Fur/hair: Carp pink

Eyes: Bright Red

Skin: Pale pink
Lilac no sleeved short-short bodysuit

sapphire chocker

purple elbow fingerless-glove

purple short fingerless glove

Sapphire armband

Sky blue ribbon/bow

lilac boots

blue glass eyepiece on purple connector to red-pink headband piece
Cattish things, like good hearing, biting, clawing. More of a "Distraction" specialist
Alter Ego
Ami(only for undercover use, see appearance for more information)

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Panna-Cotta is a kitty girl who works with a group very similiar to G.U.N. Actually it is G.U.N., but a special sector for Anthro's only.

As one of the mission goers, solo or sometimes perhaps with Rouge. Panna-Cotta's other main uses consist of running the giant computer with the virtual map on it so that she can speak with someone through it, should they be on a mission instead.

Basic stats

Currently sixteen years old, going on seventeen, panna-cotta is the only daughter of Gray and Teramisu. She was born on June 11th and grew up in Station Square. She currently lives in the building she works at. However, if ever needed she has an "emergancy apartment".

Panna-cotta is single at the time, but guys typically fall for her appearence or cattish behavior, rather then herself, and become envious over her manga love. She never really dates the same guy long due to not being able to connect.

She is neutral in terms of sides.


Panna-Cotta is like most cats. She was raised to learn how to use her claws and sharp teeth in times of need. But also she has been good with using cute gadgets and charming distractions.

She is also very agile and trained well with gymnastics.

  • Heartful sparkler: Small heart shaped shiny spots appear to blind the opponent.
  • Chu Chu Cutie: Much like Tails' own ability in Battle, except this has female chu chu mice.
  • Super~!: Posing like the heroes in her manga, Panna-Cotta then leaps into the air and sends a million punches at the target, then finishes with a flying kick!
  • Henshin~!: To distract the target, Panna-Cotta will pretend to transform.

Hobbies and Talents

Pana-Cotta the cat

Futuristic spy at your service Nyan <3

Basically the reason Panna-Cotta has trouble with dating and work, Panna-Cotta is a closet manga nerd.

She has a million different Manga hidden inside of her closet, drawers, under her pillows, under her bed/matress, shelves, and so fourth. She also is a total genius in this department. On days off she is often at a convention or a cosplay event to get autograph when she claims to be sick.

But as she tries to maintain her serious personality in hopes of not being fired, Panna-Cotta is often seen training with weapons or hacking into things as she usually does.


Panna-Cotta is a playful cat girl, she sticks to her beliefs such as never doing paperwork or boring file jobs due to thinking her skills could be put to better use. She's surprisingly lazy and enjoys taking naps consistantly when not working or reading her Manga in bed.

She is also "Catty" on occasion and loves to "Play with Rouge" and as such, the two females often share combat practice together.

However, she can get grouchy if people don't do as told, "If your not part of the solution your part of the problem."

She has picked up flirting from Rouge though and will refer to it if she has to. She prides herself in being a Closet Otaku. But she keeps it private to avoid problems.


  • Using her eyepiece, cause she thinks she looks cool with it.
  • Kitty toys
  • Manga of course!
  • Being right
  • Eating
  • Playing Games
  • Naps


  • Water
  • when someone treatens her precious manga
  • People who don't focus on a mission
  • Losing
  • Accidentally harming someone when in practice.



Panna-Cotta exploring a cave

Panna-Cotta is a near Salmon colored cat with very light pink skin. Her eyes are red and she has a upside down white triangle mark with two small dots on the right cheek. Her right ear is also cut up along the edge after she had a accident with during training. Her hair consist of two big bangs in her eyes and just a bit towards the bottom, similiar to Rouge. She also has a cowlick. Her fingers and inside ears are also pink.

Her outfit consist of a sleeve and leg less lilac styled body-suit. It bares slight resemblence to what Rouge wears. The bottom half has dark purple lining and on both sides at her hip are light pink hearts. On her right arm is a dark purple fingerless glove that reaches from above her shoulder. A regular dark purple fingerless glove is on her left hand with a bright blue armband above it. Her boots are lilac in color with purple under area and black at the top. At her butt is a big light blue bow where her tail pops out. Her head piece is a raspberry pink colored headband with two big silver buttons on both sides, a small purple piece with a blue seethrough eyepiece.

Pana-Cotta riders


In Riders she kept her head piece the same minus the small part connected to the eyepiece itself, which is blue. She also wears a loose set of blue and gray earphones. On her hands are lilac gloves with the thumb and top part cut out, held on with blue bracelets. She put on a single piece purple tanktop and shorts with a small heart above the leg, and a matching blue choker with a heart on it. On her right arm is a blue and pink band. She has purple boots similiar to Rouges with white at the top and bottom and a heart at the toe. Her bow is also located at the end of her tail.

Being a spy, Panna-Cotta also has a disguise self/Alter Ego. She keeps basically just puts in blue eye contacts, wears a lilac colored hair wig in pigtails, and uses the innocent school girl persona during this. Wearing a pale lilac-pink tanktop with a collar and short white sleeves and a white band just below her chest. Along with a rainbow themed skirt with pleats, heart necklace, tall white socks, and plain brown school girl shoes.


  • Panna-Cotta
    Her name comes from a popular dessert, which usually consist of a white gel like pudding substance and cut up fruit on top or to the side.


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