Ordinaria the Hedgewolf

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Fur: Blue
  • Hair: Light Blonde
  • Eyes: Red
Casual Attire
  • Dark blue tank top w/ dark red diamond emblem
  • Dark blue shorts
  • Dark blue boots w/ dark red Velcro straps & interior
  • Dark blue fingerless gloves
  • Dark red studded wristbands
  • Dark red studded belt
Combat Armor
  • Reddish-pink bodysuit, visible in the gaps in the armor
  • Silver armor including helmet, breastplate, weapon belt & arm and leg plating, breastplate marked with the blood-red diamond of the Janelle's crew.
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Sansetsukon (Three Sectioned Staff)
  • Razor-edged bugs (formerly)
  • Advanced combat - Staff, hand-to-hand
  • Skilled with Aeromance abilities
  • Stealth training
  • Skilled w/ use of semi-intelligent "weapons"
  • Capable of enhancing speed w/ Air magic
Super Forms
Other Information
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Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
AppearancesRoleplay:The Elemental Wars
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Ordinaria the Hedgewolf is a soldier in the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus, and a former assassin from G.U.N's Fifth Interstellar Fleet.

Physical Description

Ordinaria is a slim and busty hedgewolf of standard height, with very little in the way of visible musculature. She has rather short blue fur over her entire body, with blonde hair which is kept reasonably short and red eyes, plus rather small quills dotted around on the back of her head.


When not in a combat situation, Ordinaria wears a dark blue tank top, shorts, boots and fingerless gloves, with the boots possessing dark red Velcro straps and interiors. Her top sports a dark-red diamond design, the emblem of the flagship of G.U.N's Fifth Interstellar Fleet - the Janelle. She also wears a pair of dark-red studded wristbands and a similarly styled belt. However, when either patrolling or entering a combat situation, she wears a red-pink bodysuit and silver armor similar in cut to Niente the Mongoose's, although with more modern appearances and the ability to seal itself upon exposure to a vacuum.


Early History

Ordinaria was born in a small mining village on an island in the middle of the oceans, close to the G.U.N. Star Watch Tower, the command center of G.U.N's Interstellar Command. The daughter of a mining family, she was raised to aid her mother as a seamstress, maintaining the uniforms of G.U.N. officers and mine workers alike. However, Ordinaria was unwilling to work with that, preferring to play war-games with the other children than help out. At around the age of 7, her father was killed in a mine accident, leaving her mother as the sole money earner. Ordinaria tried her hardest to help out, but her mother made up her mind and sent the young hedgewolf to a boarding school run by G.U.N, hoping her daughter could get into the Interstellar forces once she grew older, a life of excitement and challenge rather than boredom and menial work. Upon arrival, amongst the children of soldiers, pilots and other members of G.U.N's forces, Ordinaria simply felt that she didn't belong, although that quickly disappeared as she grew accustomed to the environment she was in, forming fast friendships with the other children. At the minimum age for entrance into a Youth League, Ordinaria was grabbed by members of the Interstellar forces for specialized training, and she aimed to push their bounds as much as possible. Noting her natural skill with unseen movement, and her habit of muttering incantations under her breath before unleashing gusts of air, one of the leaders of the youth league she had joined chose to have her training focused on that, with a future position as an assassin. She was trained in using a three-section staff called a sansetsukon, and her trainer provided her with an array of weapons she could choose for a secondary weapon. Strangely, Ordinaria chose a strange kind of genetically modified alien beetle, bred to be thrown and return to the original user after cutting the target with razor-sharp edges. These bugs, she learned, could be accelerated by manipulating the wind behind them, and that some of her spells were capable of doing that, so again, she was tutored in her aeromance abilities. Over the next four years, she drilled and trained intensively, eventually rising to one of the most skilled assassins in G.U.N outside the actual armies and the agents themselves, before displaying her skills alongside other trainees before the leaders of each of the ten fleets. She caught the eye of Grand Admiral Tengu Mendoza, a demon/hedgehog hybrid and head of the G.U.N. Fifth Interstellar Fleet, who was impressed by her skill and asked for her to be transferred to his flagship, the Janelle.

Journey to the Stars

On board the Janelle as it flew out to a star system a distance from Mobius, where the rest of the Fighting Fifth were waiting, Tengu explained the role he envisaged for her - she would be his private assassin, picking off any target he designated. Due to this, he provided her with quarters, a set of soldier's armor and a uniform-of-sorts for her position aboard his ship. Quickly, his subordinates began to fear her power and clout with the Grand Admiral, and a number of dark rumors of her being his mistress began to spread. Her first mission, however, was not to silence dissent or slay enemies as she thought, but rather to assassinate Grand Admiral Hydra Pierce, a cat and the leader of the First Interstellar Fleet, and his son Faie, a standard soldier aboard his massive Dreadnaught. Immediately, she tried to reject, only for Tengu to explain what his demon heritage was - he was a son of the demon prince Rageik's wife, Phantom, and he had inherited her omnikinesis. Should Ordinaria refuse a mission, he would make her life a living hell. Reluctantly, Ordinaria flew to the Pride of Mobius, Hydra's flagship, where she was received as the "liaison" from the Fifth Fleet. Over the two years of her mission, Ordinaria found herself unable to complete even part of her mission. Both Hydra and Faie quickly earned her respect through their actions, and she found herself forming a close personal attachment, based upon a crush, with Faie. It was that crush that proved to be Faie's downfall. Upon seeing Ordinaria off on one of her regular reports back to Tengu, a starfighter reporting a bad reactor malfunction was oriented towards the flag hanger where it could be safely contained, with Faie organizing the evacuation of the hanger bay. However, Ordinaria was still in there as he reached the doors, which had blast doors preparing to close. Quickly, and without any thought of personal risk, Faie raced over to the young hedgewolf, grabbed her in his arms and dashed back to the rapidly-closing door, just managing to throw her through before the door closed completely. The next thing heard by the assassin was a sudden explosion, and once the doors could be opened once again, all that remained of Faie was a badly melted and charred body. Overwhelmed with grief, Ordinaria broke another rule of being an assassin and told Hydra of her mission, and the truth behind Tengu. Thanking her for her honesty, after sensing her grief over the loss of his son, one of her targets, the Grand Admiral provided her with a small rescue beacon, which would summon aid to her position if required to deal with the traitorous admiral. He then recommended her to return to the Janelle, and leave the rest to him for now. Silently, she accepted and was flown back to the ship.

Arrest of a Traitor

Upon return to the Janelle, Tengu attacked her verbally for failing her mission, before muttering something about other channels, ordering the young assassin to remain in her cabin until he required her again. The next thing she knew, less than half an hour later, two armed and armored guards burst into her room and grabbed her, dragging her onto the bridge to face the enraged demon hybrid. The admiral was livid, and began accusing her of betraying him. He admitted he contacted G.U.N command to have Grand Admiral Pierce put on indefinite shore leave to morn his son, and let him take the role of commanding the First Fleet. This was immediately vetoed, and he had been branded a traitor to the forces and was to be arrested by members of his own fleet. However, nobody on the bridge was making a move against him, and Tengu revealed that all on board were loyal to him, and that the ship was built using ancient Demon designs and a hybrid fusing of ancient Technomage and modern technology - he had asked for the star cruiser to be constructed as his flagship, and G.U.N had. Silently, Ordinaria activated her rescue beacon while the ship prepared to leave G.U.N patrolled space, instead going into territory close to Troll-controlled star systems. Suddenly, the ship came under fire from a pair of Fifth Fleet cruisers, while the assassin killed the navigation officer with a flick of one of her bugs, stopping him from finishing the co-ordinate lock. Tengu was too busy focusing on the battle to notice the death for a few minutes, but as soon as he noticed, Ordinaria smirked and all hell broke loose. The powerful young girl unleashed an extreme wave of air around herself, hurling the two guards still restraining her to opposite sides of the bridge, plus knocking some of the officers and the admiral himself around a bit. Using that as a distraction, she hurled all of her razor bugs at the group of officers before racing to her cabin to grab her staff. Quickly, she grabbed her sansetsukon and tried to make it to the hanger bay, but Tengu himself was waiting for her in the bay, armed with a jagged-edged longsaber. Combining the lengthy sword with a wide array of elemental abilities, the traitorous admiral instantly put Ordinaria on the back foot, defending with all she had against a foe who simply would not accept defeat, and was a lot older and stronger than her. With a sudden thrust of his sword, Tengu managed to disarm Ordinaria, who was simply drained to the point of exhaustion from overusing her aeromancy. The demonhog raised his longsaber in an overhead grip, ready to behead the poor girl...only to get shot with a stun bolt directly in the torso, pitching him to the ground. The soldiers, whom had boarded the craft while the duo had been dueling then wrapped the poor hedgewolf in a rough blanket from their shuttle and shipped her over to the newest arrival in the system, the Pride of Mobius itself. Exhausted and injured, with blood leaking from a few hard gashes she had taken, Ordinaria passed out soon after arriving on board the massive dreadnaught. Two days later, she awoke in a small private cabin, with her old clothes and armor in the tiny cupboard and a bunch of flowers for her, signed "Hydra". Indeed, after a nurse gave her a small breakfast, the Grand Admiral himself came to speak to the brave assassin, telling her he had put in a recommendation for her to receive a commendation and a monetary bonus for her massive help in bringing down Tengu. Instead, the hedgewolf surprised him by asking him if she could retire from the interstellar forces and G.U.N altogether, due to having become depressed by the death of his son. He agreed, saying he would forward her retirement to the command center back on Mobius, where the massive starship was headed, with the reason being "injuries sustained in battle against the traitor." Upon her return to Mobius, she had to go to a big presentation ceremony where she was provided with a G.U.N pension and a medal for gallantry in the face of danger, going above and beyond the call of duty. Graciously accepting the medal, she simply said she hoped to "disappear somewhere" and recover from her damaged psyche. Indeed, while meditating in her quarters in Central City, a voice came to her and told her to disappear into an area where the mist was known to be extremely thick. There, she would find friends. The voice, a deep but pleasant tenor, didn't seem threatening, and so Ordinaria decided to follow it's instructions, taking her staff, armor and old uniform with her as she disappeared from the public eye.

Nihlic Clan - Becoming a Soldier

Indeed, as Ordinaria entered the dank and dark mists, wearing her armor with staff still slung over her back at the ready, she was attacked by a figure wearing the older armor design, with a group of soldiers behind her. The other soldier was obviously an officer, judging by the kama and pauldron she sported, while her white and gray armor made her just as hard to track in the mist as Ordinaria's silver armor did for her. The other issue was the other soldier was clearly well-trained, raining down a massive hail of physical strikes into her armor. Finally, the young hedgewolf could take no more, hurling the other soldier off with a gust of wind. She identified herself, pulling her helmet off and facing the group of soldiers, who wore little armor and carried only melee weapons, to her delight. The soldiers conferred, then motioned for the youngster to follow them. Her arrival into village hidden within the thick mist was a monumental event - Ordinaria felt she had found her future home. The clan leader accepted her into their clan, before turning to a priest and asking if she was the girl Nihlus told them about. The priest nodded, and Ordinaria was clued into the purpose of the clan and village, a place for those with nowhere else to go, and who had been chosen by the eldest Elemental God, Nihlus, to defeat the clans of the other Elemental Gods and bring about an age of "new prosperity", where "False idols" were no issue. Ordinaria then told the clan leader about her past as an assassin and the events that lead to her coming here. The chief thought it over, before telling her his decision - she would become a soldier, because any sort of specific targeting seemed to be the cause of her distress. Ordinaria accepted his decision with grace, and quickly gained respect for her use of the sansetsukon.


From the age of 7 to 16, Ordinaria was a trainee at a G.U.N boarding school, and as such received training in hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship and use of her chosen weaponry specialty, the sansetsukon. In the later years, she also became adept at using throwing weapons, although her weapon of choice in that respect was a modified bug designed to vibrate it's shell at speeds high enough to cut through Kevlar armor or the kind of steel used by Eggman and then return to the person who threw them, although they were created by a race from far across the galaxy. She gave up on the bugs after leaving G.U.N, but retains her sansetsukon, her primary weapon as a soldier within the Nihlic Clan. She is also a capable aeromancer, with her wind magic capable of causing rather large amounts of force in a small distance. However, she tires easily when using her mance skills, so she prefers to use them only in dire circumstances. Ordinaria's greatest weaknesses are an inability to cope with beings of great strength, speed or size for a prolonged battle, because due to her lacking any form of physical strengths, she is forced to use her Mance, and also characters with beastial fighting styles, often due to them causing her sansetsukon to recoil and hit her in their wild flailing.

Wind Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Ordinaria is a rather brave girl in straight combat, and quickly forms tight loyalties to people around her. However, due to the betrayal of her former commander, she lost her trust in G.U.N and retired, only to join the Nihlic Clan. She is normally a quiet girl, talking very little and preferring to get her tasks done. Ordinaria is unsuited to being an assassin due to her trait of creating tight bonds to people she respects, which was the reason she was unwilling to betray Grand Admiral Pierce.

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