Outrage is an incredibly powerful berserker attack of draconic origin.


When a user initiates this attack, their eyes glow red while their body becomes covered by a blue aura. After this, the user launches a wild attack in a hurricane of savage and wild strikes, usually with hands, claws, and/or tails. While uncoordinated and reliant totally on savage instinct, each blow is devastatingly powerful on their own, making this an exceptionally dangerous technique. However, this raw power comes at a severe cost: the amount of energy required to use this attack severely drains the user, to the point where they become dazed and confused. This makes Outrage the epitome of all-or-nothing attacks: if the user is unable to wipe out their enemies with this technique, it is almost guaranteed that the opponent will be able to defeat the user in the aftermath of Outrage's use.


Pokemon Users


  • Thrash: Elementless variant that involves thrashing one's body around savagely.
  • Petal Dance: Nature-based non-physical variant that involves attacking with a hurricane of flower petals.


Due to its incredible power and harsh drawbacks, Outrage is marked as an A-Rank- though often forbidden- technique.

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