This is an article about Pau the Cheetah, a character created by Bitbyte1214.


Pau has primrose yellow fur. Her hair is gold, which gradients to platinum blonde at the edges. It is worn in two pigtails. Her eyes are bright red. Her outfit consists of a light gray (almost white) sailor top. the area around the neck is blue and her necktie is electic blue. Her skirt is also electric blue. Her socks are long, thin, and white, and reach up past her thighs. On her feet are tennis shoes decorated with skulls, and look like they are covered in sharpie drawings.

Her 'formal outfit' is a light blue yutaka, decorated with cherry blossoms, branches, and other color designs. The obi is bright yellow. Her hair, instead of being tied up into pigtails, is worn in the "odango with pigtails" style, held together by decorative ribbons. She also wears plastic zōri.

Pau's casual outfit is a simple purple tank top with a black jacket over it, unzipped, and shorts. Her hairstyle is a ponytail. There are also a few piercings on the right ear.


Pau is a carefree spirit who enjoys doing what she wishes at whatever time. However, she doesn't like being put into tough situations and does her best to stay out of those. Sometimes, She can be arrogant and she has a tendency to overestimate her own skills. Pau is also very determined and strives to achieve her goals.


Pau was born on a space colony, far away from Mobius. Her father was an astronaut and her mother was a famed gadgeteer and was known to be good with machines. She grew up on the colony with other Mobians for the first 6 years of her life. Pau was very ambitious and wanted to learn everything she could, even building her first robot out of broken and unused parts of multiple machines that were on the colony. After turning 7, she told her parents that she wanted to go to the small speck that she heard everyone talking about. With the invention she created (nicknamed 'Momo'), she decided to navigate through the empty space to Mobius. She landed (quite roughly) in the middle of a flower field, where Cassandra, discovered her and became friends with her. It was quite obvious to her that Pau knew nothing about Mobius. She was also enthralled by Pau's unnatural ability to manipulate metals, and to build and engineer robots without any sign of prior knowledge.

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Abilites and Powers

Pau is gifted with the ability to manipulate metals and build, and to program many kinds of robots, from humanoids to tiny rockets. She uses many of her inventions to assist her in battle, instead of fighting herself, somewhat like summoning.

Momo- Attack-based weapon. Can shoot mini-rockets at the target.

FREL- Defense-based automation. Maid-like in appearance. Uses broom to protect herself and allies. She has green hair.

Arles- Support-based automation. Dresses like a female samurai. Wields a naginata and uses healing abilities. Has long, black hair, tied into a messy ponytail. It is parted at the front, where a star is located on her forhead.

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