This is a list of characters appearing in the Terrible Luck Saga, excluding Lerich's Henchmen.

Primary Characters

This small list is a list of characters making recurring appearances in the saga. "Sonic and Co." and "The gang" refers to the first six characters collectively.

The fastest supersonic hedgehog around. He and the rest of the gang get stranded when Tails' plane crashes. Lerich shackles him in the first issue so he couldn't use his speed. (Richard Ian Cox)

The builder and pilot of the Blue Typhoon. He is an intelligent two-tailed fox boy. (Colleen Clinkenbeard)

Powerful echidna. Hot-tempered and in this story's case, has a tendency to swear often. (Steven Jay Blum)

A girl who admires Sonic. But for some reason, this fact is not stressed a lot, despite being with him for the remainder of the saga and the fact she is stranded along with him. (Monica Rial)

A cute and sweet little girl rabbit who is always followed by her pet chao, Cheese. (Jessica Boone)

Cream's pet chao. Cheese is very strong, despite being so small. He is locked up in a cage by Lerich in the first issue, so he wouldn't be able to protect Cream. (Jessica Boone)

Lerich's neighbor, and a good friend to Sonic and Co. (Cynthiya Cranz)

Lerich is despicable, cruel and sadistic. He loves nothing more than to torture living things and make them feel miserable. After the gang escapes from him and he fails to make them his slaves, he follows them everywhere, determined to kill them all. (Chuck Huber)

Lerich's girlfriend, starting from the end of Sour Encounters, who shares his love of cruelty. (Kathleen Barr)

Irrika's spoiled and conceited apprentice. (Maryke Hendrikse)

Secondary Characters

Epiphany and Cain

Epiphany and Cain are introduced in Spellbound and sides with them during their first unpleasant encounter with Caterina, who is a student in a rival house. (Kate Oxley, Johnny Yong Bosch)


Tani is a friend of Epiphany and Cain. He was first seen in the Icy Ridge. There are a few hints that he may have a crush on Amy. In his first appearance, he wears a cloak similar to the ones worn by the Organization XIII members of Kingdom Hearts 2. (Greg Ayres)

Taffy Motta

He first appears in Sour Encounters. His ex-girlfriend is Irrika Vexus, who decided to adopt the furry fivesome because anthropomorphs were "cool." Taffy is kind to the gang but completely submissive to Irrika and other characters due to his distaste for arguments. The phrase he consistently uses throughout is "Well, I don't like to argue..." He is less of a follower of fashion than Irrika and dislikes the idea of buying superfluous items simply because they are "cool." He is rich and successful, but this position is abused by Irrika. At the end of the novel, Irrika leaves Taffy to become a member of Lerich's villain group and Lerich's girlfriend. In keeping with his timid and nonconfrontational disposition, Taffy tells Sonic and Co. that he wants to take them "far, far away from here, away from Lerich." They refuse because they would rather find Epiphany and Cain and go after Lerich. (Sonny Strait)

Caterina's friends

Caterina had at least four friends in the third issue, who also think Sonic and Co. are "freaks". They included a small girl with dark hair tied into a ponitail, a boy with blond hair and two boys with dark hair. They only make appearances in Spellbound.


Sann is the runs a place on one of the hills in Meagerville in Hapless Hills. (Troy Baker)


Sann's partner. Almost gets killed by a hypnotized Knuckles. (Dave Wittenberg)


A cheerful fellow who also works at Sann's. (Troy Baker)


Edwin is a man who lives in the The Sable Village. He has been accused of things he didn't do and was executed. He seems to have close ties to Katy, who took the group to the Tenpai. (Quinton Flynn)


Zedd in one of the record keepers in Tangled Troubles. He ends up accusing Sonic and Co. for setting fire to the hall, when it was really Irrika. (Dave Wittenberg)


Zumi, or otherwise known as Suzy appears in Tangled Troubles only as a ball of energy or an aura. (Brina Palencia)


(Main article: Doren)
Age: About 17
Gender: Female
Species: Half-Demon, Half Human
Special Abilities: Dark Tentacles

Doren is an androgynous female character who appears in Tangled Troubles. She is also a demon who has great insecurities. She is easily jealous and prone to severe envy. She tries to strangle Tails with her dark tentacles sprouting from her back, when the others try to save him, they get tangled, too. She is then brought down by realization of her self-doubt and is then strangled slowly to death with her one of her own tentacles. (Stephanie Young)

Dr. Pain

The ringmaster who appears in Sideshow Story, along the performers part of the attraction.

The Performers

  • Elvin - Has the power of pyrokinesis. (Liam O'Brien)
  • Bridget - Is able to stretch herself in excess of 30 m (98 ft). (Colleen O'Shaughnessey)
  • Elvira - Has the ability to sprout spikes from her body. (Janyse Jaud)

Captain Snappkot

The captain of the submarine in Shipwrecked. (Troy Baker)


Madeleine is an associate and related to Captain Snappkot. (Kate Oxley)


A woman who takes the gang to the Tenpai and helps Tails with his plane later on. She sacrifices herself when she lets the rest of the gang have the antidote to the poison in some apples. (Laura Bailey)

Stardrops Inhabitants

These characters are introduced in The Final Call.

  • Marnia
  • Samba
  • Ledan
  • Jive
  • Amuleo
  • Gotch
  • Tomahon
  • Boon
  • Oz
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