Oya the Mongoose

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
Species Troll/Mongoose
  • Fur: Purple
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Muzzle: Pale Peach
  • Blue vest
  • Black laced bra
  • Black mini-skirt
  • Black elbow-length fingerless open-palm gloves
  • Blue belt w/ gold buckle
  • Black see-through stockings
  • Black knee-length boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
Super FormsNone
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorKagimizu

Oya the Mongoose is a recolor of Mina Mongoose, and a member of The Nine Raiju Fangs.



Oya is a flirt and seductress. She has an insatiable appetite for men, and goes after any male with no shame or inhibition, with no discrimination in terms of age, species, rank, or affiliation. When Oya isn't on a mission or flirting with a guy, that usually means she's already off having an intimate moment with someone. Even when on missions Oya doesn't heistate to flirt with or attempt to seduce a man, usually calling it "taking a detour". She rarely takes offense at guys oggling her or making perverted remarks, often responding with her own amourous comments or actions.

She does however, prefer to keep perversity to "looking and talking only" when in public, though doing otherwise doesn't actually upset or aggravate her. Despite her lust or promiscuity, Oya dislikes being called a "slut" or any term like it, regarding her behaviour as simply "not restraining or inhibiting myself". Oya takes great pride in her beauty and appearance, and never hesitates to threaten those who insult her looks. Oya can also be objective and focused when need be, though it's usually only when accompanied by one of her more focused team-mates. Oya particular enjoys flirting with and attempting to seduce taken or gentlemanly males, finding their reactions and self-restraint "adorable", while also believing "the more restrained they are, the more fun they are when they let loose".

Oya can occasionally be nurturing to younger girls, but looks upon tomboys and regal-acting women with disdain, feeling they need to "loosen up". When serious and fighting for real, Oya can be quite lethal and ruthless, aiming at her opponent's vitals with her attacks. When facing what she percieves to be weaker opponents, Oya enjoys playing with her opponents, systematically striking the target with her powers until they can't move, though in the end she rarely goes in for the kill, though she has been known to take advantage of males in this state. However, Oya is far from a sadist, and prefers using her powers to kill her opponents painlessly.


Oya is a purple Mina Mongoose recolor, with a whitish-peach furry muzzle, blue eyes, and dark black hair. However, her body figure is far different, with large breasts, slim hips, an equally large rear, and toned legs. Overall this gives her an almost unrealistically voluptuous body. Oya wears a black laced bra with a small open blue vest that cuts off just below her cleavage, black form-fitting gloves that end just below her elbows that are not only fingerless, but also open at the palm. She wears a tight black mini-skirt with a blue belt and gold buckle, black see-through stockings, and matching black knee-length boots.


As a troll, Oya has enhanced physical capabilities and regenerative powers. As a Mina recolor, her super-speed is enhanced beyond normal, making her slightly slower than characters such as Shadow. Oya also is incredibly flexible, agile, limber, and has deceptively high stamina and endurance. In addition, Oya is an undisputed master in her capabilities with the element Nuero, able to not only focus its effects to the point of needle-like accuraccy, but also achieve multiple effects besides numbness. With her powers, Oya is a dangerous opponent at all ranges, even against numerous opponents.


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