The Parkview-Hunter County Unified School District (commonly known as PHCUSD and Hunter County Schools,) is an urban school district that serves Parkview, Wolfington and all of Hunter County. Since the dissolving of Wolfington Area Schools in 2002, the PHCUSD now has the third largest number of students in the country, at 284,945 (2010 estimate).

The most important event to ever occur in district history was during Shahooter's Rebellion of 2009. The day that the rebellion started, all schools were shut down. After the comet, the district remained closed for 3.5 months. During that time, the district held classes Di Kandem (Scootanian for in coalition) with Essex County, Green Hill County, Surry County, Whiteford County and Chaos County. When the district reopened in February 2010, it took on a new character. The PHCUSD now has a legacy; it is the only district in the area to rebuild itself from the ground up after an attack.


The name Parkview-Hunter County Unified School District comes from history. Before 1949, the school system was simply Hunter County Schools until Parkview abolished its area school district in June 1949. The name of the system was then changed to Parkview-Hunter County Unified Schools. That name stayed until 2002, when Wolfington dissolved its school district; the name was then changed to today's Parkview-Hunter County Unified School District.


The PHCUSD is composed of a Superintendent and an 8-member Board of Education. The leaders of the school district meet at PHCUSD headquarters at 1 Education Plaza. The board is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the school system. The current roster was modified on Election Day (June 1, 2010).

  • District 1 (Johnathan Heywood) - Airport & Southeast
  • District 2 (Laura Knolltree) - Nelson Area
  • District 3 (Jim "Baron" Joneye) - Wolfington
  • District 4 (Alexander Whithouse) - Redwood Area & Southwest
  • District 5 (Morin Bankerson) - Starr Park Area
  • District 6 (Drew Rebolin) - Rising Tide & Northwest
  • District 7 (Franklin Hyatt) - Central Parkview/Riverbank
  • District 8 (Huller Mitchell) - Central Hunter County


Prior to 2009, the PHCUSD consisted of 104 schools and facilities (59 elementary schools, 20 middle schools, 20 high schools, 5 facilities). Following the Rebellion, the leaders-in-exile decided that the county's enrollment would swell after rebuilding, so a new plan was put in place to be more efficient with school enrollment and student needs. Thus, the PHCUSD's facility count stayed about the same, even for a higher number of students.


There are 53 elementary schools in the district. Primary schools were closed in 1997 and were merged into elementary schools.

  • Alinn Street Elementary
  • Allison Creek Elementary
  • Arbor Hills Elementary
  • Atkinson Road Elementary
  • Aythe Elementary
  • Baron Park Elementary
  • Barrington Elementary
  • Bellwood Performing Arts Elementary
  • Bharat Park Elementary
  • Bishop Creek Elementary
  • Bill Mason Elementary
  • Birmingham Avenue Elementary
  • Brettwood Elementary
  • Cedar Park Elementary
  • Creol Mill Elementary
  • Crockfield Elementary
  • Crulyford Elementary
  • Culmer Elementary
  • Cyatt Elementary for Technology and Science
  • Davidson Elementary
  • Dazings Street Elementary
  • Dolmer Vista Elementary
  • Evans Point Elementary
  • Ezgarton Elementary
  • Four Forks Elementary
  • Front Street Elementary
  • Gus H. Green Elementary for Environmental Studies
  • Harris Lake Elementary
  • Juan Pasco Elementary
  • Lake Silver Elementary
  • Merks Elementary
  • Millsburn Elementary
  • Nelson Elementary
  • Oriental Spring Elementary
  • Olympia Hills Elementary
  • Phillips Spring Elementary
  • Pinson Elementary
  • Polkwood Elementary
  • Promenada Elementary
  • Pulson Park Elementary
  • Redwood Area Elementary
  • Rising Tide Elementary
  • Riverbank Elementary
  • Rollings Bay Elementary
  • Sequitchie Elementary
  • Starr Park Elementary
  • Stewart Elementary
  • Stio Lake Elementary
  • Trevor Pierce Elementary for Math and Science
  • Tillingson Elementary
  • Windy Crest Elementary
  • Wolfcrest Elementary

Middle Schools

The junior high system in the PHCUSD was abolished in 1983 and was replaced by the current middle school system. There are 24 middle schools in the district.

  • Aldercrest Middle
  • Allison Creek Middle
  • Arbor Point Middle for Environmental Studies
  • Barondale Middle
  • Bellevue Middle
  • Billingswood Middle
  • Bison Creek Middle
  • Chaos Point Middle
  • Chuck N. Fields Middle
  • Coastside Middle
  • Dolcrest Park Middle
  • DuPont Middle
  • Edgarton Middle
  • Emerald Vista Middle
  • Fieldwood Middle
  • Green Lake Middle
  • Hollsfield Middle
  • Idinton Middle for Technology
  • Nelson Middle
  • Northeast Hunter Middle
  • Redwood Middle
  • Redot Mill Middle for Math and Science
  • Saks Middle
  • Wolfington Middle
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