people, but when her older brother is present she normally won't have (a chance) to say anything.

Pearl is shown to be very intelligent and observant of others. She's usually the first person to pick up on a change in someone's attitude, and determine whether or not something is wrong. She's the main person of the group to try and keep everyone on the right track; including Smash himself. She's wise and usually has some good advice to give, but she's not above calling people out and giving them a harsh wake-up call if need be.

She may seem hard to anger, however, even she has her moments. Pearl cannot stand being made out to be a helpless damsel, as it reminds her of her younger days when she really was helpless and weak. Even now, after training under Smash and gaining much needed self-confidence, she still has some insecurities about herself. She tries to put up a strong front when faced with powerful adversaries; most notably ones that she seemingly can't win against. Despite that, she's become one of the most fiercely determined people in her group, and is more than willing to fight to the end if she has to.
Pearl - Neutral (Alt)

Art by Flame-Eliwood

In her younger days, before her parents passed away, Pearl was a very active and cheerful girl. She was the type of girl that could not sit still; always running around, excited about one thing after another. But after the death of David and Sarah Corliss, she changed completely. She became borderline catatonic, never speaking and barely showing any emotion. In the uncommon instance that she did, she only expressed worry, sadness or fear. Otherwise, she would have the same blank expression all day. Despite that, she was very clingy, never wanting to be left alone for extended periods of time.

It took a year for her to recover from her trauma and begin to open up again. She was still quiet and reserved, but as she and Smash began to make new friends, she gradually found a way to be happy once more.

Strengths and Powers

Pearl is an excellent baker and takes some pride in her skill. Cakes, breads, pies, if it's in the cookbook, Pearl can bake it. But more than anything, she's known for her homemade pizzas amongst her family and friends. They've collectively agreed that she should open up her own business, which is something she has honestly considered before.

Pearl is, as mentioned above, fairly intelligent and wise. She is pretty good at detective work, and has often worked alongside Smash to solve cases.

Having early experience as a young mother, Pearl is also very good at handling children.

Nimble, acrobatic, and specializing in hand-to-hand combat, Pearl is always fighting up close and personal.
Pearl the Echidna

Pearl fighting off Badniks. Artwork by Nitrogen218

She possesses the same types of skills as Smash, and is almost as good as he is. She trains with him a lot more often than she used to, and is now almost as physically powerful as he is. She can mimic her brother's moves almost exceptionally well. She and Smash have trained together so much, they know each other's styles almost too well. They can read each other's movements,
Smash&Pearl Kick
and learn what the other is about to do. Because of this, when fighting together, they can dish out moves in almost complete sync. In fact, this is one specific thing that they've been practicing over the years, aside from trying to get her to achieve High Tension; which Pearl eventually learned on her own. Although despite having Smash's fighting style, Pearl has developed some of her own moves. Some notable ones are her Screwball Punch, (which uses an energy burst while twisting her fist to make the target swirl around as they get blown away,) and Eagle Dance (which is essentially like Smash's Eagle Killer but with several more kicks added to the mix.) She has a creative mind as is always looking for new ways to expand her moveset. Like Smash, Pearl has some hidden potential in her. In fact, It is possible that she has even greater potential than Smash himself. She only has one known super form; Power Pearl, with the power of the Chaos Emeralds.
Pearl Battle Stance Newer
She is also capable of bringing out her energy like Smash, in the form of High Tension.
Pc frost1992 by jeftheinfihog15-d45su75-1-

Super Smash and Power Pearl

In her High Tension state, her fur and hair are a lime and emerald green respectively. Her second stage of High Tension however, gives her sky-blue fur and cyan hair. Her arms and legs each have two mint-green stripes. It took about a year of training under Smash to fully master the form, and she can mostly pull the same stunts that he can.

When she transforms into Power Pearl, she doesn't have a powerful aura surrounding her like most super forms do. She instead gets a soft glow surrounding her, giving her a bit more of a graceful look. Her fur flashes light pink, comparable to appearances like Super Knuckles, or Super Gizmo. Her abilities in this form include flight, impressive speed and greatly increased physical strength. She has rarely transformed into this, and hasn't quite mastered this form yet.

General Info

Com break time by arsugarpie-daokpjr

Sandy and Pearl, by Sugarpie

Pearl currently lives with Smash and Luna in Greenflower City, but at the same time, takes care of their old house in Greenflower Zone. She's often found with Smash though, especially when something's up. Aside from being his sister, Pearl is somewhat of a sidekick to him--if Speedy isn't involved. The two work together well and have been through a lot. From solving mysteries together to fighting by each others sides to fend off dangerous threats.

When Pearl was arrested under false charges, years ago, she befriended an echidna named Vanessa, her jailmate. Vanessa was pregnant, though, and soon went into labor only a few days after meeting Pearl. She successfully gave birth to her baby, but she unfortunately didn't survive.

Pearl then adopted the baby,
Pearl Colored Lineart

Pearl, by smileyphaux

wanting to raise her for her friend, and named her Sandy. Though she had help from Smash and Violet's parents for the most part, Sandy grew to be a healthy and cheerful child.
Whenever she's needed somewhere on an adventure, she'll let her sister-in-law, Luna, babysit Sandy for her. Alternatively she'll rely on Violet's mother to babysit when she has a chance to not put too much pressure on Luna who has her own children to raise.

Pearl generally likes to hang out with her friends most of the time, and sometimes brings Sandy along when she goes to visit others. She enjoys cooking and making snacks for them. She's known for making very good pizzas and cakes. She can also make some pretty good fried chicken, but she's more known for her baked goods. When the gang is having a celebration, she will very often collaborate in the kitchen with her friend and cooking buddy, Splice. The two were actually able to win first prize in a baking contest at one time.
Bust commission frost 1992 by smileyphaux-db9jtt3

Pearl, by SmileyPhaux again.

She often goes to Angel Island to visit Kyle and his family. Since Angel Island is usually in the sky, one would think that she would need to fly in order to reach it. Fortunately, Kyle knows of a secret hidden in the Mystic Ruins, that allows one to travel back and forth between there and the floating island.

Team Violet

Team Violet. From left to right: Pearl The Echidna, Violet The Hedgehog, Crystal The Fox and Krysi the Chao. (Light is absent)

Artwork by Melzthekitty2

Pearl became a member of Team Violet, a team of crime-fighters in Greenflower City also known as "The Greenflower Guardians". While she was eager to uphold the peace, it wasn't until much later when she actually began training under Smash. Being a young mother to an adopted child, family comes first to her. But she always sets aside time to meet with her team whenever possible.

Items Currently In Possession

Flower Elemental Diamond: A strange and extremely rare kind of diamond with a beautiful flower inside. Pearl received this from Luna, her sister-in-law, on the day they met. She wears it as a necklace, which conveniently makes the flower within bloom. Despite what it may sound like, it does nothing special. It's simply just for show.


Pearl's physical appearance didn't change much over the years. The main changes were made to her clothing. She at first was supposed to wear an outfit quite similar to Cream the Rabbit's. She also wore sandals like Tikal. Then she changed and got her own outfit. The same one she wears now, except she wore turquoise shoes with several straps of the same color going across it. It looked pretty messy. Then she got blue boots later on, and then finally the last touch was made to her shoes with the cyan stripe going across.
Pearl The Echidna 6 (alt.)

In terms of personality, She hasn't exactly changed much. She's just developed into a better character over the years. The main glaring problem about her was her old back story which was scratched. It pretty much ruined her character by existing. And it made her look over emotional. Another thing about her was the fact that she was always the damsel in distress, and couldn't do anything to fight back. While this has been used for character development now, she should have been able to lay at least a scratch on the enemies back then. She also had been pretty useless and got in the way. Then later on, she became just as overpowered as Smash was--yet she still couldn't fight any enemies who attempted to kidnap her.

Pearl Chibi

Chibi Pearl

There was also the fact that she had a crush on Knuckles. Knuckles never showed any signs of liking her back, but it was still bothersome. On top of my personal policies against romance with canon characters, she can't have a one-sided crush forever. So I simply left it as a thing that she got over eventually. I later retconned it entirely but forgot to update her page with it.

Then there's the issue with Sandy. Sandy appeared in the fanfic that sprouted the RP "Smash And Pearl: Ace Detectives", where she was born and adopted by Pearl. Since she belonged to someone else, Sandy didn't get much attention in the rest of the episodes. In fact it was almost as if she never even existed in the first place. It was only in the RP's with Alestar13, the author of the fanfic and creator of the character, when Sandy would ever actually appear. Bringing her back into the plot was an important part of the Series Rewrite.



Look Here for the Roleplay Series.

= RP has been completed.

? = RP has stopped for any number of reasons. Or has never began.



Memories of David The Echidna: She has been a big help in solving the mystery alongside Smash. She is one of the main characters of the story.

Other Appearances

Splice The Hedgehog (RPG Fangame)

Relationships with Other Characters


Pearl's family is rather big. Her parents names were David and Sarah the Echidna's. David was a well known fighter at the Blitz Pit in his time. Even though they both passed away, she still has her other family members. She has a grandmother named Rose, her uncle Spikes, and her two cousins Crash and Diamond.


Smash The Echidna

Ever since the day Pearl's parents passed away, Smash took care of Pearl by himself. He cares for her a lot, and does whatever he can to keep her in safety and good health. The two of them get along very nicely. Pearl of course loves him lots and cares for him as well. She's often the one to make the meals in the house, since she is the better cook. However, Smash does cook on occasion. And he's not too bad at it either. (Given the fact that she was around 12 years old when Smash started taking care of her, he kind of had to be.)

He constantly trains her to be just as strong (and someday stronger) than he is.

Crash The Echidna

Her laid back cousin with a goofy personality. He probably doesn't even notice how bumbling he is. It's always a fun time whenever he's around. She thinks that he and Speedy should try to do something together.

Diamond The Echidna
Despite their distance, Pearl and Diamond are more like sisters than cousins. They're pretty close, and have a lot in common.
Pearl and Sandy

Pearl and Sandy

Sandy The Echidna

Sandy is Pearl's adoptive daughter. Her real mother was an echidna named Vanessa. She happened to be pregnant, and ended up dying from child-birth. Pearl decided to raise her daughter for her, as they had just become good friends, and even named her after her. Sandy is as healthy and cheerful as can be, now, though she doesn't know anything about what happened to her real mother. Pearl wants to explain the whole story to her once she's old enough to understand.


(Official Characters)

Sonic The Hedgehog

Pearl knows Sonic mainly by the stories she's heard about his adventures, but she didn't have a chance to see him up close until the Greenflower Grandprix. Later, she accompanied him (and many others) on a grand adventure. She respects him for being a great hero.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tails was also present during the adventure, and she appreciates everything the hardworking young fox does.

Knuckles The Echidna

Pearl met Knuckles some years ago, introduced to him by her friend Kyle Tyris. She feels the guy needs to loosen up a little, and sometimes saves some treats for him when she goes to visit Kyle's home.

(FC's by same creator)

Violet The Hedgehog

Violet is her number one best friend. They hang out in their free time and do just about anything together. They both train under Smash and work together with Crystal as Team Violet. The two confide in each other a lot, being the first people they look to whenever they need advice.

Crystal The Fox

Crystal another of her best friends, next to Violet. Despite the huge age gap, they both get along very well. Crystal looks up to her like an older sister, and Pearl has always been very protective of her.

Splice The Hedgehog

At first they didn't talk much, but they quickly grew into close friends once Pearl learned that it was partially thanks to Splice that the false charges against her were lifted several years ago. They have a lot in common, from being aspiring chefs to having a fierce determination to do what's right. He's one of the friends she most often keeps up with.

Gizmo The Cat

They've become great friends over the years. Pearl often comes to his house to borrow stuff, but lately she's been staying a bit longer and just visiting. All his inventions fascinate her, so much that she sometimes has to restrain herself from pushing buttons.

Thunder The Hedgehog

She didn't really know him very well on a personal level, until she, he and Smash began to team up to investigate the secret criminal organization, Skull Cross. While she didn't participate as much as they did (as Smash feared for her safety,) she was always present when they held their meetings. She grew to respect Thunder after learning all he's done to keep them at bay, as well as taking her side on the disagreement they had on keeping the whole ordeal a secret from the others.

Zap The Hedgehog

She had teamed up with him in Camp Crystal, where she actually got to know him a bit more. It was still kind of odd, but they see each other as okay friends.

Kyle The Hedgehog

The two have steadily become great friends. She's probably the friend that Kyle sees the most often.

Keela The Hedgehog

Being Kyle's twin sister, Pearl is good friends with Keela as well. With her energetic personality, She and her get along pretty well.

Amber The Cat

Pearl and Amber are on good terms with each other. She took care of her along with everyone else while they were at Smash's house during "The Secret of the Mutants".

(Other Fancharacters)

Speedy The Hedgehog

Speedy is a good friend to her, so much that he almost feels like a little brother. She likes to poke fun and tease him a lot, but knows when to back off since he is a little sensitive.

Tab The Cat

Another good friend of her's. Tab is quiet most of the time, but she comes to visit every now and then. Pearl always makes a treat or two for her. Tab enjoys the pizza's she makes.

Luna The Hedgehog

Luna is Pearl's sister in law, now that Smash married her. They were friends before she got hitched. One of the reasons why Pearl still goes to their old home is to give Smash and Luna some space, though Luna doesn't mind her company at all.

Shada The Hedgehog

As her sister in law, Pearl shows respect and kindness towards her and acts like a caring sister. She knows that Shada is a very good babysitter, and likes to let Sandy spend some time with her on occasion.

Sam The Hedgehog

She gets along with him better than Smash does, that's for sure. But she still feels somewhat bad about rejecting him when he asked her out.

Lily The Hedgehog

Lily is a strange one indeed. As a part of the gang, Pearl hangs out with her every now and then. Although Pearl really, really does not like it when Lily comes over to visit. She absolutely despises having to "clean up" behind her. (Which includes peeling lady bug stickers off of the windows, walls, doors, and refrigerator.)

Shade The Dark Chao

Shade is a very spiteful and rude guy, but he's pretty good when it comes down to it. Pearl is often rolling her eyes at his constant sarcasm and rudeness, but makes it very clear that there is a line that he shouldn't cross. Sometimes he speaks before realizing the consequences, and tries to do a quick verbal backspace before getting smacked upside the head.


(Official Characters)

Dr. Ivo Eggman Robotnik

A classic villain. Pearl didn't pay too much attention to him, seeing how Sonic always took care of him. But once she learned that he attacked Greenflower City in her absence, it got personal.

(Other Characters)

Skull Cross

Pearl remained blissfully unaware of this group until she learned the shocking truth that they had murdered her good friend, Jenny. She confronts Smash on the matter and works together alongside him and Thunder to uncover the mystery shrouding these fearful enemies.

Brian The Hedgehog

Though this guy was put to justice already, Brian went through so much trouble to have her brother killed purely out of jealousy. He was a fighter at the Blitz Pit, who could never succeed because he couldn't beat Smash. Though she never faced him personally, she really hates him.

V / Velious

The man trying to conquer all of the dimensions. She is actually terrified of him, but he is the one who made her put so much effort into trying to achieve a "High Tension" state like Smash.

Memorable Quotes

~"...No. I won't stand for this. We can't let them take our world, our dimension, while we run and wait for death to come to us! And I'll fight for this world until the very end!" -Said during Odyssey, when she began to charge towards Marz in a rather bleak situation.

~"It has to work...It has to work....Please, WORK..." -Her thoughts during Odyssey while she tried to achieve High Tension.

~"I know he can do it. They may have all kinds of weird powers, but Smash can overcome them...He's strong and smart, and that's good enough for him. He always finds a way...That's my brother." -Said during the World Hero Tournament, while watching Smash's battle.

~"In truth, I'm weak. When my friends are in danger, I can barely move in to help because I start shaking and trembling in fear. When something goes down, I always counted on you to come in and save the day. I knew I could always count on you. If I ever got in trouble, I would say "Smash will save us, he always pulls through!" But when those creatures attacked me and Sandy, I...I was frightened. It was all I could do to keep Sandy hidden, but I couldn't hide myself in time. I thought...I thought I was really going to die. Even though you saved me, I realized just how pathetic and weak I am without you. All my life I depended on you for everything. I realized that I couldn't go on like this. If there are people out there potentially more dangerous than that, then I need to get stronger...For my friends' sake, for my family, and for myself. That's why I want--no, that's why I need you to train me!" -Pearl's speech to Smash, before she began training under him.

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