Fur: Pale pink

Eyes: Soft water blue

Hair/quills: Golden blond
Pink princess peach dress

Reddish heels or sandles

big pearl earrings

above the elbow gloves

a golden crown
Curl up/Spindash

Healing skills

Item summons

Peachy is the young hedgehog girl who always admired Princesses. One day she had picked to idolize Princess Peach and because of this she often cosplays at the mushroom kingdoms princess.

Her real name is infact, Peachy. Her family are fruit juice makers and sellers and due to this, the entire family has fruity or food based names. Such as her mother, "Pumpkin" and her little sisters, "Plum, and Pear".

Basic infos

Peachy is a sixteen year old teenage girl who used to have a big hero crush on Sonic the Hedgehog. However, she realized it wasn't real affection so she is, and so far always has been single.

Born in Fungi Forest, Peachy moved away to Station Square with her family but does not live with them. They live on the outskirts of the town, while she lives near a beach but likes to take trips to her old home, known for its very rare and exotic mushrooms.

Peachy is on the Good/Hero side.


  • Curl up and spindash like most hedgehogs
  • Heartful flower: A big pink flower sprouts up, upon opening hearts rain down like a shower. She has also used this for a parasol as well.
  • Truffle Rod Heal: A cute golden rod with a mushroom on top that can be used to heal others.
  • Crown Smasher: Smacks her target with her crown, pointed sides up of course.


In her spare time, Peachy is often baking or cooking. She loves to make spicy soups and mushroom based things. As well as strawberry desserts.

Her cosplaying as Peach could be considered this. As she makes her own cosplay outfits piece by piece. But its unknown how she managed to pick up a sewing talent.

Peachy loves to practice fancy ballroom dances.


  • Easily upset/very emotional
  • Often kidnapped
  • Not strong offensively


A fangirl of Princess Peach who, to prove her admiration for Princess Peach grew out her hair like her, then dyed it and properly styled it right.

Very kind and friendly, Peachy loves to help make others happy and good or bad, she's nice to them all. She has a bit of a temper though and you better not take her lightly or else she'll show you otherwise. No matter how soft she may seem, she sure does know how to smack...


  • Hearts
  • Jewlery
  • Fun and games
  • Baking
  • Making cute costumes
  • Favorite foods: Tarts, Spice soup, Juice.


  • Boredom
  • Rudeness
  • Dirty things
  • When people are hurt or upset
  • Hate foods: Caffeine, Bitter or sour things, chewy/not fully cooked dishes.


Light pink with light tan skin. She basically resembles Amy but with sky blue eyes and long golden hair. As stated, she dresses like Princess Peach, usually at all times. Only a few people have seen her real appearence. Otherwise she modifies herself to look like Peach, such as her tennis outfit, sports outfit, winter outfit and the like. She'll even change her hair/wig to match it and also wears lipstick.


A poor family of hedgehogs who worked in a fruit juice making business. Despite this, their money would never last long, but when Mario and co had come to visit. The wonderful Princess stopped by and helped them by giving them money and help in order to no longer be poor.

Since then, Peachy had idolized the friendly and charming Princess and began to dress like her.

Some people call it insane, others think its just weird. But Peachy knows that there's nothing wrong with being a fan of someone you consider to be your hero.

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