Paul "Phantom" the Serval is a character by Monk the Cat.

He is a nine year old, melanistic serval with the ability to manipulate shadows. He was born with his power along with his melanism.


"Phantom" is a very energetic and curious serval. He will tend to ask a lot of qestions. He is often immature and childish, often forgetting his missions for something else. He can be quote creepy when in spectre form, sometimes pranking people or scaring them for fun.


He can manipulate shadows and uses this to get sneak attacks or spy on people effectively. He can mainly use shadows to teleport through them and assume a "Spectre" form, in which he can fly freely and is immune to many attacks as they phase through him. In spectre form he can also turn items into shadows to take with him,.


He is skilled in fighting with a shortsword and dagger, as those are his only weapons. He is good at spying, sneaking and when he has to; stealing. He has trained his small body a lot and is relatively strong and fast for his size.

Items Currently in Possession

  • A Shortsword: A Jet-black, shiny sword that looks almost oily in appearance.
  • A Dagger: The same as the sword, but smaller.
  • Spectre's Cloak: An ancient white cloak, that has faded, but not worn out over many years. It is now a light gray-ish color and sports a hood and a golden clasp to keep it on. This is by far Phantom's most prized possession.
  • An Icthys Pendant: A golden Icthys pendant with an amethyst in the center. Another family heirloom.



Relationships with Other Characters


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