City of Parkview
Cquote1 In 1897, a future city of tranquility was born. One man founded this great city, and today we are prospering! No kind of self-absorbed conflict will stop us! A wall will not stop us, terrorism will not stop us, and the shameful rebellion definitely won't stop us from moving forward! We are the sign of hope and prosperity. We are the sign of a new era! We....are....PARKVIEW! Cquote2
Mayor Oaks, in a 2010 speech about the "new" Parkview.


Top: Official seal of Parkview.
Bottom: New logo for Parkview.

Vital Information
Founded July 5, 1897
Country Federal Republic of Emeraldsbourg
State/Province Seaside
County Hunter
Type of government Democracy
Head of government Benjamin Oaks (MPP)
2010 Estimate 511,995
Density 3,800.3/sq mi
Metro Population 3,450,550
Denonym Parkviewites

Parkview is the largest city in Seaside Province. The city is so named because the hills to the north provided (and still provide) great views of the area's majestic parks. The city is located in the Emerald Coast region. The city is also the county seat of Hunter County. The city's founding by Walter Hicks in 1897 was a sign of growing progress and a bright future. However, both the Panic of 1916 and the Rebellion of 2009 offset that dream. The city has rebuilt both times, and the city's future now looks better than it used to be.

Being a large urban city, Parkview is credited with being the home of many large corporations and companies, including MobiPower LLC, Walter Gas, Parkview Cooling, Rewell and Derey Corporation; PBC does have a large presence in the city, but is not headquartered in Parkview. The city is located near PECRA, which is the second busiest airport in the Federal Republic of Emeraldsbourg. The city has come under fire on previous occasions, even without a reason. The worst event to hit the city was Shahooter's Rebellion in 2009. The city has since rebuilt from the destruction, and is now a large metropolis.


The city's primary name, Parkview, comes from the interesting features to the north of the city. Before 1898, Emeraldsbourg designated many national parks and reserves around what is now Parkview, and there were beautiful hills to the north. The official origin of the name is that when at the summit of the hill, one could see the natural beauty that existed in the national parks. Thus you get the name Parkview!

Some other Mobians insist that it comes from the fact that when sitting in a park (or having a picnic,) you would have a great view of the birds, trees and flowers.

City History

See Hunter County and scroll down to the "History" section for details.


The city was founded as a small trading post in the mid-19th century. However, the post soon became a bustling trade center. A man named Walter Hicks viewed the town's potential as amazing. So, he founded the city a few years later. The town was to be named Coastview, as the Emerald Coast was near the trading post. However, petitioning and Hicks's trip to the hills to the north gave him a new idea and a new look on the future city. Thus, the city was incorporated into Hunter County as Parkview by an act of Emeraldsbourg Parliament on July 5, 1897.

From the very day the city was incoporated, the city began to flourish in trade, as the city's close proximity to the ports and stagecoach routes helped the city survive early settlement. By 1910 the city began to boom, as the city finally reached a population above 100,000. The first highrise was opened in 1911, and the first road for motor vehicles was opened in 1913.

Panic of 1916

The economic prosperity that was felt by the country would end in 1916, as the corn crop failed, devastating the country's economy. The Panic especially took a hard toll on Parkview, as the corn crop was the most valuable crop in the city. Almost 26% of Parkview residents lost their jobs in what was the worst economic disaster in national history. There was no famine, but long lines of people would wait outside for a meal. However, the corn crop soon recovered by 1924, thus ending the longest and worst depression in Parkview and the rest of Emeraldsbourg.

Great Burn of 1923

Amidst all of the economic downturn during the Panic of 1916, a careless farm hand left a match in the grass near a farm one night. Dry brush conditions and the lack of moisture caused a fire to break out on September 6, 1923. Many believed that the fire was only a brush fire and it would be put out within 4 hours, but soon, the fire became a full-scale wildfire, steering right by the traps set out by firemen, and burning the small city with it. Many houses were destroyed, and the city was left uninhabitable for weeks. Schools were closed and employees were laid off. The farm hand was arrested for arson charges, but was acquitted as he was only 16 years old at the time. The Great Burn, as it is now called, destroyed Parkview's old, agricultural way of life, but, in the process, began Parkview's modern era.


The City of Parkview annexed locations along Route 35C and further down the coastline just after the Rebellion. This increased the city's population.

Glacian Tensions

Like the rest of the country, there are tensions between Parkview and the Glacian Nation. They were formally normal with good relations, however, the Rebellion intensified anti-Glacian feelings, especially after The "Owl Wall" was constructed and Miles Prower was nearly killed.

Shahooter's Rebellion of 2009

Although the start of the rebellion can be credited to Stewburt (for its multiple laws,) most of the violence occured in and around Parkview. Following the destruction of the TCUC, most of the violence shifted to the city. A wall (commonly referred to today as "The Owl Wall",) was constructed around the city, which was brought down later, and many Chaos County Sheriff officers were killed. A summary of Parkview's casualties:

  • PBC CEO Miles Prower almost killed
  • Cathy Elmore taken hostage
  • City itself almost destroyed by a comet, it would have been destroyed if the "Last Resort" system was never utilized.
  • WTTN brought off the air for the first time in history
  • Construction (and subsequent takedown) of the "Owl Wall"

2010 Border Closing

Following the closing of the Glacian border in 2010, the federal government insisted that the Glacian Nation leave all of the country's ports, including the ones in Parkview (Emerald Harbor and the Port of Parkview). The military was about to force them off, but as Prime Minister Palmford was in the hospital, the order was nullified and the military left, thus preventing another potential conflict in Parkview.

Jail Breaches of Summer

During the border closing, the Parkview City Jail was breached. The inmates and staff were evacuated to the Hunter County Jail. THAT jail was attacked one day later, thus leaving only one operational jail left in the county. The city jail in Parkview is being redeveloped, and was reopened in July 2010.


For about 1 month, the city actually experienced peacetime. There were no large-scale crimes, Glacian attacks or taxes. Parkviewites actually enjoyed a time of stability that had not been seen since at least Summer 2009.

Infilitration/Security Threat?

Even after the Glacian Alert was lowered and the city finished reconstruction, Glacians continued to enter ("infiltrate," as residents called it,) the city limits. The PAPD did not do too much about it, as the Glacians have not done anything too bad since the Jail Breaches of Summer.

In August 2010, however, it was learned that there was a new weapon that was being developed on Glacian soil. The F.R.E. and city officials immediately called it a terrorism threat, and raised the Glacian Alert to "high" for the first time since the Jail Breaches. The biological weapon is believed to be Silver Nitrate, thus a vaccine is in development. Military and PAPD officials, along with government members, diplomats and PBC employees already have the vaccine.

On October 5, 2010, the vaccine was issued to all residents.


Population of Parkview

1897 20,098
1900 30,095
1910 37,942
1920 49,978
1930 67,945
1940 72,944
1950 76,133
1960 100,955
1970 113,954
1975 150,943
1980 176,999
1985 199,950
1990 220,485
1995 250,800
2000 299,495
2005 339,001
2009* 350,954
2010 509,964

* - Pre-rebellion estimate

As of the 2009 Federal Census (and emergency post-Rebellion accounting in 2010,) the city's population is 509,964. Of that population estimate, about 98.5% of residents are Mobians, 1% are Overlanders, .3% are Glacians, and .2% are of another species/race. An estimated 3.92% of the population lives below the poverty line (up from 3.7% in 2008). There were 52,987 households. The city stretches over 300 square miles, making it the largest city on the Emerald Coast in terms of land and water area.

The average school performance on the MAT test was 88% for elementary schools, 94% for middle schools and 84.2% for high schools. The average school dropout rate is 3.8%, which is up from 1996. The city is made up of 96% land and 4% water, if you count the portion of the city limits in the Emerald Sea. Angel Island is a dependent zone, and is not counted in geographic records for that reason.



Diagram of the Airport

Parkview is the third most "transportation dense" city in Emeraldsbourg, with its growing number of transportation options. Almost half of the city's population uses public transportation to get around the city, but most of the city's residents get around by car.


As Parkview is a large metropolitan city, the number of roadways and freeways available in the city of Parkview is staggering. Whether you're visiting the beach, going downtown, or just visiting the number of landmarks that dot the city, a major road passes near all of them.

For downtown interests, the Coastal Turnpike, also known as the Emerald Freeway or Route 67 Toll, is a toll road the passes through the center and downtown area of Parkview. As the freeway passes straight through the center of Parkview, rush hours can reak havoc on local motorists, especially on Friday afternoons. Toll plazas can add to the rush hour issue. Thus, some leaders are considering adding express lanes to Route 67 Toll.

For thouse who wish to use non-tolled freeways, there are three other options available. For beach interests, Route 1, also known as the Coastal Expressway, passes just to the east of the local beaches and Angel Island. For those motorists who must drive through the eastern part of the city, the new connector freeway, Route 35C (Connector), passes through the eastern part of the city to connect to Route 35 to the east of the city, near Starr Park. For commuters who need to get to Wolfington or Pulaski City, Route 217 is available.

As for surface streets, many of those have been reconstructed following the Rebellion. The primary surface street is Emerald Avenue, which is a 4-lane surface street with a surface road system, bike paths and a CoastTran line under it. Some other important surface streets in the city include Beach Ave, Stadium Blvd., Center St, President's Pkwy., Coast Ave and High Park St.

Rapid Transit

After the Rebellion in 2009, Parkview's transportation infrastructure was rebuilt, and with it came some new rapid transit options.

Emerald Coast Regional Transit or ECRT remains the main bus provider on the Emerald Coast and in the city of Parkview. The system provides bus service to almost every location on the Coast and in the Foothills of Buckner County. After the Rebellion, new routes were added and existing buses were refurbished. As for Parkview, almost every route in Hunter County passes through the city. There is a large bus terminal located downtown, the Parkview Central Bus Terminal. Most Hunter County ECRT buses are maintained at the Eastwood Bus Garage in the eastern part of the city.

In addition, the ECRT system is responsible for CoastTran, which is the Emerald Coast's subway/commuter rail provider. Formerly known as the Parkview U-Train, CoastTran has become a vital subway system. The system now boasts almost 180 subway and commuter rail stations. In Parkview, most of the lines terminate at Parkview's Union Station, except for the A and H lines, which terminate at the Rising Tide station near the beach. CoastTran's primary rail service yard is located in the South Mill neighborhood.

There is also the Parkview Light Rail system, which services central Parkview and some points south. In addition, there is a trolley which runs along 6th Street, and there is a Beach Shuttle train line which connectes residents from Union Station to the city's beaches.

Rail/Intercity Bus

Intercity rail is provided by MOBTrak. Parkviewites use MOBTrak often to get to destinations such as Station Square and Plance City without the hassle and delays of bokking a commercial flight to those destinations. The Central Parkview station is located at Union Station.

MobiWays is the intercity bus provider on the continent. The bus station is located downtown, at 6709 West Park Street.


With the exception of numerous helipads that exist on top of the city's skyscrapers, there is no commercial or general aviation airport inside the city. However, near the city of Wolfington, there is the Parkview-Emerald Coast Regional Airport, which is the primary commercial airport on the Coast. The airport is served by Route 235 and CoastTran/ECRT.

In Mobibu, there is also the Emerald Beach International Airport.


Many taxi and private limousine companies exist in the city; notable ones include The Limousine Company of Parkview and Coastaxi. Following recent beautification and greenscaping projects done by the city, the number of bike paths and jogging trails in the city has grown.

Walking exists, but primarily in the downtown area. In some locations, movable walkways and escalators exist from building to building.


Parkview's general economy has shifted in the past 70 years, from one of agriculture (corn was the primary crop,) to one of industry and manufacturing. Many public and private manufacturers exist in the city, including some big names in electronics. The modernization of the city produced an econimic miracle, providing many thousands of jobs and enhancing Parkview's quality of life. A sign that the economy is doing well is that the average annual income for an average Mobian family in the city is M56,093 (2009 data).

The city is a haven for many shopaholic consumers, thus increasing the flow of cash into the city economy. This, coupled with taxes, ensures that the city's services are of the highest quality available.

Major Corporations

These companies have a large presence in the city. Companies marked with an asterisk (*) are headquarted in the city.

  • Rewell *
  • Prower Broadcasting Corporation/PBC
  • MobiDOT
  • Derey Corporation *
  • MobiPower *
  • Walter Gas *
  • Parkview Cooling *
  • Coastal Management *
  • Beachside Hotels *
  • Plastic Works *
  • MobiTech LLC *

Employment Data

As a major turnaround from the Panic of 1916, where unemployment reached 26%, today the unemployment rate stands at 4.6%, one of the highest in the country. Part of the unemployment situation can be attributed to poor money management, but some of it can be blamed on the Rebellion in 2009. Out of that 4.6% unemployment rate, 65% are men and 35% are women.

Parkview's unemployment benefits were revised in 2010 during the Isolation Crisis, and today the city's benefits are better than most of the other cities in the Emerald Coast region.

Economic Livelihood

The primary industry in the Parkview area is manufacturing and in rural areas, corn farming.


Parkview can be described as a modern metropolitan city. As the second largest metropolitan area (behind the Mobius Corners metropolitan area,) the city itself contains a mix of suburban homes, shopping centers/malls and highrise office buildings. The skyscrapers in Parkview's CBD (Central Business District), are known to be tall and shaped in an unusual way. One skyscraper has a billboard on top showing Sonic the Hedgehog eating a chili dog.

The city is home to 16 skyscrapers, the largest being the Coastal Center Tower at a height of 1,280 feet. Most of the city's shopping malls are 1- or 2-stories, and many different kinds of historical buildings dot the city. Most of the city's architecture is modern with some Greek features (e.g. the City Hall.)


Public Schools

All public schools in Parkview are served by the Parkview-Hunter County Unified School District (commonly referred to as Hunter County Schools), which serves Parkview and the rest of Hunter County. The PHCUSD does fairly well on the Mobian Achievement Test, also known as the MAT test. The average total score for an 8th grade student taking the test is 84.9%.

Recently, rumors have spread stating that Parkview could form its own school district within coming years. However, the city council labels the rumors as false, as Parkview lacks the budget space needed to form and adequately operate a city school system. In September 2010, however, a website leaked city council documents regarding the formation of a Parkview school system to the internet.

Private Schools

  • Our Lady of Rose Private School
  • North Point Private School
  • Wolfington School of Business (Unincorporated Hunter County)
  • Bellson Montessori School
  • Wyle School

Higher Education

The University of Parkview is the foremost university in the Hunter County area. The university teaches the liberal arts, and has an outstanding athletic program. The area is also served by many small community colleges.

Public Libraries

The city is served by the Hunter County Public Library system. The main branch of the system is located downtown, at the Central Library & HCPL Administrative Center. Other branches in the city include Maplewood, Rising Tide, Avis Park and Chaos Point.

Law & Government

The city's government is composed of a city council, and an ever-changing mayor. The City Council contains 5 districts and an at-large member. The City of Parkview is on a weak-mayor plan, which states that the mayor has some power, but most power belongs to the Parkview City Council. The city government generally does their business from the 4-story Parkview City Hall, which is located downtown. The mayor can call a city council meeting and adjourn meetings; he can also propose the city's budgets. However, all ordinance creation and policy making is the resposibility of the city council.

The current mayor of Parkview is Benjamin T. Oaks (MPP), who took office in mid-2008.


The crime rate in the city is lower than most other large cities in the world, at about 5.9%. This success has been attributed to a strict police department and tough laws. In addition, the Rebellion caused the police to increase presence and enforcement in the city limits. This larger presence, better enforcement and advanced equipment has caused the crime rate to decrease.

Homicides were down 2% in 2008, then down 30% after the Rebellion. DUI, hit and runs and suicides were also down, but speeding in the city increased by 6% in early 2010, especially with the opening of Route 35C, a freeway on the east side of town.

With the illegal jail breaches of 2010, police presence was tightened once again, further decreasing the crime rate to a mere 3%.

Administrative Divisions

The City of Parkview is divided into 5 administrative districts, which roughly follow the same lines as local neighborhoods. These districts help voters elect city council members from their district, not the whole city. This makes elections more fair and well-balanced. As of 2008, the 5 official districts of Parkview are:

Rising Tide

Also known as District 1, Rising Tide generally serves the beaches inside the city limits, along with the Rising Tide Mall and Angel Island.


Northview, also known as District 2, serves the area north of a line from Grande Ave and Route 35C, to the border of Chaos County. The largest suburban district in the city, Northview has the most voters of any official district in the city itself.

As a suburban district, this district holds much of the city's raw political power, as most property taxes are collected from this district than from the rest of the city.


Also known as District 3 or sometimes the Central District, this district serves the Downtown, Midtown and Park End areas of the city. Generally the district's boundaries reflect that of the downtown skyline itself. This district is also the flagship district of the city. Like most large cities, different landmarks can be seen here, such as District Promenada and the Parkview TeleTower.

South Mill

Roughly corresponding to the South Mill neighborhood, this district, also known as District 4, serves the South Mill area, which is generally the southern parts of the city.


Eastside, also known as District 5, is the largest district in size in Parkview. The district serves locations in the southeastern parts of Parkview. Eastside serves locations east of Route 67 and south of Route 35C. The Eastside district is home to a mix of suburban neighborhoods and shopping plazas.

Mayors of Parkview

This is a list of the former and current mayors of Parkview, since founding in 1897. There is currently no limit to the number of consecutive terms a mayor can serve, thus, some mayors have governed for over 20 years.

Mayor Years in Office Party
Ellis Johnson 1897-1902 None
Johnathan Jaxbiss 1902-1911 None
Allison Holdozer 1911-1915 MD
Jimmy Garton 1915-1925 MD
Ellis Plumen 1925-1933 ELP
Jonny Silmer 1933-1951 ELP
Ellis Roldeston 1951-1976 MPP
Timothy Riley 1976-1992 MPP
Jim Renyolds 1992-2001 MPP
Tim Willacy 2001-2008 MPP
Benjamin Oaks 2008-present MPP
  • MPP - Mobian People's Party
  • ELP - Emeraldsbourg Liberal Party
  • MD - Mobian Democrats


Many of the city's species of animals (non-Mobians), including Flickies, are mostly housed at the Emerald Coast Botanical Gardens south of the city. There are many parks scattered across town, as places to look at, and adore, nature. The Coastal Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many marine animals from the ocean.

There is an Emerald Coast Zoo in Parkview, which is home to many species of animals.

National Parks

Although in smaller numbers than in 1897, Parkview still has many national parks.


The city is in a semi-subtropical climate, and although it is not as wet in the summer, it is wet in winter. There have been many white christmases since the Earth year 1998, including one in 2007 which closed schools for 2 weeks in some places. The city's location puts it in a prime spot for sea breeze thunderstorms in the summer, which can be very strong.

The thunderstorms are common in middle and late Summer, and even early September. However, because of the sea breezes pushing inward from the coastline, Parkview is generally cooler in temperature than the other cities located to the east, such as Wolfington and Pulaski City.


The Parkview (Area) Police Department, also known as PAPD, is the city's professional police force. They handle most cases that most regular police departments would handle, and there is also Hunter County SWAT, which handles standoffs and minor terrorist acts that occur in the city and the rest of the county.

For some strange reason, a secret police force known as the Parkview-tectives helps fight crime and uncover mysteries in the City of Parkview itself. This secret group has advanced equipment and can take on a Black/Secret Ops format, with advanced technology, better than that of the country's military.


The PAPD and Hunter County SWAT team provides a large riot suppression unit known as the PRSD unit (Parkview Riot Search and Destroy unit). This unit was formed after the Rebellion.

Military Defense

Because a military outpost (Outpost Bravo) exists at the eastern end of the city, one could assume that Parkview has a modest military presence, with some troops, tanks and other equipment. However, after the Rebellion, Emeraldsbourg stepped up security all over the country and its territories to protect from another rebellion or revolt. Because Parkview was one of the worst hit cities, all security was tightened and everyone entering a government complex was subject to screening. These events now confirm that Parkview has a large presence of military and security officials.


In the event of a large-scale emergency (comets, hurricanes, etc,) the city is prepared for a major evacuation. First, all freeways become contraflow-based freeways, in which both directions head out of the city:

  • Route 67 TOLL/Coastal Turnpike: From Emerald Avenue north, both north and southbound lanes travel northbound toward Emeraldsville. South of Emerald Avenue, all traffic moves southbound.
  • Route 35C: All traffic moves eastbound.
  • Route 334: All traffic moves southbound.
  • Route 1: All traffic moves northbound.

Secondary roads are abandoned. Airports and helipads escort residents out of the area for free. In addition, charter buses are available from the Emerald Coast Bus Center. When Shahooter the Owl materialized a comet to destroy the city, it failed as everyone got out of the city safely (thanks to the evacuation system).

Last-Resort Defenses

In a last resort (in case the entire city/county is about to be destroyed), engineers and architects built the city and its metropolitan area with a unique last resort emergency defense system. On evacuation, a switch would flip the whole county over, and would reveal an exact copy of the original. Once the threat passes, they'll just flip it back over and Mobians can resume their lives. The first use of this defense was shown in RP: Laws, Rebellion & Other Events. Also, the city (and county) contain a lot of roads, so evacuation around the city is much easier than in the surrounding coastal (and inland) areas. The use of this system has been criticized, however, as people may be left behind when the city is flipped over, thus trapping them. This emergency system is only used in the event of a major attack, nuclear warfare, or giant comets that threaten to destroy the area.

Metropolitan Area

The Parkview-Mobibu-Wolfington Combined Metro Area, commonly referred to as Metro Parkview or the Emerald Coast, is the metropolitan area containing Parkview and surrounding areas. The metropolitan area has experienced a lot of urbanization in recent months, so the population has skyrocketed.

  • Parkview-Mobibu-Wolfington Combined Metro Area (3,450,550 people)
  • Parkview-Wolfington Metro Area (2,550,000)
  • Hunter County
  • Angel Island Exceptional Area
  • Buckner County
  • Wolfings County
  • Pulaski County
  • Pendle County
  • Mobibu-East Bay Metro Area (900,550)
  • Emerald County
  • Sand County
  • Wyle County


Due to the city's close proximity to the coast, and its historical significance, a lot of landmarks exist around the city, from the Coast itself to the southern reaches of the city limits. Some of the landmarks are modern, but one is ancient.


  • 1 Education Plaza (Hunter County Schools HQ)
  • University of Parkview
  • Rising Tide Elementary
  • Front Street Elementary
  • Olympia Elementary
  • Vernon Elementary
  • Emerald Vista Middle School
  • Chaos Point Middle School
  • Emerald View High School
  • North Parkview High School
  • Scotts College
  • Parkview Community College
  • Northtown Community College

Downtown Area

  • Sonic-Shadow Arena
  • District Promenada (see below)
  • Hunter County Courthouse
  • Oakland Avenue Historic District
  • Emerald Park
  • MobiMedia HQ
  • Emerald Coast Convention Center
  • PBC Communications and Media Center
  • Ricky's Auto Shop
  • Hunter County Historic Museum
  • Rockie Surf Center
  • Parkview Museum of Chaos Theory and History
  • Numerous highrises
  • Bleckley Floral Shop
  • Moneymark Bank
  • Union Station (see below)
  • First Mobian Bank Center
  • Coastal Center Tower
  • Thomas's Clocks and Gears
  • Parkview TeleTower (see below)
  • AMNI Apartments
  • Cityscape Center
  • City Hall
  • Parkview Chamber of Commerce


  • Emerald Harbor
  • Sea Front Museum
  • Surf Shop Parkview/Rising Tide
  • Beachfront Lakes
  • Beach
  • Port of Parkview
  • Rising Tide Mall
  • West Parkview Medical Center
  • Tails' Stay n' Play Hotel - Beachfront Parkview

South Mill

  • Mart Street
  • Old Lady Rowe's Historic House
  • Southside Inn
  • Emerald Ruins (see below)
  • CoastTran Southside Yard

Emerald Ruins

If you look carefully, in a different part of the city, there are hidden ruins. The Emerald Ruins are home to many skeletons and cobwebs, but is also home to hidden artifacts preserved over thousands of years. The Emerald Ruins has tight security, so no thieves attempt to steal anything. The Ruins are a popular tourist attraction on the Emerald Coast, mainly for its historical value. It is a popular destination for field trips, as well.

The Emerald Ruins are located in the South Mill neighborhood.

District Promenada

District Promenada is a mixed-use development near the downtown area. The district was formerly an old abandoned steel factory. The new neighborhood provides a movie theater, office buildings, luxurious highrise apartment buildings, free wi-fi, a gas station, an elementary school (Promenada Elementary,) a gym, a police station, a new CoastTran station, a small business district, and, of course, the shopping mall.

The Promenada Shopping Plaza is be a 3-story, 6-anchor shopping mall, one of the largest in the world. The mall is almost 3,000,000 square feet and contains over 80 stores, including the first PearMark store. Parking is provided in the form of a 4-story parking deck. In addition, the mall has a new food court with 20 restaurants.

However, because of the Rebellion (of course,) security booths are currently being set up all over the district to provide the residents and visitors advanced security. Security will be tightened after dusk, as most break-ins and crimes at malls on the Emerald Coast usually take place after 7pm.

Union Station

As with most large cities, a Union Station does exist in the downtown area. Parkview's Union Station is accessible by bus, rail and car. From the station, numerous transportation options are available.

Rail Transportation

  • CoastTran lines A, B, H, M, E, and W pass through Union Station. Only the A & H lines continue to end at the Rising Tide station.
  • MOBTrak's central Parkview station is located at Union Station. Tracks 1-12 are used for this purpose.
  • The city's Parkview Light Rail service passes through Union Station using Tracks 13 and 14.

Bus Transportation

  • Most ECRT bus lines pass through Parkview. A few stop at Union Station.

Other Transportation

  • Coastaxi's main office is located at Union Station. Taxis are always available here, mainly for that purpose.

Parkview TeleTower

Main article: Parkview TeleTower

The second tallest building/structure in Parkview, the TeleTower is a television transmitter and microwave relay station. A TeleTower exists in every major city in Emeraldsbourg. TeleTowers contain many amenities, such as an observation deck, tour guides, a restaurant, a heliport, a small hotel, daycare facilities and a fitness center. The facility can also transmit distress calls to other TeleTowers.

The Parkview TeleTower transmitter is utilized by Met Agency QuickWarn radio to alert residents of severe weather. The microwave dishes help relay communications, such as wireless calls. Thus, the TeleTower can be utilized as a cellphone tower as well. Backup transmitters exist some television and radio stations.


Local Festivals/Celebrations

  • Parkview Area Arts Festival - July
  • SoccerFest - June
  • High Day - January 5
  • Death of Shahooter Day - Sometime in May
  • Independence from Echidnas Day - July 4
  • Tour de Parkview Parade - October 12
  • Freefall Day - February 17
  • Treehugger Day - March 19


One favorite sport in Parkview is soccer. Soccer is a heavy tradition in the Parkview area. The city's first soccer match was in 1898. There are many soccer stadiums around the area, and the city is regularly a candidate for the MFF Soccer Cup. In a survey, over 69% of residents stated that they enjoy soccer, while only 31% opposed. Basketball is somewhat popular too, in fact, the city has its own basketball team, called the Parkview Ballguards. There have been over 500 attempts to have the name changed, but all of the attempts have failed. Baseball is considered a minor sport in Parkview, as it is not considered too important to Parkview daily life.

Racing (whether on foot or bike) is also a popular activity. The annual Tour de Parkview is one of the most popular bike races in the world. Many marathons and cross country races also occur every year. However, car racing is strictly illegal if there (according to the Street Racing Ordinance) is no active raceway or road course, but the Emerald Coast International Raceway is under construction in Pulaski County.

Parkviewites don't really care about football, and definitely don't care about "that weird water game called Water Polo!"

2010 MFF Soccer Cup

In 2010, Parkview (and its surrounding area) hosted the MFF Soccer Cup, after placing a successful bid in 2001. The tournament was held at venues around Parkview, including the Walter Gas Arena and Emerald Stadium. In the downtown area, a temporary MFF Telecommunications Center (as required by the sport) was set up in a small, empty office building. This center helped carry Parkview's famous sport to the rest of the world.

Coverage in the F.R.E. was televised by PBC (PBC One, PBC Sports and their HD counterparts).


Even though some of the city's infrastructure was destroyed or damaged amidst the Rebellion, it has since been rebuilt and upgraded.

Emergency Technology

The city of Parkview and Hunter County installed its own emergency notification system after the Rebellion to notify residents of dangerous situations, such as terrorist attacks and severe weather. The system is named Parkview EmergencyComm. The system, in order to reach as many citizens as possible, is available on TTCable and Chaos Cable headends in Parkview, local city landline phones and text messages for those who subscribe to the system.

Also, hurricane and severe weather sirens are operational.


Communication Services

Cable systems in Parkview are managed by two cable companies: TTCable and Chaos Cable. TTCable is the dominant cable company because of its low taxes and reasonable prices, but Chaos Cable has become a tough competitor in recent years because of its growing amount of services. The city of Parkview is served by the Emerald Coast cable system (TTCable) and the Parkview cable system (Chaos Cable). Both cable companies employ many cable headends and fiber optics across the city to better serve customers. Both companies provide internet and phone service as well.

The major wireless provider is Emerald Wireless. EW has been the dominant cell phone provider because of its low taxes and extensive agreements with many local businesses. The company has 6 cellphone towers located across the city, but the main tower is located atop the Parkview TeleTower.

Burnaby Communications is another home phone provider. Burnaby was the country's largest fixed line telephony provider until its divestiture in 1993.


Sharing many of its utilities with Hunter County, Parkview has a lot of local electric/water utilities that serve the area. The city's electricity is served by Hunter Power, but a small area in the South Mill neighborhood is served by Redwood EMC. Water services were provided by Parkview Water Services, but has since been absorbed with Hunter Water and is now Parkview-Hunter Water Management. This company also manages sewer services.

Natural Gas

All gas services in the city are provided by the Parkview Area Gas Company.


  • Parkview Area Police Department
  • Parkview Area Fire & Rescue
  • Emerald Coast Guard (along the beaches)
  • Parkview Animal Control is handled by Hunter County.
  • Parkview Trash & Recycling
  • Parkview Green-itative (a combination of green and initative)
  • Parkview Department of Sports & Recreation
  • Parkview Planning & Zoning
  • Public Works Division of Parkview


All freeways in Parkview are operated by MobiDOT. MobiDOT paves all of the freeways in its care with concrete, so that potholes don't develop. However, Route 67, Parkview's only toll road, is operated by the Mobian Turnpike System as of 2010. Toll 67 is paved with concrete, but some exit ramps are paved with asphalt. Local streets and roads are kept in good condition by both MobiDOT and the Parkview SmartWay system.

Parkview SmartWay is the ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) that serves the city. The Smartway system employs cameras and message signs that are installed on local roads and along the beaches. MobiDOT's ITS, 611 Emerald Coast, covers all of the area's freeways, including Route 67. The two ITSs help provide detailed traffic and construction data to the city's government and residents.

Both of the systems provide evacuation data to residents and officials.


Mass media has a strong tradition in Parkview, as newspapers have been around in the city since 1899. However, television is not as widespread as in some other cities, with only 1 in 3 residents watching television at all. Because of this, newspapers and radio broadcasts are used by Parkviewites most often, although television has started to emerge as a popular source of news, information and movies.

The city is home to a large concentration of radio stations, and a normal amount of television stations. The MCC ranks the Parkview-Mobibu-Wolfington market as the second largest in the country. WTTN has led the news ratings in the market for 6 years, mainly because it's run by kids.

Print Media
  • The Daily Emerald (daily newspaper)
  • Parkview Town-Gazette (weekly newspaper)
  • Emerald Coast Weekly (weekly newspaper)
  • Surf's Up! Monthly (monthly newspaper)
  • Parkview News (daily newspaper)
Local Television

Parkview is located in the Emerald Coast/Lowcountry market, along with Mobibu and Surryville. These stations also serve most of Seaside Province (through satellites or translators). HD stations are in bold.

Callsign Channel (PSIP) Network Subchannels
ETC Seaside 6 ETC 6.1: ETC1 programming HD - 6.2: ETC2 programming - 6.3: ETC3 programming
PBCP-TV 11 PBC 11.1: PBCP/PBC programming HD - 11.2: PBC NewsNet - 11.3: PBC Nonstop
SCTP-TV 5 SCTV 5.1: SCTP/SCTV programming HD - 5.2: PBC Mobius
EINP-TV 7 Independent 7.1: EINP programming - 7.2: Interactive News Channel (INC)
MMTP-TV 12 MobiMedia 12.1: MMTP/MobiMedia programming HD
MOLS-TV 42 MOTV 42.1: MOLS/MOTV programming HD - 42.2: SuperWeather Channel
MYTP-TV 45 MYTN 45.1: MYTP/MYTN programming
  • RPKV-FM 101.3 (Parkview - Hip-Hop Radio)
  • RLTR-FM 97.9 (Wolfington - ETC Seaside Radio)
  • RPAR-FM 99.9 (Parkview - GolfRadio)
  • RBUS-FM 100.5 (Wolfington - NewsTalk 100)
  • ROLF-FM 103.3 (Wolfington - Rich Radio)
  • RERL-FM 99.5 (Belmont - Radio Foothills)
  • RREL-FM 100.6 (Mobibu - SpiritRadio)
  • RMBS-FM 97.7 (Mobibu - Rockstar FM)
  • RKIL-FM 95.5 (Pulaski City - Horror Tunes)
  • RPRD-FM 97.9 (Oasisville - Paradise)
  • RGRN-FM 89.7 (Green Hill - Power Greens)

All of the AM stations broadcast from the City of Parkview, unless otherwise noted.

  • RTTN 790 (News790 AM)
  • RCAS 1050 (PBC First Radio)
  • RPRP 1000 (PBC Second Radio)
  • RPLK 980 (Nelson - Fun Zone 980)
  • ROAK 990 (Nature Radio)
  • RECH 830 (EchidnaAM)
  • RPNS 1010 (NewsRadio Parkview)
  • RRCH 1040 (Wolfington - Rich RadioAM)

Angel Island Dispute

Recently, Parkview Planning and Zoning has been involved in a schism with Knuckles the Echidna over Angel Island land. The floating island is theoretically included in the city limits, but Knuckles insists that is a separate island with no governance.

The case has been presented to the Emeraldsbourg High Court in Knuckles v. Parkview. The courts ruled against Knuckles the Echidna, saying that if Knuckles says it isn't included in the city limits, then it is not in the country, which means Knuckles CANNOT sue in the country's court. However, he has been given special permission to attend Hunter County Schools. However, Kunckles, after learning about the country's early history in school, sued AGAIN, this time saying that Angel Island is part of the country. Apparently, the High Court overlooked that decision, and ruled in FAVOR of Knuckles. He still attends Hunter County Schools, though.


This section lists the roleplays and fan games that Parkview has made an appearance in.


  • Sonic Adventure 4: Paradox
  • Lights! Camera! Sonic!


  • RP: Snow Days
  • RP: Laws, Rebellion & Other Events - The unfortunate roleplay for Parkview. The entire rebellion occured in this roleplay.
  • The School Series:
  • Emerald Vista Middle School
  • Emerald View High School
  • RP: Blackout
  • Peace in Parkview Roleplay
  • RP: Parkview Roleplay Remake

Notable Laws

  • In RP: Laws, Rebellion & Other Events, the Parkview City Council passed the Desert Hawk Ordinance, which gave J the Hedgehog's vehicle, the Desert Hawk, the right to drive around town (with a permit - Hunter County still classifies the Desert Hawk as strictly illegal). The act's passing was not shown in the roleplay, however.
  • The Angel Island Education Ordinance allowed residents of Angel Island to attend Hunter County Schools. This was passed in conjunction with the Hunter County Council.
  • The Street Racing Ordinance was amended after the Rebellion. The amended law states that as long as no legally licensed raceway or road course is operational, then auto racing in the city limits is strictly illegal, and violation of this offense is punishable by a $2,000 fine and up to 20 days of jail time.

A complete list of laws can be found on the Laws and Codes of Parkview page.


  • Some Glacians still refer to the F.R.E. as "Parkview", even though the city is not the federal capital.
  • The city's beaches are known for being well secured at all times.
  • After the attack on the PBC Convention, the Emerald Coast Convention Center (North) was upgraded with high-tech security equipment and advanced locks. Thus, Parkview is home to some of the most well-secured locations on the planet.
  • The city has the world record for fastest rebuilding time (6 months, 2010).
  • Most of the Rebellion occured in Parkview, especially in the area close to the former TCUC. However, the rebellion began in Stewburt.
  • The city of Parkview's new design was inspired by CPFW's South Pole City.

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