This character is a recolor. Please consider drawing some of your own art, or removing the recolored images.
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Original the Character is one of the villains in Sonic Fanuverse. He appeared in the episode Do Not Steal, as the main antagonist.


Original is a recolored Sonic, with a green fur tone. He technically can't move his limbs, since he himself is just a static images. He switches to other recolored images of Sonic to show what he is doing.


Original the Character is a person that tends to steal from others, as he is a thief. He has stolen many things, such as money, weapons, food and etc.


Original the Character stumbled upon the Sonic O' Central one day, where he stole a car, chilli dog, and sword from three citizens there. Randomicalz became concered about the missing stuff, so he had the Meme Teme to investigate. They discovered a recolor, which was a static image inside a cave. Edgy took a closer look, and the image changed into a picture of a recolored Sonic punching. Edgy got hit.

They discovered that the image was alive, and was responsible for the missing items. The Meme Teme try to get the stuff back, but Original blasted the Meme Teme out of the cave, and he was now gone. Original enters his room, which is now full of dozens of stuff he stole recently, and activates a maze to stall the Teme, with monsters and traps.

The Meme Teme struggles, until Edgy raged and punched through the walls to reach Original the Character. Original runs to his basement, where the rest followed. Outside is now covered in monsters, and it was now on fire. The Meme Teme and Original were trapped. That was until Original used the last thing he stole to destroy the monsters, and the Teme; a mechanic walker.

Original rides the mechanic walker and uses it to shoot missiles and the Meme Teme. Randomicalz had no idea what to do, and Noobly needed time to debug it's system and shut it down for good. Lawcia stalls it with her police lights and sirens, forcing Original to follow it. Lawcia throws the lights to the fire, where Original's walker burns, and gets stuck. 5 minutes now passed, when Original's fireproof shield is now fully charged and activates, Noobly shuts down the walker, and makes it fall apart. Original burns and dies, but respawns in the Central, where the Meme Teme teleports there. Original was now surrounded by the Central's admins, and was blocked for good.



  • Original was made to satirize the OC memes, where people told others not to steal.
  • The creator intentionally made Original a recolor.
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