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Paws the Wolf

Paws the Wolf is a fictional, anthropomorphic silver and white wolf, and a major character in Lippies V.3. While he first acts as an antagonist, he later begins to act more like a protagonist by then end of the story. This version of Paws only applies to the character that appears in Lippies V.3, and is not applicable to the latest version of him, which is no longer considered a fan character. His official page can be seen here.


In V.3, Paws is a silver and white wolf with green eyes. Unlike the other characters, he does not wear gloves or shoes, and is recognizable by his paw-like hands and feet. He also has a larger muzzle, with visible upper canines. Paws' overall design is more animal-like compared to most Sonic characters.


Paws is quite vengeful and can be unforgiving. He will generally hold a grudge against someone, and these grudges can lead to prejudices. For example, Paws grows a disliking for echidnas. Paws isn't very social, but he isn't shy either. He doesn't have any problems talking to others, but he prefers not to and to keep to himself most of the time. He enjoys nature and being in a place where no one will bother him. He also likes art, and making art, but he rarely shows it. He spends more of his time on his laptop programming. Paws will sometimes say things to annoy someone or get a rise out of them, but will feel bad if things are taken too far. He also has quite a sarcastic sense of humour.

Introduced in V.3, Paws had a split personality named "Claws the Wolf". While Claws was mentioned in previous versions, it was no more than a mere lie. However, at one point in V.3, Paws "becomes" Claws. The idea was scrapped after this version.



Paws explains to Tails some of his backstory in the third book. He says that during the "incident" (when Sonic went crazy), he was lost looking for his parents. But when he finds them, he implies they had been killed by Sonic, and then that "[Paws] met someone ... she told [him] she would help [him] out" (Book 3, Page 6). This later turns out to be Julie-Su.

Current life in story

Paws had lived at Julie-Su's place, or her "dungeon", for four years. He, along with Duke and Fangs, are basically used as pawns in Julie-Su's plans. Paws doesn't exactly enjoy living there, and wishes to leave. However, knowing Julie-Su's violent tendencies, he is afraid of being killed if he attempts to escape. Paws is used to deceive Tails into thinking that Paws is a good guy, making it easy to lead Tails right into Julie-Su's trap. Eventually, Paws earns the courage to free Tails, and escape for himself.


"Ugh! You got anymore psychotic friends, Tails?! Now I see why Jjjj...Sonic wants to kill him!" - After Tails tries introducing Paws to Knuckles and Knuckles tries to attack him.

"Okay Tails, let's go on that roller coaster now!" - When he gets sick of listening to Tails ramble.

"To be perfectly honest, Tails, the earliest memory I have is waking up as a child and not knowing what had happened. I was lucky enough to find my parents, and I ended up with the nickname 'Paws'." - Paws explaining some of his backstory to Tails.

"Claws? Oh, uh...we never ended up finding him until I saw him after my parents died but before I ran off...he has bigger claws than me..." - When Tails asks him what had happened to "Claws".

"Hey Tails, you know what you should learn to do? You should really learn to...SHUT-UP!!!" - When Paws finally gets very fed-up with Tails's rambling.

"Run, Tails! Julie-Su isn't here right now!" - When Paws lets Tails free.

"Oh, I thought I would take a little stroll out in the forest. Then somehow I stepped backwards onto a log. Beautiful day out, isn't, Julie?" - When Julie-Su asks Paws what he's doing trying to balance on a log in Lippies V.3.

"Oh, let's golly, I think it was!" - Paws answering sarcastically to Julie-Su in V.3.

"...Don't you mess with Claws the Wolf..." - Paws as "Claws".

"Tails, are you alright with these chemical-induced fries that never go bad? ...Tails?" - Paws asking Tails if he wants to eat fries he found while they were looking for food.


Lippies V.3

The artwork in this section is older artwork from 2013, depicting Paws' design from Lippies V.3.



  • Paws full name, Billybob Beardsworth, isn't actually mentioned in V.3, though since it was first mentioned in V.1, it still carried on as a part of his character.
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