Palmtree Paradise is the first stage in Sonic Time Travells,

it would be the Green Hill Zone through its dirty being chess

and both are first phases.

Sonic Time Travells

Sonic and Tails after defeatings Eggman(or Robotnik) went on a

trip to enjoy their vacation on a tropical island.

But, Tornado 2 crashed in the middle of the trip all of a sudden and they crash into Palmtree Paradise.

However, Sonic saw Eggman driving his Egg Mobile in this tropical jungle.

Sonic and Tails went after Eggman to see His new plan.


It´s a tropical jungle with several palm trees and view of a beach in background. It has a bit of badniks around the stage.

There are more vertical loopings and rivers where several Choppes emerge.


It´s still a jungle with volcanoes around it and dinossaurs. And it has cavernous regions.

Good Future

It´s a city, that still has jungle behind and has no badniks and Peace domains the city.

Bad Future

It´s a city full of factories and pollutions in the lakes and has more badniks and is harder to pass.

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Sonic Time Travells

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