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Pastrami is an elite soldier serving Gelato in the Mephiles Force. He was voiced by Trevor Devall, who also voiced Fancy Pants, Thunder Lane, and Iron Will in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Ryoutarou Okiayu in the original Japanese dub.


Pastrami is a tall, dark reddish-orange humanoid alien with dark brown horns and a dark brown nose. Pastrami has a bulky build. He wears a new type of battle armor, which is colored light green and black with a purple piece in the middle. In addition, Pastrami wears a black leather gloves and a black leather boots. He also wears a dark grey jumpsuit.


Pastrami seems to be jealous and possessive of Schlager's position as Gelato's bodyguard, and will often make derogatory and hostile remarks towards Schlager. Like Schlager and Gelato, he is very loyal and steadfast to his superiors, Gelato and Mephiles, respectively, and will only do as they command. He does not see Schlager fitting in Mephiles' army. Other than this, he is seen very cold, sadistic, and merciless in battle, as he is prepared to kill Knuckles the Echidna when fighting him, and attempts to break Tails's spine.


Chaos Emerald Z: Resurrection of Mephiles (manga)

Pastrami deploys from Mephiles' spaceship along with the invasion force. At the climax of the battle between the Freedom Fighters and Mephiles' forces, Pastrami is taken down by Super Black Arm Tails with a violent punch to the stomach.

Chaos Emerald Super

In the manga, Pastrami hears the news that Jackfruit, the army's second strongest, has been killed by Birch's twin brother Aguapanela, which frightens him.

Golden Mephiles Saga

Gelato orders Pastrami to destroy them, claiming that they stand no chance as Pastrami is his strongest soldier. Pastrami approaches the fighters and Tails decides to fight him, firing a multiple Turbo Flash at the elite soldier. Pastrami flies straight at Tails, punching his way through the energy blasts, and then grabs Tails in a bear hug. Pastrami then attempts to crush Tails' spine, however, the black arm-fox hybrid responds by powering up and releasing more of his potential, causing Pastrami to struggle to keep ahold of him. Before things could proceed any further, Pastrami is shot in the back by Schlager, who had used this opportunity to attempt to wipe out the strongest enemy. After a last statement of his bitter hatred for Schlager, Pastrami falls and dies from his injuries.

Film appearances

Pastrami is part of the elite soldiers, being on par with Schlager on the position of Gelato's top-men. However, the standing-in leader of the Mephiles Force seems to favor Schlager as his right-hand man over Pastrami, and this drives Pastrami mad, as he keeps on trying to get his master's attention and appreciation. He later does the same when Gelato and Schlager introduce themselves to the newly revived Mephiles, who never got too much contact with their Third Stellar Region sector, proving that his jealousy of Schlager had caused him to start a hidden-competition for appreciation of his bosses.

When Gelato and his forces decided to revive Mephiles from the dead, he only took Schlager with him, causing Pastrami to lose his temper. He was angrier even more when Schlager doubts Mephiles and his power, but soon gets over it when Mephiles is fully revived from the dead. Upon seeing Mephiles intimidating Gelato and cruelty towards Schlager, Pastrami and the other soldiers cower in fear of the demonic tyrant.

Pastrami is one of Mephiles' 1,000 soldiers who come to earth to help in his revenge against the Black Arms. In the movie, he fights against Knuckles the Echidna, however he seems to have a slight advantage due to being superior in strength. After all of other Mephiles' other soldiers are defeated, Pastrami is still fighting with Knuckles the Echidna. Seeing this, Tails helps Knuckles, defeating him in single blow after turning Super Black Arm. Gelato cannot believe even Pastrami was defeated while Mephiles comments on how fearsome the Super Black Arms are. After the defeat of his army, an enraged Mephiles kills all of his soldiers, including Pastrami.


Pastrami is the strongest soldier in Mephiles' army. By the time of the invasion of earth he is shown holding an advantage over Knuckles, thanks to having greater power than the echidna. He is easily defeated by Super Black Arm Tails in a single blow, which greatly surprises Gelato, who believes that Pastrami being defeated so quickly should be impossible.

In Chaos Emerald Super, by the time of Mephiles' revenge, Gelato states that Pastrami has become the strongest soldier in Mephiles' army, he proves strong enough that Knuckles initially suggests he and the very rusty Tails fight him together, though Tails turns him down, and he manages to deflect a barrage of energy blasts from Tails, and then trapped him in a bear hug. However, despite his power, Pastrami is killed in a single shot from Schlager, who through brutal training with Mephiles had become the true strongest soldier in Mephiles' army.


  • It is stated by Gelato before Mephiles' invasion of earth, that Pastrami possesses a power level comparable to that of Drago Wolf and Sergeant Simian.
  • His name is based on Romanian American smoked meat of the same name.