This tells the story of Shun. The prologue will begin 9 years before present time. Chapters after that will take place 20 years after present time. It revolves around the criminal outlaw Shun the Panda.



In Order of Events



Cquote1 An Eye For An Eye Makes The Whole World Blind. Cquote2
Mohandas Gandhi

An ominous rain storm foreshadowed what was to come. The city had been on high alert for days. They had heard word of an advancing army. Their target: the Hanzo Branch capital, Shǎndiàn bàgōng. The darkened clouds painted the perfect picture for the upcoming event. The police squad of the city awaited the return of one of their unwelcome members, Shun the Panda. The young boy had left some time ago, and was marked for death after joining a criminal organization.

"Thinks are all clear from up here, sir" A young officer shouted standing on a large bird structure made of electricity. he crashed to the ground. The young man was of a small build, and seemed rather inexperienced. However being apart of Special Hanzo Police Task Force was an amazing feat, only truly capable fighters could accomplish it. The citizens remained inside, and were provided with food from the lower ranks of the Police Force. They couldn't risk any civilian casualties. They knew however that this would not be an easy battle, and the chance that they could lose was slightly high.

"Wait I see something," Shouted another standing atop a pillar.

"How many?" asked the general.

"I'd say 30 at least," He responded, slightly worried.

"We outnumber them men, but remember they are trained for this. You must stay on your toes, you mustn't let down your guard. We must keep them from the city." A small army walked the large stairs to the city entrance. They said nothing, and looked forward as they advanced. The all were so diverse. No doubt they would all be trouble. Shun could be roughly sketched out from within the small army. He was rather short, only being fifteen. The gates to the city opened as an army of at least a hundred poured out. The small army stopped in their tracks as the army advanced forward.

A man with a rather large physique let out a small chuckle. "Should I do the honors."

A smaller man beside him at the head of the small army nodded slightly. He smiled and licked his lips. "This should be interesting."

The larger man pulled from his back, a large scroll. he tossed it into the air, and read aloud a small chant. "Ļaujiet ellē lietus uz šiem muļķiem, jo es izsaukt tālāk tavs zvērs, teumessian lapsa" As he read this a figure began to ooze from the now floating scroll. A gigantic fox with twisted red and black color and crazed white eyes came forth. It's roar shook the mountain itself. It charged forth as it clawed at the men knocking the lot of them off of the mountain. The fox jumped from the mountain chasing it's prey, screams filled the sky. The scroll fell back to the ground. The man held his head in pain. "Urgh! That one did some damage. I'm out for a while. Summons like that take a toll."

"Why would be so foolish as to summon Teumessian so early?" said a voice. The man had the voice of a snake, one could tell he was cold blooded just by the spine-shivering voice.

"I just want to get this over with, but we always have to please the little runt Shun" he responded. Threader looked at him sternly, almost threateningly. "What?! It's true, every since he came along he's been your little pet project"

"You dare to challenge my authority?! Despite our friendship, I won't hesitate to throw you off this mountain." it grew quiet as the leader gestured for an advance into the city. The village had let them just walk into it. It was a trap, any idiot could see that. An older female stepped forward. She placed devices on the ground by the main gate. They set off, causing the gate to slowly burn along with any traps. The group advanced as bodies of soldiers laid strewn across the walkways from the explosion. They advanced farther, but were ambushed by more men.

"There may be too many" a member of the group shouted. The Task Force seemed to be getting the upper hand. Shun looked forward toward the Grand Council building. He looked there to see Tokugawa looking from a balcony. He rushed forward. Doka tried to stop the boy, but was halted by his leader. Doka looked into the man's cold eyes. Surely Shun couldn't take him by himself, but if he would try then he would die by his own carelessness. Doka wasn't here to babysit, he was here to complete the mission at hand. he joined the combat.

(With Shun) "I've awaited this day for 8 years. I will finally get my revenge." Shun raced forward "unseen" by Tokugawa towards the building. He made his way inside. He raced up the stairs, and was greeted by Tokugawa.

Tokugawa was a tall man, nothing very flashy about his appearance. He was very simplistic, but his past deeds and his stride made him menacing. He looked on at Shun, and slowly clapped. "My, my...I'm impressed it may have taken you 8 years, but you finally discovered me. Hhmhmhmhm. It's rather climactic, don't you think. You shall die by the same hands as your parents, and your brother!"

Something inside of Shun broke, while he had obtained his goal of finding Tokugawa, the fact that he had no remorse changed Shun. "Why did you do this?! Why did you target my family" Shun seemed to have a slight crack in his voice, and the tears streamed down his face. he looked at Tokugawa searching for a reason, some answer as to how he could do this.

"Well since you'll be joining them soon, I guess I could tell you what happened. 10 years ago your brother was working a special assignment. He was looking for a mole within the clan, and guess who that happened to be. Hmhmhmhm. I couldn't simply let him take away all of the hard work I had done. So I decided to silence him for good."

"You killed him you monster!" Shun interrupted Tokugawa, no longer able to hear his words.

"That's where your wrong, my child. Your parents killed him." With these words, Shun fell to his knees. He cried. This truth broke Shun into two, he didn't want to believe it, he couldn't believe it. Why did this happen, Tokugawa had to be lying.

"There there, they were easy to manipulate you know, and once they broke it...." Tokugawa walked in front of Shun and pulled out his sword ready to behead Shun. "I killed them" As Tokugawa swung it was deflected by Shun's sword.

Shun's face grew cold, but had determination and anger. He looked at Tokugawa. "You bastard! I'll make sure I kill you" Shun rolled backwards and readied his sword. Tokugawa swung at him, but the sword was again met by Shun's own sword. The two struck with ferocity, as anger poured from each strike. The two battled further, but Tokugawa kicked Shun the gut knocking him into a wall. The wall crashed on impact, and Shun shook it off and charged at Tokugawa. He shot off electricity. It was soon however deflected by Tokugawa's. Tokugawa's yellow electricity clashed with Shun's blue. Shun ran at amazing speed towards Tokugawa, and managed to slice him, though Tokugawa jumped back in time to avoid an severe damage. Shun began to pant. He was angered. he slammed his sword down causing a shock-wave of electricity. Tokugawa jumped in the air, and summoned Electric Chains. The chains grabbed onto Shun as they began to spin in a ceiling-fan-like motion. Shun was knocked from wall to wall taking massive damage. Tokugawa threw the chains still connected to Shun's body. Shun broke through the glass of the building as he spilled out onto the balcony. Tokugawa's sword had become engulfed in electrical flow. He sliced at Shun, but Shun dodged jumping onto the ledge of the balcony rail. Tokugawa did the same attack, and Shun jumped again this time using Tokugawa's chains to crash into the building to hold him in place. Shun's wrist's began to bleed from the pain of the electricity. He ran back up the side of the building onto the balcony. He kicked Tokugawa in the face knocking him back a distance. Tokugawa grew angry as he launched electric shuriken at Shun. Shun narrowly dodged the attack. He fell once more now holding onto the tail with just his hands. He looked down, and attempted to pull himself up. Tokugawa shot shuriken at the chains, breaking them off. He ran over to Shun, and jumped onto the rail, stepping on Shun's hands. Shun let go as he dug his sword into the side of the building. In the background buildings fell from the ongoing battles. Shun slid down the building. After he stopped he crashed into a building window. Tokugawa looked down displeased. He jumped down again forming chains as he slid down the building and spun around into the building like Shun did. Shun attempted to kick Tokugawa in a surprise attack, but Tokugawa backed away. Tokugawa punched Shun in the face with an electric equipped fist. Shun spun back into a wall crashing. Before he could get back on his feet, Tokugawa's sword was at his throat.

"Hahahahaha! You should've stayed in hiding child. Now, it's time to join your family!" Just as Tokugawa was ready to strike, he was shut into the wall by a sticky, slimy substance. It was Doka! Tokugawa was stuck to the wall unable to move.

"Quickly, finish him! We need to get back to the battle." Doka words were cold, it was as if he was hiding the fact that he saved Shun. Shun was astounded. "Well what are you waiting for, kill him!" Doka was impatient.

"I will end it here. I shall avenge my family." Shun raised his sword.

"Hmhmhm. Once you spill the blood of one, it will not stop. You may think your cause noble, but I promise one day you'll face the same fate as I, you'll try to fight it, but in the end you'll be" With these words everything went black and Shun pieced the sword through Tokugawa's "heart". A small scream could be heard as Tokugawa expired."

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