Peanut wears a all Black hoodie with Black shorts and Black Nikey's with White wings with a brown bandana


Peanut is laid back and hyperactive. he's the guy you give sugar too. he's also very protective of His Bae Rymix! they met when they were 1 years old and the SHIP LIVES ON!! he's a hothead so he's not the one to get angry so back off or else.


Peanut was born on May 4th,2009 and was born naturally. he nearly fell off the table but doctors saved him and he was ok. anyways,after that Him and Rymix met and it was love at first sight. on his second birthday,he got a little jeep to ride in to take his girl Rymix out on the town.but he didn't really since he was only two years old at the time. a day later he went missing but gladly came home. everyone even Rymix was very relived of this. on his THIRD birthday he was diagnosed with very serious Turrets Syndrome but he could control it at a younger age but he still got presents. when he became four he finally got to see Rymix after three long years of separation. he became depressed at five years old but got over it at six. at seven, he got his first tablet and got teased at school because they spread rumors of Him and Rymix going out. at eight he got jumped and Rymix was there to help him. they went into a loving relationship and at nine he first got into Sonic games while Rymix was on the same topic aswell and at ten he got his first Wii and played sonic colors AND got his first pet Dog he named Pepsi and Rymix's Dog Butter.and eleven years old....the ship between Him and Ry-Ry goes on to this day....he's living the life now! today he took his girl out on his new Scooter out to the store for candy!


well....he has some very special Powers! he has this transformation he goes through if his loved ones especially Rymix is hurt really bad. this transformation is called Demon Peanut and he's dangerous and will kill the person who hurt his girl. he also has some wings to fly down on his enemies to SLICE!


Peanut can come out of butt-freak nowhere and tackle anyone AND he can slice people too so watch out in the shadows


his turrets syndrome is all i gotta say.,..XD


Peanut has really bad turrets syndrome and can't help saying things like f*ck all the time. he also has a fear of heights and easily either faint or throw up. oh and also the dark scares him the most. if there's a black out he'll tremble and shake like crazy and scream at a pitch where you see demons.

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