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Cquote1.png Previously known to use the granted gift of wealth to sever any problematic circumstance to purchase out of it, your generosity and loyalty to the Pertanse Enforcement Assembly alludes to you at greater measures for your release of a very valuable component to life success. Cquote2.png
Kalio Puytera, in a notice to Savoice

"Parallels" is the fifteenth episode in the original web series Twenty-Four Days to Delusion. It was finally completed on December 19, 2016 in courtesy of the Sonic Fanon Wikia.

Character Appearances

  • Savoice Allashar Demoy the Dhole
  • Uisas Agent Najarv'sye Au-Vimoen the Ragushara (a reference)
  • Dojyu Coffnaigh the Oiva
  • Ovil Ferah Unhod
  • Cerva Teroice Sah the Hedgehog
  • Moderator Byer Hoberzt the Cougar (a reference)
  • Moderator Jola Ed-Nonon the Bull
  • Moderator Xanthub Fuge the Hedgehog
  • Moderator Callinaiva the "Night Crawler"
  • Saz Tuy the Rhino
  • Pelonis Itio Van the Otter
  • Mertonuy Jalade the Echidna
  • Interpreter Myaari Erchliy the Cat
  • Interpreter Salmah Ogan the Wolf (a mere reference)
  • Interpreter Lovopian Azax the Rabbit
  • Interpreter Polyizxen "Polly" Feryit the Echidna
  • Voraoke Emmins the Seedrian


At the beginning, after the ending of the dream from the previous episode, Savoice Demoy is finishing up on telling Polly Feryit and Lovopian Azax about the interpretation of the dream. However, when the ability of Polly is revealed, Savoice becomes enraged in his discovery of possible betrayal. Therefore, Savoice had to resort to going into the executives' direction to speak to the Ovil. Still, he ended up speaking to Moderator Ed-Nonon after a tense encoutner with the other executives.

With this, Moderator Ed-Nonon spoke more to Savoice regarding his position of being in Ovilis and how that could have negative results on him. They even wen the level to speak about how they believed about Ovilis and the Vavy principles, two subjects which gather Savoice's trust for the other person. Moderator Ed-Nonon then knew that Savoice would have more trust for Moderator Hoberzt.

Savoice goes back to his room and finds the Finalizers (excluding Lalovan) there for an investigation. He further assists them in the discovery of another altercation of his reality, and furthermore speaks about the situation with them. However, a tantrum breaks out from Moderator Ed-Nonon and releases it on Finalizer Tuy, and the two of them fight. The fight becomes more intense as a messenger, Voraoke Emmins, runs into the scene with a letter for Savoice from the Pertanese President.

Savoice finishes reading the letter, and the fight in the background of his "skimming" is settled down. The two of them get to the letter about the "Lost Seed," which leads into the next episode's plot.

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