Oriyugata is an massive island located far northeast of Mobius. Like the Dragon Kingdom, Oriyugata Island is also based on Asia/china but is mixed with japanese, korean, filipino, indian, and taiwanese elements and cultures. Parts of the island's landmass are the Kuchiki Plains, Makihara Coast, Hisame Jungle, Shinomori Canyon, Mt. Takuyoshi, Hinatari Mines, and Oshinaro Village. It's the home of the mobian priestess Oboro Hyuzami the Shih-Tzu.


Ancient Times

4000 years ago, the ancient races of mobian shih tzus, falcons, mice, snow leopards, spider monkeys, squirrel monkeys, and burrowing owls lived in the oriental island of Oriyugata. They create their civilization in Hisame Jungle and the Kuchiki Plains. To develop their oriental civilization and culture further, the inhabitants of Oriyugata have discovered and used a collection of six mystical stones that are called Izanagi Crystals. They are likely the far east counterparts of the Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds, but has powerful elemental properties. Ryuoen Itago the Spider Monkey, first emperor of Oriyugata and the founder of a clan of mobian spider and squirrel monkeys called the Mitsudaira Clan hired philosophers and shugenjas from the Hyuzami family (a family branch of the Takeshi clan who are Oboro Hyuzami's ancestors) in order to study and write certain theories about the destructive powers that the Izanagi Crystals possess. However, some of the clans want to harness these said elemental powers and use them for evil purposes to the point that they started a chaotic war on the other clans after Ryuoen Itago's rule of Oriyugata.

The Yuugadai Conflict

The Yuugadai Conflict are a series of 19 military campaigns that started on Oriyugata 37 years ago after the first emperor of Oriyugata Ryuoen Itago the Spider Monkey mysteriously passed away.

After learning that the families of the Taigen, Daeshim, and Gyosei mobian clans plans to use the Izanagi Crystals to enslave and take over the island, Yukitora the Squirrel Monkey, the 9 year old empress of the Mitsudaira Clan refused to hand the crystals over to them and vows to protect them and the people with her life.

Her defiance towards the clan families has infuriated them to the point that they started an all out war against the Mitsudaira and Takeshi mobian clans which lasted for 37 years on Oriyugata until Matsumoto Hyuzami the Shih Tzu along with Empress Yukitora agreed to create a peace treaty to stop the fighting. And with it, they called a 7 year truce with the Daeshim, Taigen, and Gyosei Clans, causing the Yuugadai Conflict to end in a stalemate.

These are the following battles that took place during the Yuugadai Conflict:

  • The Battle of Kuchiki Plains
  • The Battle of Hisame Jungle
  • Defense at Makihara Coast
  • Retreat from Hinatari Mines
  • Shinomori Canyon Campaign
  • Rescue at Madarame Rainforest
  • Showdown at Katohisa Fortress
  • Hisadaira Winter Campaign
  • Hisadaira Summer Campaign
  • Hisadaira Autumn Campaign
  • The Battle of Daigojima Castle
  • The Incident at Himeragi Temple
  • The Crossing of Yoshitada Badlands
  • Rampage at Mt. Takuyoshi
  • Tenshonagi Spring Campaign
  • Tenshonagi Summer Campaign
  • Tenshonagi Autumn Campaign
  • Tenshonagi Winter Campaign
  • Last Stand at Tenshonagi Castle

Izanamihime's Rampage

After 3 of the mobian clans formed a peace treaty with the Mitsudaira and Takeshi Clans, everything was brought back normal in the island continent of Oriyugata. However, the seven year peace didn't last long as the aftermath of the Yuugadai Conflict attracted the attention of the mobian goddess of death named Izanamihime. Using the chaos to her advantage, she used her powers to wreak havoc on Oriyugata and killed many of the inhabitants that lived there including the half of the families of the 6 mobian clans. Adachi Hyuzami the Shih Tzu, the leader of the Hyuzami branch family in the Takeshi Clan, was not going to let this mobian goddess' rampage on Oriyugata continue and decided to take action.

He and his son Hanzo led half of the mobian shugenjas to meet Izanamihime in combat and the battle ensues. The mobian death goddess proves to be very formidable against the Hyuzami shugenjas as she wipes them out with her powerful spells but Adachi uses the power of the Izanagi Crystals to transform into his celestial super form Seimei No Abe Adachi and fought Izanamihime to the final stand. The ensuing chaos caused by their bout lasted for days, but the mobian death goddess manage to overpower Adachi.

Just as she was about to finish off the now weakened mobian shih tzu, Izanamihime is suddenly held back by a binding spell casted on her by Aurora, the queen of mobian gods and goddesses. Unable to move, Adachi's son Hanzo charged at the immobile deity and delivered the final death blow at her, giving Aurora enough time to seal her rampaging daughter inside the deepest levels of Himeragi Temple.

Even though the mobian death goddess is sealed away, the three elemental devas spawned from a portion of her powers, awaits the day to break out of Himeragi Temple, so they can cause mayhem on Oriyugata and collect all the Izanagi Crystals in order to set Izanamihime free so she can continue her path of destruction on Mobius once again.

Yukimasa the Spider Monkey's Rule of Oriyugata

In the aftermath of Izanamihime's defeat, the inhabitants of Oriyugata lived in peace on the island for three years. Empress Yukitora the Squirrel Monkey, who is now 53 years old, became extremely ill due to tuberculosis and asked her 18 year old son Yukimasa the Spider Monkey to take her place as emperor of Oriyugata and lead the Mitsudaira Shogunate before passing away. Devoted to fulfill his mother's dying wish, Yukimasa took upon himself to help the people by rebuilding the war torn cities and towns that were devastated by the chaotic events over the years. He also worked with the clan leaders to put a number of benevolence policies into action in order to ensure a better future for the mobian clans and other inhabitants living in Oriyugata, leading the island to soon grow into prosperity and unity which lasted for eleven years. Everyone praised Yukimasa because of the empathy he has shown towards his people and hailed him as their savior, however, his younger brother Yukitoyo the Spider Monkey has grown jealous torwards Yukimasa and plots to take him out of the picture.

Usurping Emperor Yukimasa & hostile takeover of the Mitsudaira Shogunate

Yukitoyo the Squirrel Monkey believes that his older brother has become too soft of ruling Oriyugata and will be a threat to his plans. In order to seize power of the Izanagi Crystals for himself, he has secretly plotted to remove Yukimasa from power. Because of the influence Yukitoyo had within the Valenzuela Shogunate, He gained a number of supporters from the Knuckles Tribes, the Gossamer and Raiju mobian ninja clans, and several corrupt officials that joined his cause to appoint him as emperor. With their help, Yukitoyo launched an all out coup d'etat within the cities of Oriyugata by destroying the rebuilt villages and towns, slaughtered many innocent villagers and citizens in their path, and plundered the treasure from the tombs of the past emperors and empress (Ryuen Itago, Sae, and Yukitora). These horrible atrocities caused by Yukitoyo and his army of followers has driven the entire island of Oriyugata into total chaos.

Having heard that his brother has staged a murderous revolt in Oriyugata, Yukimasa the Spider Monkey took action and led the Mitsudaira and Takeshi mobian clans to combat the traitorous Yukitoyo and his army of mobian outsiders when they have reached the main keep of Tenshonagi Castle in Tatsugizawa City, causing a very fierce clash to take place. Despite the Takeshi and Mitsudaira clan soldiers holding their own against their barbaric assailants, the ninjas of the Gossamer and Raiju clans eventually overpowered them as they reached the main hall of Tenshonagi Castle and Yukimasa the Spider Monkey was ultimately cornered by the invaders.

Heavily outnumbered, Yukimasa the Spider Monkey refused to go down quietly as he fended off wave after wave of the attackers that were being sent his way inside the main hall. When emperor Yukimasa finally realized that he was gaining the upper hand, Yukitoyo suddenly weakened him with a tanto that was laced with venom and eventually killed his brother with a fatal stab to the heart. The death of Yukimasa the Spider Monkey has put an end to his benevolent reign and allowed his brother to usurp his position as emperor and take over the Mitsudaira Shogunate, bringing the island of Oriyugata into five years of anarchy and oppresion.

Emperor Yukitoyo's tyrannical reign & Yukihara the Squirrel Monkey's rebellion against the oppressive Mitsudaira Shogunate

Two years has passed since the coup d'etat against Emperor Yukimasa the Spider Monkey. Yukitoyo the Spider Monkey has taken complete control over the Mitsudaira Shogunate and has put the cities of Oriyugata into total oppression by putting many innocent villagers to work into labor, selling women and children into slavery, launched brutal and vicious conquests on many of the islands on Mobius as well as killing the war prisoners that tried surrender peacefully to Yukitoyo's forces. The members of the Mitsudaira Shogunate could do nothing about the many atrocities that Yukitoyo the Spider Monkey has committed as they watched their authority crumble each passing day.

As the suffering and fear happening to countless of innocent people continued on the island of Oriyugata, Yukitoyo's oppressive reign was abruptly halted when his cousin Yukihara the Squirrel Monkey, who was one of the victims of his tyranny, staged a revolt against him alongside her good friends Kikuo the Burrowing Owl and Natsume the Field Mouse with Nagamasa the Eagle's help. They formed a coalition to combat Yukitoyo and his army of mobian outsiders which would lead into the event that would eventually known as the Crusade of the Seventh Heaven.

Crusade of the Seventh Heaven

The Crusade of the Seventh Heaven is a campaign of five battles started on the mobian island of Oriyugata when Yukihara the Squirrel Monkey formed arms alongside her good friends Kikuo the Burrowing Owl and Natsume the Field Mouse after the mysterious Babylon weapon master Nagamasa the Eagle saved the former from her vicious captors. On his advice, Yukihara decided to take responsibility of putting a stop the rampaging nightmare that her cousin has forced among the people and her family clan and engaged into war against the forces of the vile Yukitoyo.

Locations and Geography

The island of Oriyugata is made of lush rainforests, deep jungles, volcanic mountains, snowy plains,underground mines, and tropical beaches. Although half of the forests in the island have been razed to make way for locations like Oshinari Village and Tenshonagi Castle. The landmarks in Oriyugata heavily resembles castles, shrines and palaces of Japanese and Chinese history and were created by the mobian clans of the island by using the Izanagi Crystals.

These are the following locations:

Makihara Coast- A small system of islands located pacific of Oriyugata. Makihara Coast is known for it's lush palm trees, beautiful grasslands, and a shrine gate located in front the ocean.

Central Bay Zone- An island beach located pacific of Makihara Coast. This area is basically Oriyugata's version of both Emerald Coast and Seaside Hill from the games Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes, except the location itself has asian themed structures that resembles much like temples and dance halls. And there's also a narrow hill like pathway with several partially submerged shrine gates built above it.

Kuchiki Plains- a massive grassland located north of Oriyugata. Snow fall frequently occurs in this area during the winter time and doesn't melt during the spring, these plains are filled with lush hill like meadows, beautiful gardens, and has a sacred cavern that houses cherry blossom trees.

Hisame Jungle- a deep jungle located in the central part of Oriyugata. Despite it's tropical habitat, this jungle is surrounded by ancient ruins.

Kizugawa Ruins- the remains of what's left of Katohisa Castle located southwest of Oriyugata. It is said that this place is haunted and inhabited by the ghosts of fallen warriors.

Mt. Takuyoshi- a huge remote mountainside that serves as a dormant ancient volcano. Fire Deity Enjanagi comes to this place to channel his powers.

Ivory Fortress Zone- a location northeast of Oriyugata discovered by Miles "Tails" Prower and Naokoko the Squirrel Monkey in Sonic the Hedgehog: Memories of Chaos. This majestic asian themed castle is said to have been abandoned 4000 years ago in the aftermath of the Yugadai Conflict War. The beauty and radiance emanates from this massive structure that holds legendary treasures of Oriyugata during the ancient period of Mobius. However like Kizugawa Ruins, it is also haunted by spirits of fallen warriors and the ghosts led by King Boom Boo lurks about in this place, scaring off any travelers who sets foot inside the castle. Dr. Eggman has planted one of his E- Series creations, the Egg Lamia in the fortress' underground chamber where Yukimura the Squirrel Monkey resealed the Izanagi Crystals, as it is programmed to attack any intruder who tries to get near the magic elemental stones.

Tonobi Valley- a mysterious hilltop region located in eastern Oriyugata. This frontier serves a home to the Futaba Tribe, a mobian clan made of anthromorphic burrowing owls who are skilled flying warriors that uses wind magic and martial arts to take advantage of the sky above them. Several temples and shrines can be found here for the residents to give offerings to honor the mobian gods, as well as a cavern that the Futaba tribe members go to relax due the many geyser pools that cave shelters.

Dusty Pass Zone- A rugged mountainside located in the central area of Tonobi Valley where sandstorms can easily form. It is Oriyugata's counterpart to Windy Valley.

Hinomori Canyon-