Paris is a young wolf, originally from a small town. The french inspired character, is the stereotypical "romeo" and often enjoys flirting with women. He currently lives in Olara with his family. Paris is a member of the WildFire RiderZ.


Paris grew up in a small town. He lived(s) with his mother and three sisters. Being raised by his mother, and living with his sisters, Paris has become a romantic character able to woo many females. He took up skating, as a way to let out stress. Eventually, Paris and his family moved to Olara in search of a refreshment. They were drawn to the beautiful city.


Paris became the talk of Thornebrook Highschool, one of the main schools in Olara. There were no doubts, that Paris was an excellent skater, even able to create rose pedals with his swift movements. Wanting to see if Paris was worth the talk, Fire challenged him. After a long race, Paris couldn't defeat Fire, but managed to impress him. Paris was initated into "WildFire RiderZ" thus becoming one of the coolest kids in Thornebrook Highschool.


Paris has the stereotypical "Romeo" appeal. He enjoys the art of flirtation, and uses it to woo many females. He does this quite well, and often causes many fights between females. He is a very popular child, though he never had a male influence in his life. He often copes with this by flirting in order to prove his manly-ness. Paris isn't very fast, but is slight above average in intellect. He can often use complicated words, especially when flirting. Paris also has a strong/weird dislike for cheese, wine, and bread going against the French stereotype. Paris believes in love above all else. Which is in fact his personal motto. He believes that love inspires him to win.

Heartbreaker Blades

The Heartbreaker Blades, are Paris' rollerblades. They are very flashy allowing for high jumps, and swift movement. While highly capable of acceleration, the blades lack actual speed depending solely on the rider for momentum. They are adorned with Paris' symbol, a broken heart in mutliple colors. The Heartbreaker Blades, are very easy to control, and with Paris' modulations, and his natural speed the blades become a threat. Paris' entrance is often signified by rose petals.


Before Race

"Oho your in for it!"

"Try and keep up"

"Love shall carry me"

"Love are my blades, and I it's master!"

Race~ Win

"The heartbreak is too much, no?"

"You didn't understand the Concept of Love"

"What did I tell you?"

"Looks, like we have a winner"

Race~ Lose


"It seems as though I am the heartbroken"

"Try again?"

"Love has abandoned me..."


"You my sweet, are the apple of my eye. The twinkle in the stars I see at night, and the beautiful petals of my favorite flower."

"I need not your silly air, but the beautiful ever-flowing love that courses through my blood. It will make me sore, and become a dove!!"

"Understand, the concept of love"

"Perfection, is only perfection because of it's beautiful flaws"

"The moon, she is beautiful. Though you are far more beautiful than even she, I can't keep my eyes off of you.


  • Paris has the same voice actor as Antoine D'Coolette.
  • Paris' theme "Concept of Love" is included in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.
  • Paris' heart shaped symbol is inspired by the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels.
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