The Parched Prairie Egg Base is a large base located in the southwestern area of the Parched Prairie Zone, and is owned by the Tralius Egg Army.

The portion of the Tralius Egg Army that operates from this location is operated by Sub-boss Dominik the Devil, who serves directly under Tralius Egg Boss Maw the Thylacine. Dominik seeks to bring all of the Arid Prairie Zone under the control of the Eggman Empire.


The Parched Prairie Egg Base resembles a quite large, square building, with a wall around it; the wall has ramparts on which Egg Soldiers patrol, and four somewhat tall towers at the corners of the wall. Like the Shifting Sands Egg Base, these four towers are armed with turrets. The Eggman Logo is seen on all four sides of the taller building.

The main building has a second, taller portion attached to it; at the top is where the hangar is.


A large garage is built into one side of the main building. The vehicles housed here are typically sturdy, off-road type vehicles that can carry two passengers, as well as larger transportation trucks. The garage is also where vehicles are repaired.


The hangar is located at the top of the second, taller building, and houses various types of aircraft, such as Egg Jets (jet-like aircraft). It also serves to house various aerial Badniks, such as Balkiries, Dragonflies, Hoverbies and Helihaulers.


Like all Egg Army bases, this base is equipped with state-of-the-art technology from the Eggman Empire.

Defensive Weaponry

The four towers surrounding the main building are equipped with laser turrets; the shots fired from these weapons are narrow, high-speed laser "bullets" of concentrated energy. They are not the most accurate, however, making them more effective against large targets. However, the "bullets" pierce through metal with ease, making them most effective against enemy vehicles and aircraft.

The turrets can also be charged up to fire a continuous beam of energy that scorches everything in its path.

Egg Soldier Weaponry

Weapons carried by the Egg Soldiers here typically consist of laser rifles, but melee-weapons such as Energy Daggers, Energy Tonfas, Energy Staves, and iron knuckles have also been seen.

Eggman Empire Tech


  • Balkiries -
  • Burrobots - Primarily paired with Excavators, where they mine for valuable resources in the Arid Prairie Zone; in fact, a mine is set up somewhat close to the base. Burrobots do most of the digging through stone and soil.
  • Excavators - Primarily paired with Burrobots, where they mine for valuable resources in the Arid Prairie Zone; in fact, a mine is set up somewhat close to the base. Excavators are responsible for mining up minerals with precision.
  • Hoverbies - Here, Hoverbies tend to act as scouts, gathering information on the base's enemies (namely, the Dusty Gulch Freedom Fighters).
  • Buzzbombers - They typically escort Helihaulers around to protect them and their cargo, but can also serve as scouts.
  • Helihaulers - Given the fact that the transportation of cargo can easily be done on the ground, Helihaulers here are mostly used to transport damaged aircraft to the hangar for repairs.


At the Parched Prairie Egg Base, many Egg Soldiers opt to use Extreme Gear to get around, but some have been seen driving motorcycles and small, off-road vehicles as well. Larger trucks designed to haul around large cargo are also used here.

There are a couple of Egg Jet pilots stationed here as well.


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