This is an article about Paul The Bobcat, a character created by Awkwarddingo on 05/29/2016.


Paul looks identical to his source, Saul The Bobcat. He has pruple fur with white chest fur, a tan muzzle, and sea green eyes. A part of him that sets him apart from his source is his long bleach white hair that is tied in a knot. His body is thin but muscular, unscarred because of his lack of combat experience and the fact he is significantly less suicidal than Saul. He wears a pair of black cargos and matching unzipped jacket with no undershirt as well as some black combat boots. His friends tend to poke fun of his incredibly edgy attire.


Paul tends to be a very quiet and somber person, constantly haunted by the fact that the only thing he is good at is wanton slaughter and warfare of all kinds. In spite of this, he is attempting to live a peaceful life, or to at least use his abilities for good. Of the members of his group, he considers himself to be the "elder" of the group, despite his actual age. He looks after everyone as if they were his own children, and teaches them how to defend themselves and to use weapons.


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  • Super strength
  • Super agility plus catlike reflexes
  • night vision
  • fantastic hearing


  • CQC specialist
  • Utilizes his agility to perform parkour
  • Can use any sort of conventional weapon, be it a gun or melee weapon.


He does not attack unless provoked, which means he can be easily tricked into a trap.

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