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Shi, before his meditation, resembled an aging monkey with long, thin limbs, large hands, wide open ears, grayish-brown hair and was wrapped in white robes like many people in the Heavens wore. Shi could usually be seen with a wide-eyed grin on his face, happy about pretty much everything. Once going into meditation, Shi's ears had fallen shut on his head, his eyes were permanently closed, and his mouth became straight and solid, as well as his whole body becoming a uniform white, resembling a marble statue.


Shi, in his time, was known for being a charismatic and generous ruler, always looking out for his people no matter how much of a minority they were and was not afraid to share his wealth with anyone. He did not care whether one was from the Heavens, the Underworld, or the planet inbetween, everyone was a potential friend to him and that's how he liked it. Shi was never really demanding unless the situation truly called for it.


It is unknown how Shi came into existence or how he became the Heavens King, however once he became it the Heavens and their inhabitants had experienced a cultural boom. Pretty much everywhere in the Heavens there were artists, their art and lots of meditation as opposed to the Underworld, where everything was about control and business. However, Shi began to have suspisions, after witnessing the domination of the Underworld by the then Soulstice leader Sampson (redacted). Fearful of a possible invasion, Shi had the bridge between the Heavens and Earth destroyed and all who live in the Heavens to join together in creating a superweapon only to be used as a last resort. Pouring all of their energy, Shi and his people had created the sky fortress Shi'Malpho. Shi himself was the key to activating this weapon, so to protect it from thieves he had gone into a deep state of meditation, losing his sight, hearing and voice, as well as turning into stone and being hidden behind several floors of traps and puzzles. The only remnant of Shi's rule is a note from him, written before Shi'Malpho's completion, stating that "The key to meditation will open many doors."


Shi, despite never truly showing it in his rule, can manipulate life-energy. With this he can convert the lifeforce of lesser beings around him to use for attacks or to convert into solid-light weapons. After going into meditation, Shi can still use this power subconsciously, using it to create and control traps in his dungeon while subconsciously giving hints to those who seek him.


Shi had never really engaged in a fight, so no clear weakness can be given. However, his life-energy manipulation only works on plants, the newly deceased and spirits. His open kindness and charity could've been easily exploited by more malicious people, but nobody ever truly got the chance to try that out before he had locked himself away to meditate.

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