The Particle Shock Bomb is an electric element technique which, oddly, can only be used by manipulators of solid elements.

The bomb is a sphere of a solid element which uses tiny particles inside it to create lightning by constantly impacting them against each other to cause static electricity, when the technique is ready the sphere looks like an extremely erratic plasma globe or tesla coil.  Because the sphere contains a lot of energy the shell is quite thick but fragile, a fact that is both a strength and weakness as shards can become apart of the blast but can also lead to premature detonations.  The technique is inspired by, and uses, the conditions that creates thunderstorms.


  • Sledge the Hedgehog - An artificial lifeform and one of the most powerful "mortal" cryokinetics.


The technique is a resent creation of Sledge the Hedgehog after learning from Pixel how thunderstorms are formed.  The first version of the technique didn't use a shell and was just named "Particle Shock", However it proved to be difficult to aim as it still had a long charge time, activated instantly when complete and only released a single bolt which never hit the desired target unless it attracted lightning thus only making this version useful against metallic targets.  The addition of an ice shell was the suggestion of Pixel and quickly proved to be far more useful since the shell prevented the technique from instantly activating and released it's payload in a blast rather than a single bolt although this reduced it's overall destructive power and increased the charge time somewhat.


Only the best master elemental manipulators can use this technique because of the sheer levels of concentration needed too create and maintain the bomb.  (Technically any element that can use small particles and create a shell like earth can be used to use this technique)

Significant Variants

Weak Points

The main weakpoint is its fragile shell, any damage caused to the shell is liable to make the bomb to detonate and, quite likely, critically damage the user (and possibly the attacker if they are close enough).

Another weakpoint is the concentration needed to both maintain the shell and manipulate the small particles to create the electricity.  If the users concentration is broken during the early charging stage then the only consiquence is a loss of electrical charge.  However, if concentration is broken during the final charging stage, the shell might break from the energy contained thus causing a premature detonation.

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