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Pastel the Dragon

Pastel is a young, male, black and rainbow colored dragon. Because of his small size, Pastel is often mistaken for a oddly colored lizard or reptile. The dragon cannot die of old age or disease and can only be killed in an unnatural way.


Pastel by Xenoplsonion

By Xenoplsonion

General Appearance

Standing at two feet and ten inches, Pastel appears as a dark grey (or black) dragon with rainbow colored scales that go down his middle half of his body all the way to his tail, along with rainbow colored spines that is spread across his right half (our left) of his head. Very rarely he'll flip it to the left side (our right). He has dark blue eyes and large ears, as well as a long tail.

Pastel wears a purple cape that goes over his shoulder and a blue gemstone necklace which he received when he was younger.

The dragon has small, slowly growing pastel blue wings that are usually hidden behind the cape he wears. Sometimes he shows them off though, where he can detach one half of his cape, as it's actually made up of two pieces of fabric held together by string. Pastel has lived long enough to the point where he can flap his wings around, yet his wings are so small they cannot support him for flight.


Pastel's spines are still flipped to right half of his head (again, our left), yet longer in length. The dragon appears much larger and taller compared to himself as a child. Spines go down his back all the way to his tail, and his wings are now noticeable, and look to be black and dark blue like it's eyes. Pastel still has the necklace, yet his cape is now red and gold, and is also tattered at the ends. Instead of the cape going entirely over one of his shoulders, it now is behind his back, due to it now being able to use it's wings.


Because Pastel has yet to reach an age where dragons begin to mature, the dragon himself has a very childish personality. He has a tendency to ask several questions, specifically, "what's your favorite color?" Once the other responds, Pastel's black scales will proceed towards changing into said color immediately. Whenever someone questions his age, he will often claim that he's ten after going through a large amount of thinking.

He's very happy-go-lucky, and while he's curious, he's also clueless. Often times he'll see things in another way someone else expects him to. The dragons seems to have a horrible memory or just gets distracted easily, jumping from one topic to another.


In the future, Pastel has a much more serious demeanor. He still hasn't lost his playful side, but he now takes his training much more seriously. As much as Pastel wishes that other mythical creatures would return back home to Acorsain, he understands that it was not possible with hunters still out in the land, and instead decides to protect those that he cares for.

He tries to make the right decisions, yet sometimes they end up backfiring. Simply, he does what he thinks is right, mainly because the believes that once all the evil's removed, the place would be safe for other mythical creatures to come back, and that is his only motive.


Before Acorsain was discovered, dragons ruled the land, as well as various other mythical creatures, such as phoenixes, manticores, and griffins. Pastel was one of the younger dragons recently born when other animals began to take over. Most dragons left for another land after several others were slain and hunted. Pastel was unable to fly at the time (and still isn't able to), and was accidentally left behind, along with a few other creatures as well.

Pastel spent time with Eden, a phoenix that chose to stay after he discovered that his parents were slain. The phoenix apparently wanted to stay with their ghosts, much to Pastel's confusion. The two were discovered one day and were separated, later being raised apart from each other.

After the dragon's wings began to develop and were discovered, Pastel was sent to Eliza, a griffin that stayed behind after she fell in love with one of Acorsain's residents. She promised to care for the dragon for as long as possible, considering how the griffin isn't entirely sure how long the dragon would remain under her control.

Present Day

Pastel currently lives with Eliza and often spends time with Lance, another dragon with a cranky personality. Lance's attitude doesn't seem to affect the rainbow dragon at all, though, and Pastel continues to hang around him, mostly because Lance is the only other dragon he knows. Through Lance, Pastel then meets Hail, another dragon that previously lived on Acorsain before leaving to avoid death. The rainbow dragon then befriends the other and speaks with him from time to time.


Now out to try and reconnect with his kind, Pastel travels as often as possible. While he doesn't care much for the "hero" act, the dragon believes once at least most of the bad, mainly hunters, are gone, the easier he can convince other mythical creatures to return. Pastel does sometimes question if this is the best thing, but he keeps pushing forward, thanks to other's encouragement, namely Eden's and Aser's. While Eliza's against Pastel seeing the two, mostly because she's suspicious of them, he always finds some way to escape from her sight to visit. Because of this, she gives him dual swords in case he needed to protect himself, as she's also against him using his fire abilities. This is mainly due to the dragon himself not knowing his power's limit.


Spectrum Fire Manipulation

Pastel can change the color of his fires, yet they're small and uncontrollable, especially when he tries to use his hands instead of breathing it. Pastel's beginning to learn how to manage it, and himself, yet he's having difficulties due to his impatient and rather impulsive nature.

When Pastel is much older, the dragon has the power under control and is actually quite dangerous with it.



Currently, Pastel's wings are unable to support him in any way. He cannot hover or float around with them, nevermind flying. In the future, however, Pastel grows to become an extremely strong flier and can create strong gusts of wind with them. Often times when fighting he will take flight.


  • Pastel is actually 1,987 mobian years old. The age when he'll begin to mature will be when the dragon turns what is considered 14 years in dragon years, which is about 2,800 mobian years.
    • To convert from dragon years to mobian years, you multiply the dragon years by 200.
      • This is only considered in HauntedPhantom's universe and does not apply to any other unless stated.
  • Pastel was intended to be male, but was then chosen to be genderless. This changed later on after his creator ended up having difficulties roleplaying as him.
  • Pastel's real name means rainbow.
  • He, along with various others, are the only mythical creatures left on Acorsain.
  • Whenever his future version is mentioned, Pastel's seventeen or eighteen.
  • While his date of birth isn't known, Pastel acts similar to a Sagittarius or Aquarius.